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Cloud Foundry MarketplacePowered by AppDirect
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Cloud Foundry Marketplace Powered by AppDirect


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. 2 Cloud Foundry Marketplace Powered by AppDirect Christophe Levesque Senior Software Architect, AppDirect
  • 3. 3 What is AppDirect?  Leading provider of cloud service marketplace and management solutions  Launched in 2009  Powers many marketplaces around the world: Cloud Foundry, Staples, Deutsche Telekom, etc.  Platform for service providers: integrate once, distribute everywhere  Built with Spring Framework! :)
  • 4. 4 SMB Reach= 20 Million+ 130+ Catalog Applications Today Q4 2011: Won Under The Radar, Best in Show Q3 2012: Acquired jBilling >100 staff + New SF Office Q1 2012: Named Cool Vendor by Gartner Named CRN Top 20 Cloud Provider 2011
  • 5. 5 AppDirect’s platform allows leading software vendors to integrate once… ElephantSQL
  • 6. 6 And distribute across a broad channel ecosystem
  • 7. 7 Cloud Foundry and AppDirect AppDirect provides the service brokerage capabilities and add-on services that Cloud Foundry developers need without distracting Cloud Foundry from its core.
  • 8. 8 Cloud Foundry Marketplace Model Cloud Foundry AppDirect Service Providers Provisioning API2 Service Binding API3 Account1 App Account Service Account Service Account Service Account Service Account Service Account Service
  • 9. 9 Service Provider Integration Marketing Content Pricing Configuration API Integration • Product Profile information for the Catalog • Features, Benefits, Categories and Functions • Screenshots, Demo Videos, Documentation • Support Hours, Telephone, Live Chat, Email, etc. • Pricing displayed to the end user • Multi-Tiered Editions, Add-ons • Free Trials, Monthly Recurring Fees, Setup Fees • Unit Based Pricing, Flat Rate, Metered Usage • Allows the product to be purchased and provisioned • Subscriptions: Create, Change, Cancel, Suspend • Users: Assign, Unassign, Single-Sign-On • Binding: Service Bind, Service Unbind
  • 10. 10 Service Provider Integration  cf create-service  cf bind-service  cf unbind-service  cf delete-service • SUBSCRIPTION_ORDER • ADDON_ORDER • ADDON_BIND • ADDON_UNBIND • ADDON_CANCEL • SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL APIAPI Cloud Foundry Command Notification ISV API API Event URL Event Data ISV
  • 11. 11 Cloud Foundry Integration Catalog API Profile API Service APIs • RESTful API Endpoint for calling catalog info • Reads app names, descriptions, overview content • Logos, pricing, Provider Name • Categories, functions, custom meta data • Provides more detailed information about products than the catalog API • Features and benefits, screenshots, demo videos • Product documentation, support information, reviews • Exposes service provisioning operations • Forwards the API calls to the service providers • Keeps track of services mapping between CF and ISV • Integrates with Cloud Foundry billing service
  • 12. 12 Screenshots