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    Plan vs actual presentation alcon Plan vs actual presentation alcon Presentation Transcript

    • Overview ● Who we are? ● What we know about you? ● Why are we here? ● Why this? ● Your benefits ● How we go about it? ● Pricing ● What's in future? Pranay R.
    • Who we are? We are Plan vs Actual company . We are a small startup with team of technical and domain person who are working on building production schedule adherence product for pharmaceutical companies. Pranay R.
    • What we know about you? ● ● ● Alcon is fully owned by Novartis. Alcon operate 26 state-of-the art manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world. Alcon manufacturing and distribution facilities are categorized by product type, dedicated to surgical equipment and devices, pharmaceuticals, and vision care products. – – Prescription Pharmaceuticals – Surgical Products – ● Contact Lenses and Care Over-the-counter Alcon pays lot of emphasis on quality and safety standards. Pranay R.
    • Why are we here? ● ● We are here to seek your help to make our first product version and do it for you specifically. Through product, we want to provide value to our customers by aligning value adding manufacturing function to the organization. Pranay R.
    • Why this? ● Production Plan ● ● Limitations on raw material or critical component availability New manufacturing processes Potential capacity constraints in manufacturing . ● ● Production Schedule ● ● ● ● ● Pranay R. New orders. Order changes. Material shortages. Breakdowns. Labor problems. Vendor problems. Quality problems. Actual Production
    • Why this? Production Schedule-Companies carefully put this together after considering production plan and then raw materials availability ,capacity constraints etc. Manufacturing fully controls this metric and the rest of the organization is desperately hoping that they will produce to the production schedule. Functional metrics can be costs, throughput and efficiency but one of the organizational metric is Schedule Adherence. Pranay R.
    • Your benefits Organizational Metric Set manufacturing as team player Measure Plant performance Gives confidence to meet customer service levels Benefits Planned Snapshot Actual Snapshot Calculation Inputs Outputs Schedule Adherence Pranay R. Adherence percentage Non-adherence reasons Charts
    • Your benefits This will give ability to measure plant performance and improve on a regular basis. This will tell the rest of the organization that manufacturing is a team player. This will gives confidence to rest of the organization that they can deliver to the required customer service levels. Pranay R.
    • Your benefits Redefine industry expectations Clearly the best in industry As good as competition Increasing strategic impact stage4 stage1 Holding the org back Correct the worst problems Internally neutral stage3 stage2 Give production operations advantage align production schedule & actual production Develop improved practices Increasing operations capabilities Externally neutral Internally Externally Supportive Supportive Pranay R.
    • How we go about it? We already have development plan in mind .We will understand your requirements and systems. Accordingly we will extract data from you application database and show you the schedule adherence output at a frequency requested by you. ● The output will be in the CSV format automatically sent to listed email. You will also get charts and trends once history is build up. Pranay R.
    • How we go about it? Pranay R.
    • Pricing? We will be charging INR 2000 per 1000 records per week only after delivery of product. Pranay R.
    • What's in future? Adherence % 100% 50% 20% W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 ● ● Capture history and show overall and itemwise trends. Dashboarding capability with drilldown. Other future plans Predictive analytics and decision science. Pranay R.
    • What's in future? Adherence for all supply chain functions and linkages FCST FCST vs SO adherence SO PRODUCTION SCHEDULE ACTUAL PRODUCTION SHIPMENTS TO CUSTOMER Pranay R. SO vs Shipments adherence PP vs Prod Schedule PP vs actual adherence PRODUCTION PLAN
    • Contact : Pranay R. Email: Cell:9535864841 Pranay R.