Blogging Platform - why choosing the right one is critical to your online success


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If you want to be found in Google, choosing the right blogging platform is critical to your success. Do you have a blog that's not getting traffic? Have a product or service you're trying to market but you don't have a blog? Blogging is crucial to building your online presence. This article will help you understand some things you need to take into consideration before deciding which blogging platform to use.

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Blogging Platform - why choosing the right one is critical to your online success

  1. 1. February 10th, 2013 Published by: planginc If you’re still with me, I’m going to break this down intoBlogspot – the Google friendly several posts…..”bit sized pieces” in order to better answerBlog | Blogspot – Market Your your questions.Blog I’ll explain why I chose the Empower Network platform to blog on in more detail throughout. I’ll provide free training video’s in the hopes I can help you sort through all of this and avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made over the past year. The training won’t teach you blogging step by step, it will explain the importance of blogging if you want to be “found” on the internet. It will also teach you important steps to take if your intent is to build an online business. It will give you both online and offline marketing strategies in a very easy to understand (and implement) format. At the end of this blog post I’ve included “shortened” versions of the 6 part training series so you can get an idea what eachHow do you Blog of the individual training’s cover.For some it seems so easy – for me it was daunting. It took an This training is ideal for anybody that’s trying to learn not onlyevent I was passionate about to find the courage to get started, how to blog and where to blog, but how to set the blog up soyou can read that post here. I hope to be able to help other’s search engines can find it!avoid the mistakes I made.I’d been intending to start a blog for over a year – but I How do you Blog? – Avoid my mistakes!!had the same questions you have “HOW DO YOU BLOG?! The best advice I can give you before you take ANY action – WHERE DO YOU BLOG?! I had no idea even WHAT TO do not spend ANY MONEY on training classes, SEO programs,BLOG ABOUT… I put it off. domains, software etc UNTIL you have a solid understanding of the whole picture. No ONE PROGRAM is going to solve allIf you’re trying to learn to blog on your own, it can take time your needs.(over a year in my case) and a lot of money on training classes,domain name purchases, hosting and lots of mistakes along I made that mistake.the way. It was like getting a 200 piece puzzle from a garage sale withThings to consider…. all the pieces in a plastic baggy because the box had long since been destroyed. • domain name for your blog – picking a name and picking Imagine taking that puzzle home and trying to put it together a registrar to work with with out knowing what the final picture was supposed to look • hosting package for your blog – picking the right plan like? And just when you thought you had it figured out, you discovered you were missing several key pieces! • design for your blog – paying a graphic designer or creating your own w/hours of tweaking Hours and hours wasted because you didn’t have the whole picture and you were missing important pieces. • layout for your blog – again; hours can be spent trying to get it “just right” In the case of starting a blog on your own, the hours can turn into weeks and then months – it can also be hundreds (or even • learning the blogging interface for the hosting company thousands) of dollars wasted trying to start your first blog and you chose get it in front of people. • learning about key-word relevance so people can FIND your blog Step 1 – Decide “What is this Blog • learning how to optimize your blog so google can even FOR” FIND IT – this step alone can take 6 months to a year – If you’re only intent in starting a blog is to share it on your that’s assuming you’re even able to “crack the code” social networks and blog for a hobby, WHERE YOU BLOG isn’t as big of a consideration. There are plenty of free alternativesIf you’re determined to start your own blog, Tyler Moore has where you can set it up for free in no excellent video available on youtube. Regardless of theplatform you choose, you’ll want to read this entire post so Top 10 Reviews has an excellent side-by-side comparison chartyou’ll be better informed about the choice you make. to see how the top 10 most popular blogging sites stack up.If you’re going to go it alone, here are 10 mistakes to avoid to If your interest in starting a blog is twofold – getting youravoid by Michael Hyatt message out AND earning an income (or using it to drive business to another site), WHERE DO YOU BLOG becomes a much bigger consideration. 1
  2. 2. February 10th, 2013 Published by: plangincIn order to better understand why, it’s important to in the local paper, send out mailers – anything you can to getunderstand two things: your name in front of people.1. What an authority website is What if instead, you purchased a business that already had a healthy following? An authority site has high credibility and high search results placement. Think of it like a person that That’s what you’d be doing if you decided to start your blog can be trusted to give you what you’re looking for. on an authority site like the Empower Network. When we start Google places a lot of emphasis on authority websites. a blog here, our blog becomes a sub domain of the Empower Typically an authority site has lots and lots of inbound Network – allowing us to take advantage of this sites power. links because other sites on the net are pointing to it Here is a snapshot of my Alexa ranking on the Empower as an authority. Network:2. Alexa Traffic Rank <– click on the link to get their toolbar Alexa ranks how popular a website is. This ranking also helps google to determine how trusted the information on the site is likely to be. If you plan on getting paid advertisers on your site, the higher your Alexa Rating, the more they’re willing to pay to advertise on your site.This youtube video does a great job explaining Alexa and acouple other tools:So how do these two things play into your decision on whereyou blog….IF your intent is to make $ blogging or to build anykind of online business?It’s the difference of opening a brick and mortar shop in a busydowntown area or deciding to open your business out in themiddle of nowhere – location…location…location!People need to be able to FIND your Blog or other onlinebusinessIn the video you just watched, you heard him say one ofhis website was ranked 109,000; another 280,000 and the Based on what you just learned about an authority site (lotsthird that he’d just opened the week before was ranked at and lots of inbound links) and the Alexa Ranking, I think you1,000,000. can start to understand the benefits of choosing to blog here if you want your message to get out.That doesn’t sound very impressive – unless you havea site like I have that I started last summer – http:// With a ranking of 516 and 38,293 links in, you’re way ahead and it’s Alexa ranking is still the game the minute you start blogging 13,254,125. If you check the Alexa Ranking for Google’s free bloggingI didn’t only build my business in a remote location, mine is platform, or WordPress – they’re also authority domains. Soon an island……and if traffic is any indication, I’m the only one why aren’t we part of that when we get a blog going there?living on that island Why is my other site listed at 13 million after more than 6I built it on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a fantastic months and this one was at 516 on day one when they’re bothtool, this site you’re on now is using WordPress. using the WordPress platform?When I made the decision to start blogging, I could have added Because when we set up a blog here, it’s set up so our bloga blog page to that site and blogged there…..but somebody becomes a sub-domain of the Empower Network bloggingwould have had to swim out to it. There wasn’t a chance it was system, allowing us to benefit from the power of their site.getting “stumbled upon” on the internet. There are 10′s of thousands of people blogging on this domainI would have had to do some serious Search Engine each day, sharing their blogs on the social media sites, linkingOptimization (SEO) to it to get it seen – and I knew nothing their blogs to other sites. Each day that goes by with thousandsabout SEO. of people blogging on it, linking to it, it becomes an even more powerful place to be if you want your message to be heard.If you build it they will come…or Only you can decide if the power of the platform is worth thenot? $25.00 a month it costs to get a blog hereI think you can understand by now – this isn’t the case. If we Not sure what to blog ABOUT?use the brick and mortar example again, starting your blogfrom scratch is the same as starting a business offline from I was in the same boat. In my case, I was trying to build anscratch. You need to get listed in the yellow pages, run ads online presence for my business and blogging was a necessary 2
  3. 3. February 10th, 2013 Published by: plangincfirst step but I was overwhelmed – I didn’t know anything If you’d like to learn more about blogging here at the Empowerabout it. Network, here’s a video overview of the programAnd I didn’t know what to say – what if people didn’t like what If you’d like to see what you get with the $25.00 per monthI had to say? viral blogging system, you can see it hereAfter watching enough of the training provided in the back As you go through the training, I think you’ll start to get a senseoffice and hearing it over and over again “who cares, there will of how complete this blogging system is and how committedALWAYS be people that don’t like what we have to say”, I felt they are to our success.more confident. Not only do you learn how to blog and how to market that blog,I also thought I needed to choose one subject for my blog and but you can earn a substantial income just by blogging if younever deviate. chose to be an affiliate of the program.I was completely overwhelmed…..and completely wrong. By What does that mean?the time I’d completed my second blog post I was wondering Blog and get your blog out there. As people come to your sitewhy I’d waited so long to start – blogging is not only EASY, it’s to read your blog posts, if they click on one of the banners onFUN! the side of your page and join, the $25.00 they pay each monthYou can blog about ANYTHING – and it doesn’t have to be a goes directly to YOU.common theme across all your posts. You set up “Categories” The founders of the company chose the name “Empowerlike I did on the right hand side of this page (scroll up to see Network” because they want to help empower people to findthem) and assign it to that category. I like blogging about their own voice – to tap into their inner selves and share thatGMO’s and other health related issues – and I like blogging with others. Blogging is a great way to do it.about….blogging. When you do as they suggest and listen to training for oneIf somebody comes here and they like reading about GMO’s, hour a day, you become more fearless. I know I did. I wasthey can click on the GMO Category. If they come here to read TERRIFIED to make my first blog post.about home based businesses, they can click on that category.You can keep adding new categories as you come up with I actually cut and pasted one from the school I attended – thatdifferent topics you want to blog about. blog is here. Yea – I was a chicken. They don’t mind, I’m an ambassador for the school and it’s good advertising for themYou can blog about anything you want – just set up a categoryfor it so your readers can decide for themselves what they want I signed up for the blogging system and in one of the firstto read about. training’s they said to pause the video and go make your first blog post. About the 3rd time he said to do that, I did it – IThat’s another benefit to choosing a system here – the training copied somebody else’s and put it on mine – but I did it.– it’s phenomenal. Once you join, you get access to a “backoffice” that has additional training in it. Anywhere from The cool thing, as you learn more you can always go back tobeginning, intermediate to advanced. the post later and make it better. I added all the stuff at the bottom of the post after the fact, same with the video and theHere’s a screen shot of my back office: photo. You can go back and make them better and better as you learn new tips and tricks – just GET STARTED. I had to find a way to tie into a pretty funny video I found on youtube yesterday about procrastination. I must have watched this thing 10 times – it still makes me laugh as I watch it again now. I think I’ll make a separate blog post just for this: In Conclusion Whatever direction you decide to head with your blog, watch the 6 part training. The only investment is your time and it will open your mind to things you likely weren’t aware you’d need to consider. He does a great job explaining how to get your blog (or other products/service) OUT THERE so people can find you. He covers google, links, social media, white hat SEO, black hat SEO, blog commenting and much more.HOW do you BLOG…and Join the movement, let’s make a change…WHERE do you BLOG -Pam Where do YOU blog? CLICK HERE to learn how to create anI’ll try to answer both questions in more detail over the next income stream with our viral marketing system. You’ll havefew blog posts, this one is getting pretty lengthy. 3
  4. 4. February 10th, 2013 Published by: plangincaccess to top training by industry leaders. You’ll not only learnhow to blog, but how to market your blog.If you’re ready to get started now, CLICK HERE to see whatyou’ll receive with this $25.00 a month viral blogging system.Why I chose the EmpowerNetwork as my platform 1. I spent a lot of money and several months trying to set up a blog on another platform. I spent more time tweaking than blogging. For $25.00 a month, all the work is done for you. As soon as you join the system, you will be given a blog under Empower Network. Your blog will become a sub-domain of the system, all you have to do is log in and start blogging. 2. SEO – This blog sits on an 10-year old domain. In SEO, search engines consider the age of the domain your content is on. They use it to decide which websites they will display for customers when they are searching for a specific keyword. Search engines often rank old domains as an authority websites, helping you get a much higher ranking than you could on your own. Because of the number of people blogging here at that Empower Network, Google looks at it as an authority site and gives it higher placement in the search engines. I have written a post and had it listed on page one literally overnight. Unless you know a lot about Search Engine Optimization, that’s nearly impossible to do on your own. 3. The $25.00 a month I pay for this platform goes directly to the person who referred me to it. This benefits me because they have a vested interested in helping me learn all about blogging and online marketing. When you sign up for this blog, you’ll have the option to refer it to others as well. Every time you refer an active member, you will receive $25.00 every month they stay active. With all the support I received, the Empower Network blog helped me to (finally) find the courage and resources to create my own blog and earn some extra income for every referral. 4. The Empower Network training – what they offer here for free with regards to internet marketing training far surpasses courses I’ve spent 100′s of dollars on. Whether you decide to join the Empower Network or not, you’ll find value in this 6 part bootcamp training series available here; an invaluable tool for building an online business of any type! 4