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Reduce PSA Naturally with authentic Ayurvedic Treatment available at Planet Ayurveda without any risk of side effect. Amazing Herbal products provided by Planet Ayurveda help you to reduce PSA Naturally

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Reduce psa naturally

  1. 1. Prostate is a walnut sized gland that forms part of the male reproductive system. Prostate gland is have two lobes enclosed by an outer layer. KNOW PROSTATE
  2. 2. PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) is a protein produced by the prostate gland that helps in nourishment to sperm and also in human reproduction. PSA AND PROSTATE
  3. 3. Increased levels of PSA may indicate prostate problems like BPH or prostate cancer. PSA test is done to know about prostate health and related problems. PSA AND PROSTATE
  4. 4. The prostate specific antigen (PSA) test involves taking a small sample of blood and sending for investigations. PSA levels of 4.0 ng/mL and lower is considered as normal. PSA
  5. 5. Sometimes other factors also contribute to raise PSA levels like Prostatitis or a Urinary Tract Infections or prostate surgeries. FACTOR RESPONSIBLE FOR HIGH PSA
  6. 6. Enlarged prostate OR benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the common problem through which many men are suffering. Most common problem facing by men after 50 is BPH. WHAT IS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  7. 7. PSA IS HIGH IN FOLLOWING CONDITIONS Old age Prostate cancer Enlarged Prostate Prostatitis Urinary infections
  8. 8. There are several factors which may affect the PSA level count are : Age-related changes Genetic Factor Diet Lifestyle CAUSES OF INCREASE IN PSA LEVEL
  9. 9. Working style involves a lot of sitting work, which is another aspect to raise the pressure on pelvis. CAUSES OF INCREASE IN PSA LEVEL
  10. 10. Unhealthy food habit can cause constipation. Faeces become firm and lower bowel or rectum putting pressure on the prostate gland. CAUSES OF INCREASE IN PSA LEVEL
  11. 11. The load on prostate gland leads to the enlargement or inflammation of the gland. CAUSES OF INCREASE IN PSA LEVEL
  13. 13. SYMPTOMS OF INCREMENT IN PSA LEVEL The increase in PSA level, which affects men’s health widely, is indicated by factors like: Frequent urination during night. Having difficulty in urination or any type of discomfort passing the urine .
  14. 14. SYMPTOMS OF INCREMENT IN PSA LEVEL There may be pain in the anal region subsequent to ejaculation, pain in hips, legs and feet, pain in lower back.
  15. 15. SYMPTOMS OF INCREMENT IN PSA LEVEL Dribbling followed by urination Any urinary infection.
  16. 16. HEALTHY TIPS FOR DIET Men suffering from elevated PSA level should involve healthy eating habit with Moderate amount of water involved Avoid solid food stuff and use permeable diet like fresh juices. Avoid extremely seasoned foods, intense starches, and sugary stimulants.
  17. 17. MEN’S HEALTH TIPS FOR DIET Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, excess tea and coffee. Avoid spicy, salty, cheesy, greasy, fried food.
  18. 18. PROSTATE IN AYURVEDA According to Ayurveda, Enlarged prostate is known as vatastheela It is caused due to vitiation of vata dosha in the body. Bringing vata in to normal state with herbal medicines is the target to treat the condition.
  19. 19. AYURVEDA IN PROSTATE Along with ayurvedic herbal remedies, vatahara aahara (Diet) and vihara (Life Style) is must so food items which further vitiate the condition have to avoid.
  20. 20. REDUCE PSA NATURALLY Planet Ayurveda assures chemical free products Side effect free medication to the patient or the sufferer. The herbs, which are used to lower down the PSA level counts, are 100% pure and natural.
  21. 21. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK USEFUL IN THE MANAGEMENT OF Urinary tract infection Enlarge prostate Renal Stones Cystitis The Enlarged Prostate Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda works to fight the condition. The herbs used to take care of men health and make this package effective.
  22. 22. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Varunadi Vati The tablet is produced using the bark of the Crataeva Nurvala, commonly known as Varuna tree. It decreases the weight of the prostate gland that may result into control of PSA count.
  23. 23. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Varunadi Vati Varun fights against all bothering signs and symptoms of enlarged prostate and it acts as a natural painkiller too. Varunadi Vati makes a fantastic line of treatment along with other remedies of the pack.
  24. 24. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Kachnaar Guggul It is one of the most effective product by Planet Ayurveda which sort unnecessary production of tissues in human body, even in prostate enlargement. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  25. 25. REDUCE PSA NATURALLY Kachnaar Guggul Regular use of it helps in reducing size or inflammation of prostate gland and thus subsides symptoms. It makes wonderful herbal remedy for prostate problems.
  26. 26. REDUCE PSA NATURALLY Shilajit Capsule Shilajit is legendary herbo-mineral in origin , especially found in Himalayan region. It is an eminent product, which is rich in antioxidants and works as a rejuvenator, have anti-ageing benefit.
  27. 27. REDUCE PSA NATURALLY Shilajit Capsule It helps in relieving burning sensation in micturition and other urinary tract infections. Shilajit also combats mental and physical fatigue.
  28. 28. REDUCE PSA NATURALLY Shilajit Capsule It is among the brilliant remedies for any genito-urinary system related issues for men.
  29. 29. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Tribulus Power Capsule Tribulus Power Capsule are meant to regulate urine flow and fortify genito- urinary system.
  30. 30. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Tribulus Power Capsule It is a type of herbal supplement to the patient that provides help in low sperm count and feeble erection along with libido . It is an effective sex enhancement supplement.
  31. 31. ENLARGED PROSTATE CARE PACK Tribulus Power Capsule It also prevents dribbling after urination and organizes urgency urine. It regulates the PSA level
  32. 32.  Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of enlarged prostate care pack.
  33. 33. Have A Health Problem?
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