Steven Price
Address (from Oct 20th 2009):   Address (until Oct 19th 2009): - my entire...
Being a designer is a journey that can constantly         any medium, regardless. I have actively pursued    ...
Setting objectives for a six year period is somethingto local businesses, perhaps at an annual or bi-       Cen...
Central Saint Martins            MA Communication Design      Pass with Merit
Oct 1999 - Dec 2000              P...
July 2001 - to-date       Plan-B Studio is a design consultancy specialising in design and art direction and is run b...
Feb 2001 - June 2001   State Design invited me to rejoin their studio again as a full-time member. Whilst there we wo...
Here are some personal facts that a resume doesn’t usually include:

Steve Price born in Good Hope Hospital in
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Steve Price: Resume


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Includes all the usual information as well as an introduction about me, my ideas regarding objectives for the course, details of my education and work experience.

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Steve Price: Resume

  1. 1. Resume Steven Price Address (from Oct 20th 2009): Address (until Oct 19th 2009): - my entire application Fredrick Meltzers gate 11B Winter Cottage - design work Bergen 5007 4 Medina Grove - blog Norway London N7 7JZ - non-commercial work United Kingdom Nationality: British Date of Birth: 10/07/1976
  2. 2. Introduction Being a designer is a journey that can constantly any medium, regardless. I have actively pursued interesting part. My writing partner and I adhere challenge what you know and what you think you new challenges presented to me by technology and to strict rules: 1. we are not allowed to discuss what know. software platforms, but my design methodology has direction the story is going, 2. we write our section I have been a practising designer for eleven never altered from; does it communicate? Can it be and pass it on with no other information, 3. the years, there is the point: practicing. You are only made simpler? recipient then writes and sends it back, 4. we can as good as your last project, and you are quickly Design is a service industry that bridges the gap discuss what has been written, but cannot amend looking for, or starting your next. There are no between ‘it’ and ‘them’; the product and the user; it in any way (apart from grammatical edits. It is a given solutions, no formula’s that you can apply to the ‘medium’ and the ‘message’. It is an amazing great process that I created to help constantly keep each and every client or brief. This is what I love skill to have. It is a skill that is shared by many but the story fresh, and evolving. about being a designer. only really crafted by the few. I have also always loved teaching. I am loathed Of those eleven years I have worked for myself Design has been a passion of mine, and remains to call it teaching because to me that is reminiscent for eight years. It has provided me with a flexible so. I enjoy exploring other avenues including non- of school where teaching took a formal approach. life, exciting collaborations, travel around the globe commercial work ( Teaching in this context, at higher education level is and opportunities that would perhaps never have Recently I have taken up screen-printing again and not so much about preaching, but guiding, advising, transpired if my ninth grade Art teacher hadn’t was invited to exhibit my own solo show as well sharing and creating discussion. pulled me aside and told me I was good at art. as having work shown in three other exhibitions. I would love to be Professor of Interactive From that moment, aged 14, I have dedicated My print work has so far been accepted in to three Design and I believe I am the right applicant my entire adult life to being creative. I have created published books due out in 2010. because I’ve never taught a course before; usually work I am proud of, some work I’ll never admit too, Film has always been an interest of mine. I am a reason not to consider someone I imagine? made money, lost money, made mistakes, friends currently working on a music video treatment for But I have a fresh pair of eyes that is willing to and decisions that have unquestionably helped a band called Notes, as well as other aspirations I learn. I also have lots of experience of working where I am today. I have worked (and continue have for film including a screenplay for a short-film with and employing graduates along with my vast to work) with a variety of clients from different called ‘Everything is Calmer’. (and continued) experience with my professional sectors of commerce and industry. I love writing and recently decided to start practice. I am passionate about design and design I specialise in art direction and design across all blogging again. So I write a blog (www.designweak. education and am inspired about the chance to help forms off communication media because I believe com) and offline I am co-writing a novel called shape the paths of new, motivated designers. that a designers core abilities and process apply to ‘Tw0 Sides’. The process of writing this book is the
  3. 3. Objectives Setting objectives for a six year period is somethingto local businesses, perhaps at an annual or bi- Central Saint Martins. I even joked with friends that can only truly be attempted once one has the annual design conference to be held in Bergen; who run Hyper Island what we should have a ‘tug- job. However I have some ideas about how we could working in association with Business Region Bergen of-war’ competition with them across the border of approach this course: ( We could bring other speakers in Norway and Sweden; just for fun. I am good friends from other parts of Norway, and International with the people who organise Creative Reviews 1. Practical learning; through seminars and regions. We could also create a real studio whereby ‘Click’ conferences (Singapore, London, NY), workshops with myself and industry guests it is local businesses can come to seek advice, or design Global Brand Forum (Malaysia) and Designyatra crucial to understand how the industry works services by our students in return for reduced fees. (Mumbai). These are excellent conferences, some of internally and externally with agencies. Focusing on This would give the students invaluable practical which I have talked at (due to talk in Mumbai next skills regarding communication, agency hierarchies, learning and working experience. year, pending their budget). I would encourage the team building, processes and presentations school to make sure that the students are given the techniques. 4. Applied Conceptual Thinking; it is a basic opportunity to attend these talks. requirement for designers across all disciplines 2. Mentorship scheme; with my contacts in the to be able to develop concepts and communicate 6. Team building; I dislike the term, it sounds too industry I would like to introduce a scheme them; that is a given. Taking ideas from their American, but I would recommend team building whereby each student is assigned an industry brains, to the pencil, to the paper and beyond to exercises, particularly in the first week of their mentor that will be scheduled at key points communicate them can, in my experience, be the course. Students are always far too eager to ‘jump throughout the year to lend advice and support, and downfall for some graduates. The industry works at on the mac’ so I would take the students away, work placement. a rapid pace and this is something that needs to be for example, to our wharf building in Nyksund applied to some, not all, but some projects. (North Norway) for a long weekend; set them 3. Value Added Design Conference; ‘One of the practical and problem solving tasks everything from hardest things to do in this industry is sell the 5. National & International; It is critical to make building their own camp site, to preparing food idea’ said Nic Roope, co-founder of Poke, recently associations and affiliations with other schools and fishing. This helps create unity and it allows at Singapore ‘Click’ conference. It is so true. I am around both regionally and internationally. I everyone to get to know one another and learn interested in how we can constantly improve the already have a good connection with the Project one anothers practical skills and stories. It’s also a perceived value of good design to clients. I would Director Graphic Design at the newly established good opportunity to set the team challenges beyond like the students to work on presenting this subject University of Tromsø. I have good contacts with interactive design.
  4. 4. Education Central Saint Martins MA Communication Design Pass with Merit Oct 1999 - Dec 2000 Pass with Merit Sept 1996 - June 1998 BA Hons Graphic Design First class honours Nottingham Trent University Sept 1995 - June 1996 BTEC National Diploma pass with distinction Kent Institute of Art & Design Foundation in Art & Design Sept 1989 - June 1995 3 x A Level’s A/B/C Axton Chase School, Kent 10 x GCSE’s B/C/A/A/C/C/D/B/B/B
  5. 5. Work July 2001 - to-date Plan-B Studio is a design consultancy specialising in design and art direction and is run by me, Steve Art director & designer Price. I founded the company during the dot com crash in 2001; there seemed no better time to do so. Plan-B Studio I have constantly challenged myself to work across all forms of media including corporate identity, branding, stationary, brochures, books, websites, motion graphics, illustration, point of sale, CD and DVD packaging and production, to marketing, design strategy and planning. When necessary I work in collaboration with people who are equally brilliant at what they do, whether they are programmers, animators, designers, sound designers or copywriters. As the nature of the design industry has changed so to has my ability to bring not just design and creative direction to a project but consultation, marketing and strategic planning. More recently I have worked internationally on global launches for Vodafone, the entire campaigns for Diesel’s global music awards two years running, with HSBC Investments and a complete on and offline campaign/brand overhaul for Red Dot Clothing. As well as branding development for the likes of Billboard and book publishers in New York and Boston I have expanded to incorporate projects with new clients in Norway, Tokyo, and Malaysia.
  6. 6. Work Feb 2001 - June 2001 State Design invited me to rejoin their studio again as a full-time member. Whilst there we worked Senior Designer together on many projects ranging from complex flash encoded web sites, to screensavers for State Design dazed&confused and motion title sequences for Sony playstation2. June 2000 - Jan 2001 Oven Digital initially employed me to art direct the redesign of the Sky Sports web site. I was invited to Senior Designer join the company full-time as Senior Designer alongside Lead Designer Toke Nygard (Cuban Council/ Oven Digital k10k). Responsible for designing their own international branding, logo and stationary within all eleven offices across the world. Overseeing projects from concept through to final testing stage, acting as creative mediator between the client and the project management team to the design team at Oven. Oct 1999 - June 2000 Whilst working towards obtaining my MA I worked on various design briefs for clients such as a Freelance promotional CDROM for Egg the Internet bank, Mercury Records, the FT Business Magazine and many more. Mar 1999 - Oct 1999 State originally employed me as a freelance design to work on some incredibly exciting and creatively lead State Design briefs that include; the launch web site for Dreamcast-Europe (creating a flash integrated interface which included all the illustrations and animations both flash, DHTML and gif based). I was also responsible for promotional material for Laurence King Publishing, and various other forms of corporate work. Dec 1998 - Mar 1999 Green Ink mainly dealt with the record industry and the (then) expanding DVD market. I was employed Green Ink on a short-term contract to relieve the extensive over flow of work. During this time I worked on several promo’s and records alongside the marketing/project managers at EMI and Warner Music, before working on three DVD titles for Abbey Road Studios. Aug 1998 - Dec 1998 Designer, employed after exhibiting at New Designers in Islington. Working with this small outfit as my Twelve:Ten first post-university job was a great experience with a lot of responsibility; dealing with print quotes, art working books for print, designing club flyers and sleeves for DIY records as well as CDROM’s, web sites, screensavers, short promotional videos and t-shirt designs for Karen Millen, Paul Smith and Warehouse.
  7. 7. Here are some personal facts that a resume doesn’t usually include: 1976 Steve Price born in Good Hope Hospital in 1989 Price family relocate to Kent. Steve returned a few 2001 Having graduated with an MA from Saint Martins Birmingham, UK. But only just; he had his stomach times to visit friends, but had to spend most of his Steve was made redundant twice in three months. pumped twice to remove the ‘sack’ he’d swallowed/ time loosing what little ‘brummy’ accent he did have So he decided that it would be safer for him to go it eaten on his way out. Nice. in to a cockneyguezzafootballlovinallwhiteallwhite, alone and July 31st 2001 marks the official birth of so save getting beaten up. Plan-B Studio (Limited). 1981 Steve records his first memory of admiring 1991 2008 typography (I realised this later at 25, not aged 6). Mrs Everest, Steve’s [then] art teacher pulls him in Frustrated with the greed of the banking system, Using the flattened (soft) side of the HB pencil he to her cupboard and gives him what for. No, not like the politicians, the lies, the deceit, Steve decided remembers writing the word ‘off’ and sitting back that. She told him that if he tried he would actually (whilst running a workshop with students at the admiring how it looked. He then got squashed be really good at this art thing. What a saviour - Arts Academy in Bergen) to design a range of at a party by a fat kid who fractured his fibia; his Steve has much to thank her for. t-shirts. Democrazy was born. parents sent him to bed that night with a broken leg believing that he was exaggerating. 1995 2009 1981 Steve stole a double decker at school, ate it in the Kent Institute of Art and Design accept a Pearl Jam resiting, Nirvana inspired, Radiohead ‘I’m a creep’, Alive ‘I alone’ loving’ art student through March 19th Steve takes part in his first ever, non- commercial Exhibition with thirty other artists and designers in response to Affluenza (the book toilet only to be caught trying to flush it away. their doors for a foundation course in art & design. by Oliver James). Soon followed by his first solo First day, and his summer project to build a chair show at NO:ID Gallery, Editions Exhibition and 1983 collapses, literally, in front of everyone. currently, The Hub. Steve also moved to Bergen, Norway where he Steve teaches his classroom bully a lesson by stabbing a bobbing needle in his arm. 1998 Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with successfully applied for the role as Interactive Design Professor at the really brilliant Arts Academy. He did/didn’t* get the job. 1988 Senior school didn’t daunt Steve, he had a ‘kissing a First in Graphic Design (BA), Steve sets off in to the sunset/London. Well not quite. He stayed in Nottingham for six months; crashing on an attic * Highlight where applicable. girlfriend’ in the year above for lunchtime breaks. room floor with no bed, no heating, during winter. She has since found him on facebook and was the second person she added to her friends list. Not that surprising? Read the next entry...