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CCA Home Working Webinar


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Overview of results

Overview of results

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • We wanted to look at the impact of environment on customer service performance. We chose a home working case study to show a clean transition to new, non traditional CC environment, and to show the impact of this new environment. Home working in European contact centres hasn't been around long enough to really study the impacts on customer service, hence aUS case study is usedSnapshots from other trials to show impacts are wider than efficiency:10% increase in customer satisfaction across many measures, a markedly improved employee retention
  • Transcript

    • 1. Richard Kenny, Contact Centre Segment ManagerThe state of home working, 2013
    • 2. • 75 participants from UK & Ireland• Surveyed in June 2013• Supplemented by meeting with key CCAmembers to derive interpretation• These slides are a snapshot of key results• Added interpretation from different anglesand industry sourcesSurvey details
    • 3. Main Benefits - Results0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%ImprovedflexibilityforourworkforceImprovedflexibilityforresourcingourcustomerserviceCostreductionReducedabsenceratesOpportunitytoattractadifferent/widerskillsetImprovedservicelevelsImprovedemployeeengagement/satisfactionlevelsReducedcarbonfootprintWhat do you think are the main BENEFITS of implementinghome-working for your organisation? (Please select as many asyou think are relevant.)
    • 4. • Lots of benefits!• All highly scored• Flexibility is the key benefit–Micro-shifts–Split shifts–Zero commute time• Disaster recovery?Main Benefits - Interpretation
    • 5. How are Cost Reductions Achieved*At Home Customer Contacts
    • 6. • If home working takes away the limits on where your staff are, canyou route calls to an advisor who lives somewhere in the area ofcustomer?• Geographic matching• If home working changes the age & type of person you recruit, canyou route calls to an advisor of a similar demographic?• Demographic matchingQuestions
    • 7. Main Barriers - Results0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%LackofcontroloverindividualemployeesMorechallengingtohavegoodemployeeengagementMorechallengingforindividualstohavecareerprogression/individual…CoachingwouldbetoodifficultandnotsoeffectiveLackoftrustDisciplineofstaffCompliance&regulationChallengesresupportingandpromotingcompanycultureTechnologyrestraints/issuesSecurityConcernsoverhealth&safetyRelianceonconnectivityiebroadbandinternetconnection/phone…Concernsrelatedtoacoustics/backgroundnoiseWhat do you think are the main BARRIERS of implementing home-working for your organisation? (Please select as many as you think arerelevant.)
    • 8. • Connectivity/technology– Perception or reality?• Security & Compliance– % of fraud within home working is thesame as or lower than in-house– 42% of companies reporting fraudactually lower than in house• H&S not a high priority?– Initially the main concern for companiesinvestigating home working– Companies transition once theyestablish a positionMain Barriers - Interpretation
    • 9. What is the scale of homeworking - resultsDo you currently have customer service staff working fromhome?YesNoTrialling at the momentInvestigatingPlanning to implement withinthe next 6-12 months
    • 10. • 59% have implemented, or aretrialling/investigating orplanning home working• 61% plan to increase thisnumber• Almost all are <20%– Expansion– Trial• Very quick transition from trialto implement– Once trust established– Once companies establish thatit worksWhat is the scale of home working - interpretation
    • 11. Technology Choice - Results14.8%40.7%44.4%What do you use for telephony for your home-workers?Analogue line withphonePC-based soft-phone(connected throughbroadband)IP/TDM desk-phone(connected throughbroadband)
    • 12. • Does not immediately tie in with Q2where technology was cited as mainbarrier• For those who are implementing,broadband is a reliable option• Companies copying in-housetechnology for at home advisors• Do not want expense of puttingphone line in?• Do not want to tie up advisor phoneline?Technology Choice - Interpretation
    • 13. Equipment responsibility - Results81.5%18.5%Who is responsible for providing hardware such asphones, computers and headsets for your home-workers?The company provides the fullset of hardware for our home-workersOur home-workers providetheir own hardware to acertain specification asagreed by the organisation
    • 14. • Equipment responsibility was initially a big barrier to home workingadoption• Companies now taking responsibility for all aspects of at home advisorequipment• Again, copying in house architecture out to home workersEquipment Responsibility - Interpretation
    • 15. • Employment status– 58% have a mix of full time and part-time– No one model of employment isdominant• Anyone at home?– 43% planning mixed model of someworking at home, some in-house• Training & Coaching– Over 50% train in-house• Is it cloudy?– Approx 11% use cloud based software,50% use thin clientSelected other results
    • 16. Global airline, 2 yearstudy, 50% of USworkforce10% increase in calls per hour12% increase in revenue perhourReduced CC budget by 15-20%Work from home case study**At Home Customer Contacts
    • 17. • Joint benefits of environment and person• A new environment– Background noise cited as significantdissatisfaction– Home is a much quieter environment• Recruiting a new demographic– Average age in-house – 23– Average age at home – 38– Average education in-house – 30% havecollege level education– Average education at home – 80% havecollege level educationWhy home working works
    • 18. Why home working works• Significantly increasedemployee satisfaction• Some increase in customersatisfaction
    • 19. • It depends…• …What are your priorities or challenges?• There isn’t one model that works foreveryone• Increase flexibility or extend availability– Mix part-time & full-time, at home & inoffice• Decrease cost– Close and sell your building & send everyonehome!• Increase employee satisfaction &retention– Employee advisors directlyWhat is the right model for you?
    • 20. • Twitter– @contactcentred– #athomecctr• Slideshare–• Blog for interpretation– Us
    • 21. Simply Smarter Communications®