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Color in english
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  • 2. 09/03/2011¿WHAT IS THE COLOR? It is a sensation produced in the brain by a light stimulus. 2
  • 3. 09/03/2011LIGHT AND RAINBOW One of the most attractive phenomena of nature is the Rainbow. It Occurs when the rays of sunlight pass through raindrops. Passing white light through water droplets it is divided into seven color lights. For white light becomes colored, it must pass through a prism or a drop of water, change its direction, as each one has their own direction. 3
  • 4. 09/03/2011 To see the color of everything that surrounds us, it is necessary the daylight or that objects are lit All objects convey a sense of color. This is due to the ability of their surfaces, on the one hand, to absorb all or part of the white light that illuminates, and secondly, to reflect the light of the color that we can see. 4
  • 5. 09/03/2011 For that reason an egg is white. Because it reflects all the white light and does not absorb light. We can see a tomato red colored because it absorbe all the colors of the white light but the red, which is the color of the reflected light. 5
  • 6. 09/03/2011COLORED LIGHTS The colored lights can be obtained by decomposing white light (by passing it through a prism or a drop of water) or by using color filters (by placing a transparent screen in a into a flashlight) If the white light can be decomposed into the colors of the rainbow, you can also restore it. The white light is achieved by mixing all the colored lights. But it is not necessary to use all the rainbow to get it. 6
  • 7. 09/03/2011THE COLOR 7
  • 8. 09/03/2011THE COLOR 8
  • 9. CUESTIONARIO 09/03/2011
  • 10. CUESTIONARIO 09/03/2011
  • 11. CUESTIONARIO 09/03/2011
  • 12. 09/03/2011• WRONG OPTION• TRY IT AGAIN 12
  • 13. 09/03/2011• RIGHT OPTION• NEXT 13
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