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    Ebook: The Organic Puppy Ebook: The Organic Puppy Presentation Transcript

    • Created by Niccole LeeORGANICA Planet-Puppy StarterGuide to Training Dogs 1
    • The Organic Puppy A Planet-Puppy Starter Guide to Training Dogs By Niccole Lee http://www.planet-puppy.com Please do NOT distribute this e-book to others. It is for your use only. Unauthorized distribution constitutes theft of my intellectual property. Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved. This eBook may not be reprinted or distributed in electronic, print, web, or other format without written permission. info@planet-puppy.comLegal Notice:- The creator of this eBook and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook.The creator makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of thecontents of this eBook. The information contained in this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish toapply ideas contained in this eBook, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.The creator disclaims any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The creatorshall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequentialdamages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is”, and without warranties.As always, the advice of a professional, competent legal, tax, or accounting professional should be sought. The creator doesnot warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this eBook. All links are forinformation purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.This eBook is not to be sold for any purpose. This eBook is strictly for educational purposes. 2
    • The Organic PuppyIntroductionPart I – Picking the Right Puppy For YouPart II – Lead NaturallyPart III - How to Socialize Your PuppyPart IV – 10 Secrets to Dog TrainingConclusionAbout 3
    • The Organic PuppyIntroductionWelcome to the wonderful world of dogs. Owning and raising a dog is such arewarding experience. But let’s be honest, dogs have a way of challenging us to ourwits end. There are times when most dogs owners want to throw up their hands andsay “I give up!” The dog has total control over the house. Soon, we find rescueorganizations burdened with many neglected and abused dogs. But there are timeswhen dog owners fall into a natural rhythm with dog living, it all get’s easier withtime. What’s the magic saying we all hear? “Never give up.” I can’t begin to tell youall the countless times when my dogs have given me a run for my money and I end upgoing home crying because my dog won’t listen to me. But, every good dog has a badday. I just had to cry my feelings out, sleep on it then come back ready to train thenext morning. Usually the next training day is better. We all have our challenges,dogs too.An important thing to remember about dogs is to keep an open mind when dealingwith your dog or new puppy. Just like people, not all dogs are the same. They eachhave their own learning curves and reward drives. While one dog may absolutelylove the ball, another may work better with food treats. Patience is crucial andpractice makes perfect.So I hope you enjoy this starter guide filled with good training tips, a guide in new dogownership. Or, you can use it to refresh your skills when it comes to your caninebest-friend. 4
    • The Organic Puppy PART I –Picking the Right Puppy For You 5
    • The Organic PuppyFIRST 6
    • The Organic PuppyRESEARCH 7
    • The Organic Puppy 8
    • The Organic Puppy 9
    • The Organic Puppy 10
    • The Organic Puppy 11
    • The Organic Puppyor 12
    • The Organic Puppy 13
    • The Organic Puppy 14
    • The Organic Puppy 15
    • The Organic Puppyobserve 16
    • The Organic Puppy 17
    • The Organic Puppy 18
    • The Organic Puppy 19
    • The Organic Puppy 20
    • The Organic PuppyBUT 21
    • The Organic Puppy 22
    • The Organic Puppy 23
    • The Organic Puppy 24
    • The Organic Puppy 25
    • The Organic Puppy& 26
    • The Organic Puppy 27
    • The Organic Puppy 28
    • The Organic PuppyFEEL 29
    • The Organic Puppy 30
    • The Organic PuppyLOOKOUT! 31
    • The Organic Puppy 32
    • The Organic Puppy 33
    • The Organic Puppy 34
    • The Organic Puppy 35
    • The Organic Puppy 36
    • The Organic PuppyREPEAT 37
    • The Organic Puppy 38
    • The Organic Puppy 39
    • The Organic Puppy PART II –Lead Naturally 40
    • The Organic PuppyLead NaturallyHow do you lead a dog naturally? The answer is simple,during playtime and with love! Puppies in the wild learntheir place in the pack during playtime; they wrestle,run, chase and soon figure out whose dominating who.It’s when one puppy is on top of the other, a submissionby the other puppy without aggression or fear. It’s allnatural, pure and simple. 41
    • The Organic PuppyHow to Establish Your Leadership:1. During playtime wrestle with your puppy a bit, be careful not to be overly aggressive.2. Carefully roll the pup onto his back or side; remember, it’s all part of the fun.3. Give lots of praise!4. Gently stop and hold him down to see if he calms down. If he begins to whimper, let him go and wait for the puppy to come back to you. When he does, play-wrestle and try to hold him down gently again. He will begin to get the idea gradually that you are the boss.5. Speak soothingly into his ear while you are holding him down. Use “Stay” and “Good-Boy.” You want to say this while you are in a good mood and because your energy is happy.6. Remember: Repetition is the best teacher! 42
    • The Organic PuppyHowever, not every dog has the same temperament.Some dogs are just naturally submissive while others areoverly energetic. So what can you do before you try thisexercise? Go on a brisk 15-20 minute walk first andthen try this exercise. Wear him out before he wearsyou out! 43
    • The Organic PuppyA Personal Story from Niccole Lee:“I had just arrived to my new duty station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and was assigned towork with Military Working Dog Chico. Everyone in our military police department knewabout Chico. He was a bad dog who tried to bite anyone who came close to him. He eveninjured his previous handler during a training exercise. Everyone was so scared that theyquickly put him in his kennel with his training collar still on. Since I was new my supervisorsaid, “You can handle Chico now. Oh, and uh… you can’t leave him overnight with hischoke chain on. Go take it off.”‘What? Can you imagine the fear I felt knowing that this dog could attack me at any time?But to my surprise he allowed me into his kennel and take his choke chain off.‘Chico and I had only 30 days to get to know each other before we had to hit the groundrunning, to start working as K9 Police for the military base. So, I made it my mission to winChico’s love and respect. I gently walked Chico around while he led the way, letting himknow I respected his space. I gave him lots of hot dogs and I was sure to use a lot of praise.I brushed him everyday and gave him baths. He was my full responsibility.’ (continued on next page) 44
    • The Organic PuppyA Personal Story from Niccole Lee cont…‘Chico eventually figured out who I was and soon he let his guard down. Through ourplaytime, gentle wrestling, I would have him lay down onto his side and while I waspetting him I placed part of my upper body onto his upper body. Then I soothingly talkedinto his ear and told him that he was a good boy. We were both in a happy place and agood state of mind. Through my gentle way of handling him, Chico allowed me todominate him. I could feel him submitting; he relaxed his body and let out a deepbreath. I was being simply organic.’‘Chico’s demeanor and whole attitude towards otherpeople changed. Hardly anyone could believe thetransformation. He was now a happy healthy dog. For 2years we were partners on the road. And he is one of themain reasons why I have a solid passion for dogs today.” Pictured Right: Niccole with MWD Chico 45
    • The Organic Puppy PART III –How to Socialize Your Puppy 46
    • The Organic PuppyExpose your Puppy…To be happy and healthy dogs need to interact with people andmany different types of people, especially with children.On a daily basis, be sure to look inside their ears and mouth.Touch their foot pads and belly regularly.Also, expose them to different noises such as car horns, sirensand firecrackers. 47
    • The Organic PuppyHave puppy play dates. 48
    • The Organic PuppyGo visit the vet’s office for fun. 49
    • The Organic PuppyIf you live near thebeach, go play inthe water. 50
    • The Organic PuppyVisit the park andgo for a walk. Situnder a tree andwatch others asthey walk by. 51
    • The Organic PuppyGo for a ride in the car. 52
    • The Organic PuppyMake sure allexperiences aresafe and positive. 53
    • The Organic PuppyInclude lots of praise and treats with eachencounter. 54
    • The Organic PuppyIt’s also a good idea toexperience different surfacessuch as wood, gravel, grassand other uneven surfaces.You may even try differentchallenges such as hide &seek, climbing over obstaclesand jumping over a broom 55
    • The Organic PuppyBut, if the puppy/dog is scared, slow down or stop. 56
    • The Organic PuppyWhy is Socialization Important?If dogs are not socialized with people then they canreact out of fear and potentially cause harm bybiting. They just don’t trust anyone outside oftheir own family circle.The kindest thing we can do for dogs is to helpthem extend their concept of "family," toencompass any and all friendly people they meet. 57
    • The Organic Puppy The more people and places your puppy/dog experiences, the more well- adjusted she’ll be as an adult. 58
    • The Organic Puppy PART IV –10 Secrets to Dog Training 59
    • The Organic PuppySecret #1 - 60
    • The Organic Puppy 61
    • The Organic PuppySecret #2 -Dogs will respond more quickly and learn fasterwhen you are happy and in a good mood. 62
    • The Organic PuppySecret #3 -If your dog works better withtreats, have various treats. If yourdog works better for a ball, have afew different balls. 63
    • The Organic PuppySecret #4 - 64
    • The Organic PuppySecret #5 - 65
    • The Organic PuppySecret #6 - 66
    • The Organic PuppyDogs can get bored very easily. Keeping the training sessions short will ensure that your dog is paying attention. 67
    • The Organic PuppyKeeping yourdog focused andattentive on youis a learningprocess for you,the trainer. 68
    • The Organic PuppyIf your dog’s attention keepswavering off, quickly call out his name, rattle a toy, play with a ball in your hand, or alert to him that you have a treat ready for him. 69
    • The Organic PuppySecret #7 - 70
    • The Organic PuppySecret #8 - 71
    • The Organic Puppy 72
    • The Organic Puppy 73
    • The Organic Puppy 74
    • The Organic PuppySecret #9 -They need to hear the excitement in your voice and it letsthem know that you accept their behavior. 75
    • The Organic PuppySecret #10 - 76
    • The Organic Puppy 77
    • The Organic PuppyTips to Remember: If your dog is not listening or you think he is givingyou a hard time, take a break. Every dog has a bad day. Avoid using the word “no” if your dog doessomething wrong. Simply ignore the bad behavior. 78
    • The Organic Puppy Think “SeaWorld” – the onlyway they can get those whales to do a trick is my constant repetition and positive reinforcement. 79
    • The Organic PuppyConclusionAt the end of the day we all should realize that dogs are just like children, they needguidance, leadership, nurturing, love, and support. At the same time, they mustrealize that they have to accept the rules of the home in order to be a productivemember of your family. Having a daily routine between you and your dog ensuresyour dog will be well-behaved. It may seem challenging at first since these are newhabits. Everyone struggles and I mean EVERYONE. You are not alone. But just likeriding a bicycle, these new daily habits will become second nature. Don’t give up,stick with your program and it will get easier. Got it?So, good luck, have fun and just be organic. 80
    • The Organic PuppyPhoto CreditsAll Pictures contained in this eBook were taken by & owned by Niccole Lee.Page 82 – US Navy Photo of Niccole Lee and Military Working Dog Chico 81
    • The Organic PuppyAboutNiccole Lee is a US military veteran and worked as a Military Police/Dog Handler forthe US Navy. She was certified as a dog handler/trainer by the US Air Force atLackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas in 1996. She has been awarded the Navy &Marine Corps Achievement Medal for her Outstanding Valor and Service and won acanine competition at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1999. She took first place in Scouting,winning over the Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and civil law enforcement who allparticipated in this joint service contest. She has trained and worked with over 40professional military service dogs in her professional career. Her proudestachievement was rehabilitant her military dogs. During her training to become a dogtrainer, Niccole was hand-picked to work with a new dog that was not ready to workin the field. On another occasion, Niccole was also hand-picked to work with achallenging dog who had aggression problems. Her dedication proved to besuccessful. Niccole states, “It was my method to earn the respect of these dogs, thatI was their loving leader. It was not about instilling fear into these dogs, but rather,confidence.” Niccole is a firm believer that it matters on what a human has on theinside, that the dog can sense a person’s energy and can therefore inherit that energyfor themselves. Niccole ended her military service in 2002 and moved to southernCalifornia to pursue her education goals.Niccole created Planet-Puppy to help dog owners all over the world. Her new foundmission is to help people live and happy and fruitful life with their canine companion.She is still living in California with her 12 year old English Cocker Spaniel named‘Sasha.’ 82
    • The Organic Puppy THE ENDVisit us at www.Planet-Puppy.com Follow us on Twitter @planet_puppy 83