Reduce Uric Acid Level Naturally | Gout Natural Treatment


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Planet Ayurveda offers its best natural treatment, comprising effective herbal remedies “Anti Gout Pack” to reduce uric acid levels naturally. To get this treatment, visit here -

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Reduce Uric Acid Level Naturally | Gout Natural Treatment

  1. 1. HOW TO REDUCE URIC ACID LEVELS NATURALLY WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Before showing you how to reduce uric acid levels naturally, it's important to know what uric acid is, where it comes from? why high levels can lead to gout? and why you need to reduce high uric acid levels in the blood?
  2. 2. WHAT IS URIC ACID? WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Uric acid is a naturally occurring waste product resulting from the breakdown of purines, crystalline compounds found in certain foods.  Under normal conditions, uric acid dissolves in the blood, passes through the kidneys and is eliminated with the urine.
  3. 3. If the diet is high in foods containing purine, or the kidneys are unable to eliminate excessive uric acid, high uric acid levels, known as hyperuricemia or gout, occur. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CONTINUE…
  4. 4. WHAT CAUSES HIGH URIC ACID IN BLOOD? WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM A high uric acid level can be caused when your body either produces too much uric acid or your kidneys don't eliminate sufficient uric acid.  Genetics  Diuretic medications  Drinking too much alcohol
  5. 5. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CONTINUE…  Immune-suppressing medicines  Overweight  Low immune system  Poor renal functions  Purine-rich diet — organ meat, game meat, anchovies, herring, gravy, dried beans, dried peas, mushrooms and other foods
  7. 7. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Gout develops due to an immunologic reaction to the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.
  8. 8.  Gout is characterized by extreme pain in the joint that worsens in response to minimal pressure, inflammation (swelling, warmth, and tenderness) of the joint, fever, and peeling of the skin around the joint.  Uric acid levels exceeding 10mg/dL increases the risk of developing gout.  May develop in people suffering with high uric acid levels. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  9. 9. CONTINUE…  Kidney stones may go unnoticed until they become stuck in the ureter causing immense pain, painful and more frequent urination, bloody urine, or nausea and vomiting.  Approximately 10% of the kidney stones that are detected in the United States are composed of uric acid. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  10. 10. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Although uric acid kidney stones are commonly found in gout patients, they are also detected in approximately 20% of patients have high uric acid levels but not gout.  The classic symptoms of kidney stones are sudden and intense pain in the abdomen, flanks, and groin region, which tends to come in waves, bloody urine and painful urination, and if there is a secondary infection a fever may be detected.
  11. 11. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM The most severe symptom associated with high uric acid levels is kidney failure, which manifests as decreased urination, shortness of breath, swelling in the limbs, confusion and drowsiness, fatigue, or chest pain.
  12. 12. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Although recent research has suggested that high uric acid levels are linked to hypertension and heart disease.  It remains to be determined whether reducing uric acid levels would reverse these conditions.
  13. 13. HIGH URIC ACID - GOUT - AYURVEDIC ASPECTS WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  In Ayurveda, gout is explained as Vatrakta.  Here mainly Vata Dosha is involved, which affects Rakt Dhatu (Blood).  Vitiation of Vata Dosha and Rakta Dhatu (Blood) is caused by increased intake of spicy, sour, salty, alkaline, heavy and penetrating foods.
  14. 14. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  The impaired Doshas travel through the channels of the body and get accumulated at the smaller joints causing damage to the tissues and bones of the joint resulting in Vatrakta.  Ayurvedic treatments emphasize herbal preparations, diet and routines that help to cleanse the blood. CONTINUE…
  16. 16. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Kaishore Guggul Or Kishore Guggul is a wonderful Ayurvedic remedy for many diseases. It is helpful in uric acid, gout, arthritis, Acne, skin disorders, fevers and many more. Here we have explained its role in joint pains and uric acid.
  17. 17.  Kaishore Guggul particularly helpful in removing the accumulated uric acid in the joints and muscles.  It helps in reducing inflammation, redness, heat, persistent pain in the joints.  It also helps to prevent further accumulation of uric acid by regulating metabolism and assisting the proper elimination of toxins. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  18. 18. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Navkarshik Churna is an age old Ayurvedic medicine dating back to ancient times since 1100 AD.  It contains many beneficial herbs like Vacha, Neem, Amlaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Manjistha, Katuki etc., which are known for their actions and properties very well.
  19. 19. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CONTINUE…  It is very effective for gouty arthritis, especially when uric acid is very high and the toe joint is involved.  It is also effective on other types of arthritis as it removes the toxins from the body.  The herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in swollen and painful joints.  It helps to purify the blood and corrects the metabolism of the body and is useful in relieving every type of pain.
  20. 20. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Punarnava Mandur is a special herbal formulation which is very useful in treating many health conditions.  It helps to increase blood count, improve blood quality and removes toxins from the body.
  21. 21.  It helps to reduce urea and creatinine, cholesterol and other toxins.  These are natural diuretic tablets, which help to cure renal failure, liver failure, ascites, swelling puffy eyes anemia as well as fatty liver permanently . CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  22. 22. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Gorakhmundi powder is another formulation by Planet Ayurveda that makes again a wonderful herbal remedy for high uric acid.  It is helpful in removing the accumulation of uric acid in the joints and muscles.
  23. 23. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  It also has been proved to reduce the symptoms of gout like inflammation, redness and persistent pain of the joints.  Regular use of it along with other herbal preparations helps to prevent further accumulation of uric acid in the body.  Gorakhmundi powder helps to lower the increased urea and creatinine levels in kidney problems and therefore improves kidney functions.
  24. 24. 1) KAISHORE GUGGUL 2) NAVKARSHIK CHURNA 3) GORAKHMUNDI POWDER  2 tablets twice daily  1 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with plain water  3-6 grams (1 teaspoonful) per day, after meals, with water 4) PUNARNAVA MANDUR  2 tablets twice daily DOSAGE WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ANTI - GOUT PACK
  25. 25. GUIDLINES WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM  Avoid alcohol, soft drinks.  Follow proper diet, decrease consumption of protein rich food items.  Eat few cherries daily as these contain antioxidants that lower the uric acid in blood.  If you are Obese, try to lose weight.
  26. 26.  Mix 1tsp of lemon juice, 1tsp of ginger juice in one glass of water to drink daily twice.  Mix 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink 2 to 3 times a day.  Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the blood. CONTINUE… WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  27. 27.  Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of Anti - Gout Pack.  Please visit the link given below to Buy this pack online  It is the leading supplier of Anti - Gout Pack through out of the world. WHERE TO BUY? WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  28. 28.  Our Anti - Gout Pack is not mixed with fillers, chemicals and other powders.  It is manufactured in world's best quality GMP certified company. UNIQUE FEATURES OF THIS COMBO PACK WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ANTI - GOUT PACK
  29. 29.  Planet Ayurveda is a leading herbal GMP certified manufacturing, export company – owned by Dr. Vikram Chauhan from Chandigarh, India.  It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and sister concern of Krishna Herbal Company which is US-FDA registered.  Planet Ayurveda has distributors in various parts of the world and products range over 200. ABOUT PLANET AYURVEDA WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  30. 30. Dr. Vikram Chauhan, BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA), Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, BAMS - Gold Medalist, MD (Alt. Med.) Dr. Vaidya Madan Gulati, BAMS - Gold Medalist, MD (AYURVEDA) Vaidya Anthony Rouse, Graduate in Ayurveda OUR EXPERTS WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
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