GWT 2014: Emergency Conference - 01 Introduzione


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Geospatial World Tour 2014: Emergency Conference.
Napoli, 28 maggio 2014.

GeoSpatial Solutions for EMERGENCY
Massimo Pagani, Hexagon Geospatial

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  • We are a global, technology company

    We believe in shaping change , but this is not enough. We need to get ahead of change.

    We believe in people, research and innovation

    Thats why we spend 11% in R&D, land et me show you how……
  • ... Leicas tridicon software City Modeller generates a point cloud [click – point cloud image appears], from which it automatically extracts the individual buildings [click – buildings appear]. Because it is so easy, it enables experts and novices alike to rapidly create real 3D building models on their own. [click]
  • EXAMPLE...

    Monitor Change and growth
    Rebuild Cities
    Create 3D Cadaster

    But for a true 3D cadastre we need real 3D building models.

    And this is a global need, also in cities such as Zurich.

  • ANALYTICS: Create Customized Solutions
     Spatial Modeling
     Advanced Feature Model and Tracing
     Esri® Geodatabase Read/Write

    MOBILE: Real-Time Updating & Reporting
     Intergraph Mobile MapWorks
     Intergraph Mobile Alert
     ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK on Android, iOS & WinCE devices

    CLOUD: Big Data Management
     Vector Data Management
     Client-side Caching
     64-bit Support
     Loading/performance improvements
  • GWT 2014: Emergency Conference - 01 Introduzione

    1. 1. GeoSpatial Solution for EMERGENCY Massimo Pagani
    2. 2. Hexagon Overview
    3. 3. 2.4bn EUR turnover 8% long-term growth above 20% operating margin 11% of net sales invested in R&D Head offices in Stockholm and London Turnover of close to 2.4 billion EUR Shares listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Nearly 14 000 employees in over 40 countries More than 3 000 employees engaged in R&D More than 2 700 active patents in patent portfolio Hexagon is a global, research-intensive technology company with an extensive line of hardware, software and services that spans customers and industries worldwide ABOUT HEXAGON
    4. 4. THE HEXAGON FAMILY Geosystems Metrology Technology SG&I Geospatially-enabled security, military and infrastructure software & services PP&M Industry-leading plant & ship design and information management software
    5. 5. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 5 A Century of History with Leica, Zeiss and AHAB C1- 1925 C2- 1927 C3 - 1929 RC3 - 1937 RC5 - 1942 RC7 - 1949 RC8 - 1956 RC9 - 1958 RC10 - 1969 RMK P 21 - 1932 RMK P 10 - 1936 HS 1818 - 1938 RMK 21/18 - 1953 RMK 15/23 - 1956 RMK A 15/23 - 1961 RMK A 8.5/23 - 1968 1920s to 1970s 1980s to 2010s RC30 - 1992 RCD100 - 2009RCD105 - 2007 ADS40 - 2001 ADS80 - 2008 RCD30 - 2011 RC10a - 1982 RC20 - 1987 ADS80-SH91/92 -2010 RMK TOP 15/30 - 1989 DMC - 2002 RMK -D - 2009 DMC -II - 2010 / 2011
    6. 6. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 6 Z/I DMC II LF airborne mapping camera system Single large format CCD superior geometric accuracy best radiometric image quality 250 MP / 230 MP / 140 MP Long focal length  for very high resolution and small occlusion Square image format  to minimize number of stereo models Fast frame rate for efficient use of high speed aircrafts high forward overlap Integrated sensor management and GNSS/IMU system Reduced weight and space requirements for aircraft installation and increased reliability Common sensor peripherals components Compatible with all Hexagon airborne sensors Common flight management software Compatible with all Hexagon airborne sensors
    7. 7. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 7 Applications Engineer DMC IIe Requirements for engineering mapping projects: • High geometric accuracy • Small GSD, High resolution • Excellent radiometry Image courtesy APEI France • Large ground coverage • High image quality • Automated workflow
    8. 8. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 8 Leica RCD30 MF airborne mapping camera system • Metric 80MP / 60 MP medium format camera • Choice of Camera Head CH81/CH61 with RGB and CH82/CH62 with co-registered RGB-NIR image acquisition • 6 µm CCD for RGB and NIR • Multi-dimensional (2 axes) mechanical motion compensation • Specialized optics (50mm and 80mm) with user-replaceable central shutter and innovative precise bayonet-mount • Frame rate >1 second • High accuracy mapping range • Leight-weight system (CH6x 4 kg, CC3x 6kg) • Reliable, high-quality hardware conforming to ISO 7137, RTCA DO-160F, EUROCAE-14E and FAR§23.561 Optics made by
    9. 9. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 9 Leica RCD30 Oblique Penta/Trio airborne camera system
    12. 12. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 12 Leica ALS70–CM/HP/HA
    13. 13. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 13 LIDAR Measurement
    14. 14. Applications Urban Environment Intensity image - note subtle difference in reflectivity across parking lot and “oil spot” in each parking space
    15. 15. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 15 Applications Cave Monitoring
    16. 16. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 16 AHAB Chiroptera II – Shallow bathy LiDAR system Shallow Bathy 35 kHz 1,5 Secchi Topo-scanner 500 kHz 1,6 km LIDAR Control Unit Full waveform 1,8 GSa/s, 170 Gflops 12-bit digitization FMS Mission Planning: Leica MissionPro Flight Execution: Leica FlightPro Operators Console Operator LIDAR interface Touchscreen LIDAR Survey Studio™ 2.0 Output data Mapping Camera Leica RCD30: 80 MP RGB+CIR with GNSS/IMU
    17. 17. AHAB HawkEye III – Deep bathy LiDAR system Deep Bathy 10 kHz 3 Secchi Shallow Bathy 35 kHz 1,5 Secchi Topo-scanner 500 kHz 1,6 km AHAB LIDAR Control Unit Full waveform 1,8 GSa/s, 170 Gflops 12-bit digitization FMS Mission Planning: Leica MissionPro Flight Execution: Leica FlightPro Operators Console Operator LIDAR interface Touchscreen LIDAR Survey Studio™ 2.0 Output data Mapping Camera Leica RCD30: 80 MP RGB+CIR w/ GNSS/IMU
    18. 18. AHAB LiDAR Systems Topo LiDAR Survey RGB+NIR Image (upto 1600m AGL) Shallow Bathy Survey 1.5 x Secchi depth (max 15m) Deep Bathy Survey 3 x Secchi depth (max 50m)
    19. 19. Applications HARBOR
    20. 20. Applications HARBOR Underwater pipeline survey Pipeline termination point Pipeline from shore Dredged Area Submerged objects
    21. 21. Applications Environmental monitoring Topo DEM Water surface DEM Sea bed DEMEnvironmental monitoring of complex areas By courtesury of Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas
    22. 22. Applications Coastline Germany  Target detection according to IHO order 1 down to 5 meters depth  Sea grass classification
    23. 23. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    24. 24. Dragon35 – RCD30Mapping the World’s Infrastructure Powersupply Camera Controller CC32 with embedded Novatel SPAN Shockmounted Pod Novatel CPT IMU Class 4 Leica RCD30 CH62 GPS Antenna Fuel Tank Generator Exhaust Autopilot Twin Boxer Motor Data Storage MM30, up to 2.4TB
    25. 25. AiBot X6  5 kg total weight  60 km/h  12 m/s wind  2.5kg payload
    26. 26. AiBot X6 Sensors Platform Thermocamera DSLR Multispectral Odorsensors Sensoric Platform … Laserscanner Aibot X6 Page 26
    27. 27. Fields of Application IndustrialInspection Application Customer/References Inspection of power lines Bridge and facade inspections Inspection of photovoltaic systems x Inspections in production plants Research project Robot}air{ Page 27 Videos Mapping/GIS- Applications Orthophoto, 3D-Models Virtual-Surveying GIS
    28. 28. Hexagon Geospatial Mission, Vision, Strategy and Positioning
    29. 29. Hexagon Geospatial Setup ©2013 Intergraph Corporation HEXAGON Technology HEXAGON Metrology HEXAGON GeoSystem HEXAGON GeoSpatial SG&I Geospatially-enabled security, military and infrastructure software & services PP&M Industry-leading plant & ship design and information management software HEXAGON GeoSpatial
    30. 30. Planetek Italia  Settore di riferimento: Geomatica, specializzata in Earth Observation e sviluppo di Infrastrutture di Dati Spaziali  Clientela Target: Pubbliche Amministrazioni Centrali e Locali, Società Private Energy e Ingegneria, Enti ed Agenzie di Ricerca  Proprietà: PMI, quattro soci fondatori  Gruppo: Planetek Italia S.r.l. controlla Geo-K S.r.l. e Planetek Hellas E.p.e. (Grecia), socio di GAP - Geophysical Applications Processing S.r.l.  Economics: triennio 2011-2013 valore della produzione circa 15 M€  Risorse Umane: 47 dipendenti con età media di 34 anni (85% laureati), prevalentemente impiegati nelle attività di R&D  Principali referenze: ASI, ESA, UE, MATT, ISPRA, ENEA, SAIPEM, ENI, ANAS, Regione Sardegna, Calabria, Puglia, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Numerose Provincie, Comuni e altre amministrazioni  Principali collaborazioni: Consorzio SUD Space, Distretto Aereospazio Puglia, EARSC, AIPAS, Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, UniBA, PoliBA, IUAV. Dati Grezzi Dati Elaborati Soluzioni Integrate Servizi Professionali Acquisizione diretta Distribuzione Reselling Generazione dialgoritmi Elaborazione immagini Sviluppo SW Reselling SW System Integration Formazione Consulenza Supporto CATENADELVALORE
    31. 31. Introducing…
    32. 32. ANALYTICS: Create Customized Solutions • Create and build powerful data analysis • Easily exchange/Integrate data • Model and define real world objects
    33. 33. ANALYTICS Example: Spatial Modeling Workflow for automatic detection
    34. 34. ANALYTICS Example: Spatial Modeling Workflow Results
    35. 35. ANALYTICS: ANCONA Early Warning System - Landslide Monitoring Ancona (Italy) civil protection authorities were looking for an early warning system to prevent the population about the evolution and its consequences of a large landslide area. Single and multi-frequency GNSS receivers, Automatic Total Stations and precise inclinometers are deployed to model the deformations and to deliver on-line information.
    36. 36. ANALYTICS: Control Room LandSlides Early Warning 36 LEICA RDBMS (SQL Server) INGR RDBMS (ORACLE) FIELDSensors Spatialand businessdata EDGE FRONTIER GeoMedia Smart Client Web Server Component Web Client GeoMedia Smart Client Smart PhoneControl Room Email Server SMS Server
    37. 37. MOBILE: Real-Time Updating & Reporting • Validate and update your GIS from the field • Crowd-source public incident information • Use our compression technology to solve mobile problems
    38. 38. Report with an iPhone Create and Display Dynamically in a GIS Map MOBILE Example: ALERT APPLICATION Discover Pot Holes on the Road.
    39. 39. CLOUD: Big Data Management • Manage ALL of your geospatial and business data • Serve and cache real vector data • 64-bit solves many of your big data problems • Optimized loading and rendering
    40. 40. BIGDATA in the CLOUD: ECWP streaming demonstration (Germany RWE) 7/8/2014 ©2014 Intergraph Corporation 40
    41. 41. Offerta Tecnologica
    42. 42. 42 GeoSpatial Information Lifecycle Geospatial Information Lifecycle The fusion of sensor technology with software produces the “Information Cloud,” where imagery is fused with 3D point cloud data and connected with real-time, location-based intelligence. The Information Cloud encapsulates and preserves the source content from the various sensor inputs, while feeding the Dynamic GIS. With integrated software solutions; you can transform this data to produce reliable and actionable information. The role of the Dynamic GIS is to leverage the depth of the Information Cloud, enabling software applications to process, share, and deliver the information needed to drive decisions that protect lives, property, and infrastructure.
    43. 43. 43 Technology Platform 2014
    44. 44. Streamlined Product Offerings ERDAS IMAGINE / SAR Interferometry GeoMedia Smart Client GeoMedia WebMap ERDAS APOLLO Geospatial SDI Geospatial Portal Imagine Photogrammetry ImageStation Photogrammetry Stereo Extensions for ArcGIS GeoMedia 7/8/2014 ©2014 Intergraph Corporation 44 Mobile Alert Mobile Map Works MOBILE Network Management G/Technology G!NIUS InService Fiber Optic
    45. 45. GeoSpatial Solutions at 360° in ENERGY Process Mgmt
    46. 46. DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE Licenza attivabile dal 3 Giugno 2014 (validità 30 gg)  GeoMedia Professional  Imagine Professional Inviare mail di richiesta a
    47. 47. Questions? SMARTERDECISIONS 7/8/2014 48©2012 Intergraph Corporation