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Lead teachers presentation 2011
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Lead teachers presentation 2011



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Change of leader teachers Professional Development Change of Principals
  • 2. Make IWB training so that it can be more interactivefor the children. All teachers attended about 6 interactive whiteboard training sessions From these sessions teachers have selected and implemented these new ideas at their own level Examples Using resources from Promethean Planet Active expressions Everyday tools and uses In the classrooms interactive whiteboards are used for handwriting, daily timetables, maths modelling, writing modelling, knowledge quizzes, to show pictures videos and information from the internet, games,
  • 3. Teach Special Needs children to use the digital cameraand this could be a focus for them to talk about or writeabout. To have a digital camera per class. Special needs children are using the cameras daily. They are also using computers daily for maths, reading and writing. Students are more independent and more confident to use cameras and computers. Which has enhanced and motived their learning. We still need more cameras.
  • 4. To have the classroom programmes on the computersuite computers so they can be taught how to play thegames at the same time. Then they could use thecontrol skills and keyboard skills independently in theclassroom. Moving computer suite into classrooms. Y4-Y6 this year we moved away from teaching the students just internet games. We now use Studyladder for mathematics and literacy. Most students now use Superclubs for cyber safety and communicating with each other as well as teachers. NE-Y3 Junior classes have been using their class computers for CD-Rom games, publishing writing and google has a research tool.
  • 5. Goals for Students for ICT - 2011 Goal: How? Who? How will we know?Term 1 Introduction of Super Kay to take during breaks. Kay clubs to 10 students. JanTerm 2 1. Student conference; 1. Follow up conference Helen & Penny Superclubs – students will be 2. Superclubs into Yr4; members to train peers. emailing each other & teacher 3. Photography 2. Introduce 3 new students Penny check to see if they’re using it. Competition whole each week. Photo comp – basic school; 3. Meeting regarding All teachers techniques learned – light, 4. Study ladder trial Yr 4. requirements and logistics in rule of thirds, angles, 5. IWB training. week 5. Competition for finals contrast, perspective, in week 9. balance. 4. Timetabled in during day. Penny IWB’s will be used for more of 5. Plateau School – follow up All teachers a variety of things. and share in our own Data collected – how long do meetings. your students use IWB’s and computers in your classroom per day? What are they being used for?Term 3 Superclubs into Y5/6 Penny and Donna will discuss Donna at conference. IWB training continued how to make this happen – will Penny Study ladder do presentation to Donna’s class. Already have experts in the class. Donna will timetable in. IWB – observe during our peer observations to see how they’re being used.Term 4 More use of IWB’s and Continue to share and All teachers. Data collected – how long do computers as tools for learning explore the IWB with each your students use IWB’s and – has become a normal part of other. computers in your classroom their day. per day? What are they being used for?
  • 6. Tux Typing PaintStudyladder Picasa Bob the Superclubs Builder Using the Microsoft Interactive camera Word whiteboard
  • 7. Using Youtube MoreInteractive photographyWhiteboard projects Making More movies with games the camera Animations
  • 8. Classroom/ More SchoolPhotography experts Projects Using the Digitalschool blog Writing regularly More lessons using IWB More software equipment