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Storytelling Now


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storytelling now …

storytelling now

Published in: Education, Technology, Sports

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    • 1. @ r o n made r • pl ane ta. wi k i space s. co m/ sto r y •  0 4. 2 0 15
    • 2. @ r o n made r • pl ane ta. wi k i space s. co m/ sto r y •  0 4. 2 0 15
    • 3. @ r o n made r • pl ane ta. wi k i space s. co m/ sto r y •  0 4. 2 0 15
    • 4. In this age of information overload, real storytelling still captures people's hearts and minds. - Skye Grove
    • 5. STORY! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 6. A people are as healthy and confident as the stories they tell themselves. Sick storytellers can make nations sick... Stories can conquer fear. They can make the heart larger. - Ben Okri
    • 7.   Social Web Skills   Flickr Groups   Wikis   YouTube   Lingo Sticks   Food Tastings   Maps   Yarn
    • 8. Conscious travel posits that the stories others tell about us is as important as how we nurture stories from within. Visitors who seek empathetic experiences need to know how locals ‘frame’ the world.
    • 9. - R o b B r e z s n y
    • 10. y o u tu be . c o m / u s e r / Bn Z u n n i
    • 11. The Danger of a Single StoryChimamanda Adichie
    • 12. Cape Town has a million stories to tell. Please not two. This is false. The economy is not binary. It is quantum – Iain Harris
    • 13. It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story. - Native American Proverb photo @ronmader
    • 14. CONTROL! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 15. Those who tell the stories rule the world. - Hopi Proverb photo @ tsaiproject
    • 16. You cannot control your story p h o t o @ r o n m a d e r
    • 17. p h o t o @ r o n m a d e r Y o u ca n n o t co n t r o l y o u r s t o r y You can MONITOR how your story is told 8043387819  
    • 18. p h o t o @ r o n m a d e r Y o u ca n n o t co n t r o l y o u r s t o r y You can MANIPULATE how your story is told
    • 19. p h o t o @ r o n m a d e r Y o u ca n n o t co n t r o l y o u r s t o r y You can INFLUENCE how your story is told
    • 20. Better Travel for a Better World
    • 21. COLLABORATION! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 22. NARRATIVE! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 23. COUNTER! NARRATIVE! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 24. NON- NARRATED! qrFqr! qrFqr!
    • 25. what  sort  of  stories  do  you  want     to  hear?   1.   2.   3.   4.   5.  
    • 26. Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories. - Laur i e Ande r so n G r a p h i c @ O p e n C l i p A r t
    • 27. Give people a fun, exciting activity And use that as the baseline from which more meaningful dialogue can evolve. F O T O : T O M W A L T E R
    • 28. The Internet is reviving the read write culture,moving us from a passive consumption of culture to the kind of culture where we create and share what we create. - L a w r e n c e L e s s i g
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32. Discoveries from Daniel Johns + Josh Wakely
    • 33. Kudos ABC Radi o Nati o nal Cape T o wn P ar tn e r s h i p Ci ty o f Cape T o wn I CR T P o c h o te Xochi mi l co T h e Bl u e Yo n de r T r an s i ti o n s A br o ad M ar ti n Hatchue l G r e g Hubbs P au l I s ak s o n Sk ye G rov e M o i s é s G ar c í a G u z m án
    • 34.
    • 35. Please Share!
    • 36. @ronmader