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How Plantronics is implemeneting the simplay smarter office

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  • A2007study on Work Topology by Vitra identified seven productive information work behaviours.These behaviours were an important consideration as we were re-thinking our own workspaces for the new office.As a result we create the four work space zones you can see on the slide – concentrate / collaborate / contemplate / communicate to support distinct tasks as illustrated in the slide.
  • Here are some example picture of how the workspaces come to life.
  • Voice is the most fundamental form of collaboration
  • Multi-Device Capability“Unified Telephony” - connect to PC softphone / deskphone or mobile through a single device.“Smarter Presence” – softphone presence will be updated automatically whether on a deskphone, mobile, or PC callErgonomicUpper back Muscle tension can be reduced by up to 31%* reducing instances of muscular-skeletal disorder and fatigueEfficiencyBe able to answer all calls, and perform multiple tasks and actions at the same time, quickly and easily and increase productivity by up to 43%**Audio ExperienceImprove the quality of sound for both you and your caller through advanced background noise cancellation.MobilityMove around your office with a wireless solution, effortlessly collect information, find a quiet spot or consult with colleagues and never miss an important call again
  • The Leesman Index, measures employee satisfaction and engagement with the workspaces provided for them .It provides a systematic approach to the collection, analysis and benchmarking of “workplace satisfaction” data.Amongst other things it also allows companies to: Benchmark the effectiveness of their workplace. Provide design teams with valuable insights to areas of common concern Creates a sense of the design process being fully inclusive amongst surveyed staffWhen conducted pre and post-change, provides quantifiable and scalable improvement measurement
  • The survey then reports on how well the environment supports different aspects of their work and captures their satisfaction with the physical features of the space.
  • Plantronics developed the UC Toolkit to address the common challenges our customers were experiencing when deploying UC audio devices. In this slide you can see a summary of some those challenges which included:1) Equipping their employees with the right device for their role. As you can imagine the needs of an office-based workers are very different from a mobile professional.2) Understanding more advanced audio device technology including multi-device capability and wireless.3) Determining the right support coverage, process and tools for their employees.4) Driving the adoption of audio devices in their organization Successfully addressing these issues would help minimize the support impact on IT and would help drive to the organization's UC implementation ROI goals.
  • These key studies point out that the biggest single barrier to adopting a new ways of working is “cultural resistance.”Most of this resistance is coming from middle managers and their fear of losing control of their staff. They fear giving up the sense of control that comes from being able to watch their staff work ….“how do I know they’re working if they can’t be seen.”Our research shows that for teams to work effectively they must acquire additional skills and make many more explicit agreements about how they will work together. These core competencies are social skills such as conflict management, information sharing, performance management and measurement, building trust, and setting expectations and building agreements. These are so called “soft” skills. But as one of our most experienced IT colleagues puts it: “The soft stuff is the hard stuff.”
  • However, the office worker faces many challenges which Plantronics has the opportunity to help address with our audio devices and solutions.There are numerous challenges with working with dispersed colleagues, increased virtual collaboration and office-based work in general some of which you can see listed in the slide.
  • For new products we consider use cases and needs to address the challenges I have just covered in the context of 3 types of worker typically found in the office environment.The first type of worker is the “Fixed Desk Worker” who has a fixed workstation and is typically in the office 4-5 days a week.The next type of worker is the “Flexible Desk Worker” who works from a “hot desk” and maybe in the office up to 3 days a week or less.The final type of worker is the Mobile Professional who again works from a “hot desk” and is usually in the office just 1 day a week or less.
  • I am delighted to introduce to you all 4 stunning new products from Plantronics to address the challenges of today’s Office Workers:The elegant CS500 series wireless solution for the Fixed Desk WorkerThe portable Savi 440 wireless solution for the Flexible Desk WorkerThe versatile Savi 700 series wireless solution for either the Fixed or Flexible WorkerThe discrete Blackwire 435 corded solution for the Mobile Professional Worker
  • Before diving into some specifics on the products I would like to cover the key attributes which underpin the new CS & Savi wireless product families.The first attribute is “Simplicity.”With the new systems you get headsets designed for ease-of-use with intuitive button controls and elegant, magnetic docking to make sure the headset is always properly docked and charging.
  • The next attribute is” DECT Wireless” which enables truly productive mobility.DECT technology is WiFi friendly which eliminates any interference from other wireless technology in the office while on a call.It delivers up to 120 metre range which enables in office collaboration with co-workers or the ability to find a quiet office space for private calls.The products also have adaptive power technology to maximise talk time.
  • The next attribute is ”Acoustic Intelligibility” for superb clarity while on calls.All the products have advanced background noise cancelling microphone for enhanced intelligibility and support High-Definition Voice or Wideband audio for more natural sounding voice calls.
  • The final attribute is superb Audio Ergonomics that delivers maximum comfort during calls.Each system has an ultra-lightweight convertible headset weighing just 21g in over-the-ear configurationEach system has multiple wearing styles for maximum comfortA number of models are Noise @ Work compliant* to reduce exposure to high sound levels during the working day
  • The first new product I would like to introduce to you is the new wireless CS500 series.This is the perfect first headset system to compliment existing desk phones in the office.It has a choice of wearing styles to suite user preferences.The base also supports multi-headset conferencing that enables users to simply conference in up to 3 additional headsets of the same wearing style for enhanced collaboration.
  • The next product in the new line up is the Savi 440. The Savi 400 range is the only portable DECT dongle solution in the market and is designed for the Flexible Desk Worker for PC-based voice communication.With the Savi 440 model we have added the premium version of the new lightweight, convertible headset design which has hot, swappable battery functionality for unlimited talk time. Please note that the additional battery is sold separately as an accessory.
  • The Savi 700 is the next generation of our highly successful Savi Office family of products.The Savi 700 is now a true Unified Telephony Platform. Users can now manage calls from a mobile, PC or deskphone through a single device.When used in combination with our software users can now enjoy “Smarter Presence.” This means then no matter which of the 3 phone devices you are using your PC softphone status with be updated to show you are busy when in a call. This feature currently supports Skype and Microsoft OCS / Lync softphones with more platforms to be added later in the year.The W740 model includes the same new premium convertible headset design which we introduced on the Savi 440 with hot, swappable battery functionality. Again, the additional battery is sold separately as an accessory.The Savi 700 base has a modular design which allows users to change or add additional headsets using the same base system which is ideal for use in a hot-desking environment.5) Lastly, the product supports advanced mixing between 2 of the 3 phone devices at the same time and the base also supports the capability to conference additional headset to it as per the CS500.
  • We are also excited to announce a new addition to the corded Blackwire family – the Blackwire 435 for the mobile professional which connects to the PC only.The product is a convertible USB headset with mono or stereo wearing options.It is a discrete design that is hair style, glasses and webcam friendly.It has intuitive answer/end/mute controls with an inline mute and helpful call status lightsIt has a noise cancelling microphone to cut out unwelcomed background noiseIt support wideband audio for the best PC audio telephonyIt has a dynamic EQ feature that optimizes voice quality when on calls and automatically adjusts EQ settings for high quality music or multi-media playbackAnd finally it includes a durable travel case that fits nicely into your laptop bag.
  • Simply smarter office

    1. 1. EVOLVE 2.0 Simply Smarter Office Simply Smarter Communications™
    2. 2. Our Mission Delight our Customers with an Exceptionally Simple and Smarter Communications Experience Through exemplar application of Smarter Working in the new EMEA HQ Office based in the UK CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 •
    3. 3. Simply Smarter Communications™ Characteristics of Modern Work
    4. 4. Most Employees Work Off-site Some of the Time Opportunity for real estate rationalisation and to re-think workspaces CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 4
    5. 5. Collaborating More Than Ever Right tools, workspaces and training required for productive virtual collaboration SOURCE: “HOW WE WORK: COMMUNICATION TRENDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. PLANTRONICS 2010” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 5
    6. 6. Limitations of Text-Based Communication The “phone” is still a critical business tool SOURCE: “HOW WE WORK: COMMUNICATION TRENDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. PLANTRONICS 2010” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 6
    7. 7. Still a Need to Meet Face-to-Face Opportunity to optimise workspaces for the most effective F2F encounters SOURCE: “HOW WE WORK: COMMUNICATION TRENDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. PLANTRONICS 2010” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 7
    8. 8. Modern Work Trends – PLT Opportunity Increasing virtual collaboration Working off-site some of the time Phone critical for resolving business issues Driving Needs Face-to-Face meetings are important for certain activities “In the Office” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 8
    9. 9. Simply Smarter Communications™ Implementing a Simply Smarter Office
    10. 10. Simply Smarter Office Goals Cost savings from reduced real estate Attraction and retention of talent More agile and responsive business Safeguarded business continuity Employee wellbeing Increased productivity of employees Upgraded management culture Improved collaboration Reduce Attrition CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 10
    11. 11. Foundations of a Simply Smarter Office Implementation “Bricks” Work Spaces “Bytes” Unified Communication & Collaboration “Behaviour” Manager & Associate Skills Allowing associates to work where & when they are most productive, cost-effective and environmentally respectful. CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 11
    12. 12. “Bricks” Work Space Zones for Productive Information Work • Focused individual work • Group discussions • Taking time out • Mixture of faceto-face and virtual collaboration / communication • Presentations • Private • Formal meeting area • Stimulating • Comfortable • Re-energizing Communicate • Brainstorming sessions Contemplate • Quiet, enclosed space Collaborate Concentrate • Audio / video conferencing • Superb acoustic shielding • Fixed or flexible desk space CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 12
    13. 13. “Bricks” New Office Work Spaces “Contemplate” “Communicate” “Collaborate” “Concentrate” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 13
    14. 14. Acoustic Shielding in the New Office “Bricks” • Objective – to provide: – Superb acoustic performance for a optimal working environment – Comfort – Concentration, especially in open plan areas Based on Acoustics “ABC” • Absorption – The use of specialised products to absorb the sound energy that hits them and reduce unwanted reflected sound energy. • Blocking – The introduction of vertical barriers between the noise source and listener to block the sound from one to the other. • Cover – The use of a computer generated random sound that covers or masks unwanted sound. CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 •
    15. 15. Early Results - 3-to-1 Site Building Rationalisation “Bricks” Property Rationalisation - 47,440 Sq ft to 21,154Sq ft Reduced Carbon Footprint - Heat recovery System which is 45% more fuel efficient CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 15
    16. 16. “Bytes” Unified Communication & Collaboration Full Spectrum of Collaboration Tools Where Voice is CRITICAL Web Conferencing Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Web Training PC/ Softphone IM w/ Presence Desktop Sharing Deskphone CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 16
    17. 17. “Bytes” New “Communicate” New “Communicate” “Communicate” Plantronics Audio Devices - Essential Collaboration Tools New CS500 Series Flexible Desk Worker Fixed Desk Worker “Collaborate” New “Communicate” Savi 440 Fixed or Flexible Desk Worker “Concentrate” Savi 700 Series Blackwire 435 Calisto P420 Blackwire C420 Mobile Professional Mobile Professional Mobile Professional CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 17
    18. 18. “Bytes” The Plantronics Audio Device Advantage • Multi-Device Capability – “Unified Telephony” – “Smarter Presence” • Ergonomics – Allows more natural upper body & head movements to reduces neck & back Pain • Efficiency – Hands free multi-tasking • Audio Experience – Background noise cancelling microphone for enhanced intelligibility – High-Definition Voice (Wideband) for more natural sounding voice calls • Mobility – Collaboration with colleagues – Move to quiet space for private calls CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 18
    19. 19. Behaviours – New Manager & Associate Skills “Behaviours” • Business Communication Training to maximise “voice presence.” • Associate & manager training for remote working and effective leveraging of new work spaces. • Comprehensive IT training on new UC-based collaboration tools. • Work space satisfaction monitoring and development CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 19
    20. 20. Simply Smarter Communications™ Smarter Working Adoption Tools
    21. 21. Smarter Working Adoption Tools Leesman Index Workspace Development UC Toolkit Audio Device Deployment E-Work & Speech Impact Manager & Associate Skill Development CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 21
    22. 22. Leesman 65.2 75.0 The first unified, independent, employee workplace satisfaction benchmark. CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 22
    23. 23. Leesman index - LMI capture building demographics productive activities image culture tailor business demographics workplace features emotional connection (engagement) Leesman Index CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 23
    24. 24. Key IT Challenges in UC Audio Device Deployments – Providing each employee with the right audio device for their specific functional job responsibilities • Executives • Managers • Office Employees • Mobile Professionals • Home Workers – Understanding muti-device capabilities and needs, as well as wireless audio device and office implications – Determining the right support coverage, process and tools to meet adoption goals and ongoing employee satisfaction – Optimising ROI through high adoption and on-going employee satisfaction CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 24
    25. 25. Plantronics UC Toolkit Portfolio of IT best practices, recommendations and tools Customised tools for many Plantronics UC audio devices Collective wisdom of customers lessons learned Aligned with a common approach to technology integration CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 •
    26. 26. Address Smarter Working Pain Points Cultural Resistance Fear of Change Managing Remote Workers • “How do I manage a team I can’t see?” – Establish Trust – Set Clear Expectations – Manage Performance – Conflict Management – Build Agreements CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 26
    27. 27. “teaching skills for a new way of working” Industry leaders dedicated to developing and deploying highly interactive, web-based training for the virtual workplace CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 27
    28. 28. Virtual Interaction is Fundamentally Different Voice Only Voice Only Face-to-Face Message 7% Tone of Voice 38% Message 13% Tone of Voice 87% Body Language 55% Face To Face: Mehrabian, A. (1971). Silent messages. Wadsworth, Belmont, California. Telephone: Mehrabian, Albert & Morton Wiener (1967): Decoding of inconsistent communications. Journal of personality and social psychology 6(1): 109-114. CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 28
    29. 29. Driving your “Audio Presence” • Beyond voice transmit/receive • Being understood (content) • Engagement and impact (results) • How your voice works • Lungs and cords ... keeping them fit • Pitch – tone – pace – power – inflection pause • Storytelling • The art of powerful conversations CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 •
    30. 30. Simply Smarter Communications™ New Audio Devices for the Office
    31. 31. Office Worker Collaborations Challenges Working with dispersed colleagues Unpredictable background noise Accurate presence status Increasing virtual collaboration Longer calls (comfort & talk time) Multiple “phone” devices Office-based work Privacy Technology complexity CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 31
    32. 32. Types of Workers in the Office Environment Fixed Desk Worker • Fixed workstation • In the office 4-5 days a week • ~56% of employees* Flexible Desk Worker • Works from a hot-desk • In the office typically 3 days week or less • ~27% of employees* Mobile Professional • Works from a hot-desk • In the office typically 1 day a week or less • ~17% of employees* * SOURCE: “HOW WE WORK: COMMUNICATION TRENDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. PLANTRONICS 2010” CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 32
    33. 33. New Plantronics Office Audio Devices CS500 Series Fixed Desk Worker Savi 700 Series Fixed or Flexible Desk Worker Savi 440 Flexible Desk Worker Blackwire 435 Mobile Professional CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 33
    34. 34. CS & Savi Wireless Range – Simplicity For Ease-of-Use: – Answer calls from headset – Few, intuitive buttons for simple volume adjustment, mute functionality and call answer / end – Easy magnetic docking to ensure headset is properly docked and charging Single button for volume up/down & tap to mute Tap to call answer/end Elegant Docking Magnets draw product to charging contacts CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 34
    35. 35. CS & Savi Wireless Range – DECT Wireless For Productive Mobility: – DECT technology is WiFi friendly which eliminates any interference from other wireless technology in the office while on a call – Up to 120 metre range enables in office collaboration with co-workers or ability to find a quiet office space for private calls – Adaptive power technology to maximise talk time CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 35
    36. 36. CS & Savi Wireless Range – Acoustic Intelligibility For Superb Call Clarity: – Background noise cancelling microphone for enhanced intelligibility – Supports High-Definition Voice (Wideband) for more natural sounding voice calls CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 36
    37. 37. CS & Savi Wireless Range – Audio Ergonomics For maximum comfort during long calls: – Ultra-lightweight convertible headset - only 21g in over-the-ear configuration – Multiple wearing styles for maximum comfort – Noise @ Work compliant* to reduce exposure to high sound levels during the working day *Following models are N@W compliant – CS510 / CS520 / W440 / W740 / W710 / W720 CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 37
    38. 38. CS500 Series – For Fixed-Desk Workers The CS500 Series is the wireless headset system that perfectly augments the deskphone in today’s office. Connects to and Manages calls from: CS510 CS520 Proposition Highlights • Ultimate simplicity – perfect 1st headset • Choice of convertible and OTH wearing style • Base supports multiheadset conferencing CS540 * C510/520 OTH models only CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 38
    39. 39. Savi 440 – For Flexible Desk Workers The Savi 440 is the only portable DECT wireless headset system in the market for users making PC-based calls. Proposition Highlights • Unique portable DECT dongle solution • Hot swappable battery* • Carrying pouch for use on-the-go *additional battery sold separately CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 39
    40. 40. Savi 700 Series – For Fixed or Flexible Desk Workers The Savi 700 Series is the multi-device wireless headset system that helps users easily manage mobile, desk phone and PC calls. W710 W720 W730 W740 Proposition Highlights • Unified Telephony • Smarter PC softphone presence status • Choice of premium wearing styles • Hot swappable battery (W740)* • Modular design • Advanced audio mixing • Base supports multiheadset conferencing *additional battery sold separately CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 40
    41. 41. Blackwire 435 - For the Mobile Professional - Convertible USB headset provides mono or stereo wearing options Discrete design that is hair style, glasses and webcam friendly Answer/end/mute controls with inline mute and call status lights Noise-cancelling microphone Wideband for best PC audio telephony Dynamic EQ stereo automatically adjusts for voice and multimedia use Includes durable travel case CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 1/14/2014 41
    42. 42. Simply Smarter Communications™ Conclusion
    43. 43. In Summary • Trends in the modern work provide organisations the opportunity to rationalise their real estate and optimise their work space for Smarter Working. • Plantronics and our partners provide a comprehensive set of tools to help organisation transform their workspace. • Plantronics Audio devices and software are essential tools in the new Simply Smarter Office. CONFIDENTIAL • EVOLVE 2.0 • 14/01/2014 43
    44. 44. Simply Smarter Communications™