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Presentation made to Unicef of the network ideas from Planning For Good

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Unicef presentation

  1. Planning for Good and UNICEF November 28th, 2007
  2. Agenda •Planning for Good Background •Ideas from the Network •Next Steps 2
  3. Planning for Good • Founded in August 2007 • 1000+ members (and counting) on Facebook • Strategists and their friends- media, advertising, design • Idea generators and catalysts • Global - 20+ chapters - London, Boston, New York, Paris, Lahore, Shanghai, Hong Kong.. 3
  4. Planning for Good •Advisory Board – M.T. Rainey (Horsesmouth-London) – Brian Reich (Cone Communications- Boston) – Julie Cordua (RED) – Andrew Freidman (Co-Founder, Make the Road by Walking) – Graham Hill (Founder- Treehugger.com) 4
  5. Planning for Good •Committee – Mark Earls London (ex O&M) – Gareth Kay (Modernista! - Boston) – Aki Spicer (Fallon) – Jason Oke (Leo Burnett- Toronto) – Edward Cotton (BSSP) 5
  6. Our Approach •Worked with you through Brian Reich to develop a brief •Created a submission form •Sent it out to the network - 800 strong at the time! •Gave them two weeks to complete the assignment 6
  7. Responses from 23 chapters • Austin • New York • Boulder • San Francisco • Boston • Toronto • Burlington • VCU (Richmond) • Columbus • Istanbul • Denver • London (x2) • Los Angeles (x3) • Italy • Minneapolis • Bangalore • New Orleans • Sydney 7
  8. The Brief • How can UNICEF (and its domestic affiliate, the US Fund for UNICEF) position itself to capitalize on the late year interest among Americans and use the final week(s) of the year to build a foundation for long-term awareness and support that carries into the next year? 8
  9. The Goal •Develop a campaign that will collect $150,000 from an average gift of $125 – this would mean securing 1,200 new donations in a six day period. •This campaign is considered a test and designed to be scalable for 2008 9
  10. What We’re Sharing With You • The thematic concepts and tactical ideas that the committee believe best answer your brief (and can be activated) • Broken into three sections: 1. High impact/most doable ideas for 2007 2. Lower impact but doable ideas for 2007 3. Ideas for 2008 We’re going to outline the ideas and then • can share more details for the ones you are interested in 10
  11. High Impact Ideas 1. Adopt a child for an hour 2. Click to care 3. Mobilize children 11
  12. Lower Impact Ideas 1. Target accountants 2. Save, save, save 3. Offset 4. Redemption 12
  13. Ideas For 2008 1. Make it easy 2. Re-direct excess 3. Grocery donations 4. Go to the movies 13
  14. The Ideas 14
  15. High impact/most doable
  16. 1. Adopt A Child
  17. Adopt a Child •Problem: Lack of time and inability to dimensionalize the problem. •Opportunity: Make giving tangible •Idea: Adopt a child for an hour 17
  18. Adopt a Child • Pledge to adopt a child for an hour for a donation of $25 • 7 days x 24 hours = 168 hours • 168 hours x $25 = $4200/child for week • Set a goal of adopting 1,000 children for the whole week = $4.2MM dollars 18
  19. 2. Click to Care 19
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  31. 3. Mobilize children 31
  32. Giving Education •Problem: Christmas for American kids is often all about getting. •Opportunity: All this getting creates tension and “guilt” with parents. •Idea: Develop a lesson plan to mobilize children. Get them to raise $125 in a week and to learn about who and what they are helping. 32
  33. 33
  34. 34
  35. Lower impact ideas
  36. 1. Target accountants
  37. Accountants •Problem: People who can give don’t know who to give to - too many causes •Opportunity: People who can give have accountants to help them •Idea: Turn the accountant into the hero 37
  38. 2. Save, Save, Save
  39. Save, Save, Save…. • Problem: End of the year, people’s focus is one buying stuff for 50% off • Opportunity: Place UNICEF in this world • Idea:Playing off of the typical holiday advertisements, Unicef could create materials for their own global offerings. All promotional materials offer a different kind of saving – saving a child vs. the half-off holiday sweater. Using newspaper circulars, coupons and e-mail offers, consumers would be directed to an online store where they could literally redeem themselves. 39
  40. 3. Offset
  41. Offset • Problem: People need a reason to give. • Opportunity: Leverage the current “vogue” with Carbon Offsetting. • Idea: Create a web-based calculator that allows individuals to offset some of their holiday activity. 41
  42. 4. Redemption 42
  43. Redemption • Problem: People don’t have time to reflect on what they want to do. • Opportunity: The last week of the year is a week of reflection. • Idea: How do you want to end the year? 43
  44. Ideas for 2008
  45. 1. Make It Easy
  46. Make It Easy •Problem: Hard to get large donations, go for small amounts from a larger group •Opportunity: Tap into the crowd •Idea: Make donating to UNICEF, easy 46
  47. 47
  48. 48
  49. 2. Re-Direct Excess
  50. Re-Direct Excess •Problem: UNICEF needs to allow as many to give as possible •Opportunity: Use the excess of “giving”- people know they have too much and others have too little •Idea: Turn unwanted gifts into hard currency for UNICEF 50
  51. Spreading the word • Celebrating America’s unwanted gifts – Film and seed videos of folk to youtube (some recorded present- opening live for December 25th) – PR campaign to popularize both concept (e.g. America’s worst unwanted gifts, celebrity) – Online: eg. Facebook widget to encourage, separate youtube channel to collate and rank CG stories? • All driving to Unwanted.com/UWG.com: a place to share stories and click through to auction site – Upload own present video – What’s my aunt’s socks worth? – Mirror with menu of “Wanted Presents|” • Resale made easy: – Use E-bay infrastructure. – New button: Buy for $1, donate balance to Unicef UWP appeal – Tax receipt yes/no (automated) – Personalised thank-you (automated) 51
  52. 3. Grocery Donations 52
  53. Grocery Donations •Problem: Many people don’t donate because it’s hard for them to meet the donation level and it’s complicated. •Opportunity: Make it easy by using a familiar environment. •Idea: Grocery store partnerships where people can “round-up” their purchases as a donation. 53
  54. 4. Go to the Movies 54
  55. Movie Theaters •Problem: At this time of year, people aren’t easy to reach from a media standpoint •Opportunity: Go to where the people are •Idea: Partner with a movie-theater chain. 55
  56. Next Steps •Which areas interested you? •Which do you want more details on? •Which could we help you bring to life? 56
  57. Thank you for using Planning for Good