Indigenous Peoples Week 2012

Uploaded on , Nutti Sámi Siida, Guurrbi Tours, TIME Unlimited and Nevada Magazine co-host Indigenous Peoples Week August 6-12, 2012. This online unconference highlights Indigenous Peoples and … , Nutti Sámi Siida, Guurrbi Tours, TIME Unlimited and Nevada Magazine co-host Indigenous Peoples Week August 6-12, 2012. This online unconference highlights Indigenous Peoples and tourism. We'd like to connect indigenous tourism to broader concept, to the widen the circle of discussion, continuing the threads of conversation already started during Responsible Tourism Week and the ongoing Responsible Tourism Year.


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  • 1.
  • 2.,Nutti Sámi Siida, TIME Unlimited, Guurrbi Tours,Nevada Magazineand friends host IndigenousPeoples Week August 6-12. This is our tentpole event, an onlineunconference focusing on Indigenous Peoples and Tourism. Talking points include biodiversity,crafts, cultural heritage, food, language,literacy and the emerging read write culture.
  • 3. Ursprungsbefolkningarnas vecka6-12 Augusti 2012
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  • 6.
  • 7. 2012
  • 8. Everyone’s Invited We cordially invite participation of …Everyone interested in indigenous culture: Those hosting indigenous tours Those making indigenous crafts Those preparing indigenous food Visitors seeking tours, crafts and food
  • 9. Search Be curious! Look for Photos Listen to Podcasts Favorite YouTube VideosSeek Face-to-Face Experiences
  • 10. Budget Time 15 minutes: Consult the planeta wiki, facebook event page and #ipw2012 hashtag, 1 hour: Read or view online resources;Comment, favorite, like, star what inspires you 2-6 hours: Do something Visit a local indigenous business; make something inspiring
  • 11. Indigenous peoples are ethnicgroups native to a land or region,especially before the arrival andintrusion of a foreign and possiblydominating culture. They are agroup of people whose membersshare a cultural identitythat has been shaped bytheir geographical region.
  • 12. Unconference = A facilitated,participant-driven eventcentered on a specific theme.This can be conductedface-to-face, online orbetter yet … both!
  • 13. Oaxaca, Mexico: Woven iphone by Veronica Lazo Mendoza
  • 14. Share the page
  • 15. Please use the hashtag
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  • 17. Ask Questions Introduce Yourself Like OthersShare the event on your Wall Write Something
  • 18. Writesomething!
  • 19. Blog!
  • 20. And if you don’t have a blog … Comment
  • 21. Curate!
  • 22. Share the page!
  • 23. Makea Video!
  • 24. And if you don’t have a video …Watch and Learn
  • 25.
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  • 32. Identifying What’s Private and Public: What’s Authentic and Manufactured Authentic Private Authentic Public Manufactured Public
  • 35. To respect indigenous culture be attentive be creative be generous be curious be empathetic
  • 36. Levels of Engagement Be attentive Be creative Be generous Be curious Be empathetic
  • 37. Be attentive Go outside. Visit a museumLearn about indigenous culture. Do stuff!
  • 38. Be creativeUse social media to share stories. Make something! If you can’t create, curate.
  • 39. Be generousAdd stars to other people’s photos or make a gallery of your faves, likecomments on Facebook, give a thumbs up to videos on YouTube … and have a heart by favoriting this presentation on Slideshare.
  • 40. Be curious Ask questions. Look for examples of indigenous tourism that surprise you.Learn a few words in an indigenous language.
  • 41. Be empathetic Extend your compassionto what and who you see.
  • 43. AYUUK
  • 44. MAYA
  • 45. MAORI
  • 46. SAMI
  • 47. ZAPOTEC
  • 48. Certificate of Participation INSERT NAME HEREThis certificate acknowledges exceptional participation during Indigenous Peoples Week (August 6-12, 2012)
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  • 50. @ronmader