Mexico 2.014


Published on is making a major revision to the Mexico features. We’ll be adding a number of links to social media resources and assisting local tour operators, indigenous artisans and government officials.



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  • Measuring Engagement: Mexico (2006-2011)
  • We encourage local tourism pros, indigenous peoples, artisans, government officials and travelers to share Mexico stories.
  • is updating our features about Mexico, a country with amazing natural and cultural diversity. We are adding links to Web 2.0 channels, including Blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.
  • AdventureBiodiversityColonial HistoryFestivalsFoodIndependenceIndigenous PeoplesMapsMarketsParksTrees
  • 2010 Centennial2010 Bicentennial2011 Pan American Games
  • Measuring Engagement: Mexico (2006-2011)
  • CancúnGuadalajaraMexico CityMonterreyOaxacaPuebla CitySonoraVeracruzYucatán Peninsula
  • We present our annual Colibri Ecotourism Award to celebrate World Environment Day (June 5).
  • Fernando AguinacoSteve BridgerGerhard ButtnerHector Ceballos-LascurainJorge Chávez de la PeñaMarlene EhrenbergVerena GerberJuan Carlos IbarraPedro MartinezJennifer Morfín MorganAllan RhodesAntonio SuárezFrancisco Verastegui
  • Ayuuk (Mixe)ChinantecoMayaMixtecZapotec
  • Indigenous Voices - Rincon de los Artesanos and are issuing a call for YouTube videos in indigenous languages in the state of Oaxaca recorded by the families themselves.
  • Hyperlocal JournalismListening to locals – what stories do Mexicans want to share?What do visitors want to know about localities?Grassroots events - how can the Web document what’s local?How can communication be improved during times of crisis?
  • AwardsFrida’s BirthdayFotoSafariMexico MondayOaxaca WildlifeTreasure HuntsVideo Nights
  • Postcards from Oaxaca
  • #mexmonday
  • Frida
  • Oaxaca FotoSafari
  • DeliciousFacebookFlickrTwitterYouTubeWiki
  • Build the Capacity to Build the CapacityFace to face Internet workshopsEnglish and Spanish Language Worksheets
  • Chiapas Web 2010
  • Ron Mader’s Mexico Adventures in Nature guidebook was published in 1988. All of the content has been transferred and updated online
  • This presentation is a work in progress.Suggestions are welcome!
  • Mexico 2.014

    1. 1. @ronmaderMéxico 2.014
    2. 2. is updating features about Mexico, a country with awesome natural and cultural diversity. We encourage friends to share stories about Mexico via blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn, Ranker, Slideshare, Storify, Twitter, YouTube, wikis and other social web channels.
    3. 3. ¡  Adventure ¡  Art ¡  Biodiversity ¡  Colonial History ¡  Culture ¡  Festivals ¡  Food ¡  Indigenous Peoples ¡  Markets ¡  Parks ¡  Sports ¡  Trees
    4. 4. ¡  Chiapas ¡  Guadalajara ¡  Mexico City (DF) ¡  Oaxaca ¡  Yucatán
    5. 5. ¡  Oaxaca: Sharing Space in a Sacred Place ¡  More Maya Voices ¡  Mezcal Festival ¡  World Tourism Day
    6. 6. ¡  Carrotmob ¡  Foto Safari ¡  Oaxaca Wildlife ¡  Treasure Hunts ¡  Unconference ¡  Video Nights
    7. 7. ¡  Listening to locals: What stories do Mexicans want to share with the world? ¡  Defending the tourists: What do visitors want to know? ¡  Smartphones: What’s public and local in a gamefied world? ¡  Plan B: How can communication be improved during times of crisis?
    8. 8. ¡  Ayuuk (Mixe) ¡  Chinanteco ¡  Maya ¡  Mixtec ¡  Zapotec
    9. 9. We are calling for YouTube videos in indigenous languages recorded by the families themselves. Could we embed these videos into events and tours?
    10. 10. ¡  Face-to-face Internet workshops ¡  English and Spanish Language Resources ¡  Indigenous Language Resources ¡  Oaxaca Wiki
    11. 11. 2001-2010 WINNERS Fernando Aguinaco Steve Bridger Gerhard Buttner Hector Ceballos-Lascurain Jorge Chávez de la Peña Marlene Ehrenberg Verena Gerber Juan Carlos Ibarra Pedro Martinez Jennifer Morfín Morgan Allan Rhodes Antonio Suárez Francisco Verastegui
    12. 12.
    13. 13. @ronmader