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This issue Celebrating those things you Cannot Live Without with contributions from Jonathan Barnbrook, Hamish Makgill, Duncan Swain, Flo heiss, Laura Jordan-Bambach, Rob Coke, Hattie Collins, Josh Jones and Ben Hostler. Plus two graduate contributions from Paul Jenkins who interviews W+K's +Cruz and Sophie Peters who stalked Laura Jordan-Bambach.

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Project10 Newspaper (Sept) ’Can't Live Without’ issue

  1. 1. ___ / 100 september 2010 A poster for Jack: designed by Steve Price. Printed by Generation Press ( available to buy from
  2. 2. 10 years / 10 months / 10 projects Dear Reader, After a dry-spell can often come a f lood. It usually small insight in to the lives of Hamish Makgill, does every year in Australia’s Northern Territory at least. Same with Project10. I’ve been incredibly Laura Jordan-Bambach, Duncan Swain, Jonathan Barnbrook, Flo Heiss, Rob Coke, Hattie Collins contributors, thank-you: busy in my personal life recently and September and Josh Jones. Paul Jenkins: marks the first month where I’m clambering back I would also like to take this moment to Sophie Peters: on track. thank a new member to the Plan-B Studio team, Hamish Makgill: First call-of-duty is a big thank Paul and his Lucy Brown, who designed this issue. Lucy is Duncan Swain: team at Generation Press (www. generationpress. currently working with me for a few months, and Jonathan Barnbrook: for donating their time to producing ‘A if I can’t keep her you can check out her work at Laura J-Bambach: poster for Jack’. GFSmith also kindly supplied the Flo Heiss: f Colorplan which was incredibly kind. All proceeds Rob Coke: will be given to Jack Armstrongs parents. More Yours Sincerely, Hattie Collins: information about the poster and Jack below. Josh Jones: Back in April I put a call out to all graduates Ben Hostler: to submit there work for an appearance in this newspaper. Ok, so I gave them a challenge to interview someone they consider their design contribute/contact: hero on the subject of collaboration. Ok, so I gave Would you like to contribute to next months them this challenge around the same time as their instalment, or perhaps you want to discuss a final preparations for their degree shows. Steve Price project, or a feature in your lovely magazine? Out of the applicants that replied I chose Use any of the following: two; Paul Jenkins who interviews +Cruz (W&K) email: and Sophie Peters who interviews Laura Jordan- twitter: @planbstudio Bambach (Co-Founder of She Says and Creative phone: +44 (0)7971 207 276 - Steve Price Director at LBi). I have launched a very exciting Project10 project entitled ‘A Poster for Jack’ see below for credits: more details Art direction: Steve Price ( This issue also explores ‘Five Things You Design: Lucy Brown Can’t Live Without’. So sit back and enjoy a Editing: Claire Selby september update A Poster for Jack donate available from: As part of Project10 I designed a poster highlighting a potentially common indication of Autism. My aim; to print and sell the posters and donate the proceeds to charity. I spoke to my good friend, Paul at Generation Press, who kindly offered to donate their time and experience to producing 100 beautifully silk- screened prints on GFSmith Colorplan. All the proceeds will go to helping a six year old boy with autism called Jack Armstrong. The money will be donated to help support Jack’s parents so that Jack can attend another Intensive Sonrise course in America to ensure produced by: printed by: his development continues. 500 x 700mm, white silk-screen on 175gsm GFSmith Colorplan (Bright Red). Thanks to GFSmith for donating the paper.
  3. 3. caLLing 2010 graduates! Back in May I put out a call to the design grapevine to create a graduate issue. I have to admit that it was a late editorial decision and most responded with confessions that they were simply too busy. Doing their final. I was a bit disappointed with that response, but out of those that did reply two that made the grade were: Paul Jenkins interviewing +Cruz (W&K), and Sophie Peters interviewing the creative force that is Laura Jordan-Bambach (LBi). +cruZ I am a 2010 Graphic & Media Design graduate from the London College Communication. interVieWed by pauL jenkins Wieden+Kennedy’s global network is an obvious-to- see working collaboration, how do the offices around Laura jordan-bambach I spoke to the SheSays Co-founder, Laura Jordan- Bambach on the topic of how collaborating with Is SheSays mainly based in London? In the UK we are based in London and Brighton, interVieWed by sophie peters I’ve previously undertaken work experience in the globe work together to produce consistent others has helped with the success of SheSays. overseas we have Paris, Vienna, Toronto, Sydney, London, Berlin and Tokyo as well as currently great work? SheSays provides events and mentoring for Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and continuing to develop a recent project, NIKE78. +cruz We constantly tap into the network to properly women all over the world to help them build their Singapore starting this year! I think there are I work collaboratively on projects that excite me “cast” the best football team. You are only as good careers within the digital creative industry. even more than that, its hard to keep track. Women - across all mediums. I’m having fun doing what as the team you put together, and every member of come across the London site, and contact us about I love to do and I’m just looking forward to seeing that team needs to compliment one another. The Who started up SheSays and how did the mix of starting their own branch, so we give them the what happens next. global network feeds on each other, where we lack people contribute to its success? infrastructure and suggest they start their own and others have, we team up to create together I started it with Alessandra Lariu. We were both in wherever they are in the world. Introduce yourself as a greater whole and were fortunate enough to charge of hiring people at our different companies, +cruz I’m +cruz, a creative director at W+K London have a diverse talent pool worldwide to tap into, and we weren't seeing any female cvs, so we decided How do you manage to juggle your time between / Tokyo. giving insight into different cultures and varied to do something about it. That's where SheSays a successful career and SheSays? experiences - the sum of all parts. came from. It started off as just a discussion, I have amazing people helping me and no one Collaboration and more specifically the sign As a young designer graduating this year, what then it became popular and was continued every gets paid so it's hugely appreciated. It's basically to mark it ‘X’ originated in Tokyo, how far would your advice be for collaborating at this stage month. And then group mentoring began and kept going from the feeling of doing something do you feel the term ‘collaboration’ has grown since in my career? it all grew pretty organically. Anyone can come that people really appreciate. Whenever you are then? +cruzThis is for you to answer, Paul. and contribute, its free. It's really invigorating to a bit down and you don't want to do it, you get +cruzCollaboration has obviously existed before. paul I agree that forced collaborations between watch it going so well. We have thank you letters something like a letter or you hear a great story. The japanese merely “branded” this through brands and creatives just to be ‘cool’ isn’t the from women saying we have really helped them in Also just going to the events themselves can be a mark “X” and the term “collabo”, which has future. Instead, it is up to us younger creatives to their career and that's really nice. really inspiring . put a name to it and helped spark even more sculpt the future and create unique collaborations We give advice to a lot of women trying to further Portfolio examples by Sophie Peters global collabos. whilst on paper shouldn’t work, but actually they their careers, from people just starting out to Left: A project based around the produce f luid and diverse output. A great example women with more established positions. topic of psycogeography. This visual shows city signage, wayfinding and of this, is the potential of London’s upcoming a map without any street names. What are the best and worst examples Olympic games, allowing multi-disciplined (and How did you and Alessandra work together to build This was to encourage people to of collaboration you’ve seen so f ar? not just creative) people to collaborate all aiming SheSays? explore the city more focusing on the +cruzThe Barnstormers certainly have taken the for one goal. We are both really energetic people, and we both architecture and emotional impact the city has on its habitants. idea of collaboration to the highest level, motivated each other to keep going and give each organising global collabos on ephemeral art Finally, where do you see ‘collaboration’ moving other different ideas. Without two energetic and making. We’ve worked together on a collabo for towards in the future, will we eventually see seamless dedicated people I don't think SheSays would Nike Presto in Asia Pacific. That project to me ‘collaboration’ between mediums like digital and have been possible. We are both from a similar was a perfect condition of creative collab between print, or will it still remain up to individuals to background doing the same kind of role at different creatives and brands. The premise being to inspire continue forging previously un-thought-of work and agencies. We both bonded as we were women in a creative self-expression across Asia which is relationships? similar position in the industry with a passion for a hard thing to do in a region where self-expression +cruzI think were already seeing the collision what we do was in its infancy. Sure it had a shoe backing it, but between mediums, its no longer a talking point, but Left: A D&AD brief to design a it was the purest form of creative expression, the a reality. Ive never really subscribed to borders, What do you think is one of the most successful bridge connecting two buildings means to the end - inspiring creativity through advertising, design, digital, motion, emotion things that has happened through SheSays? at the V&A museum. First Prize creativity. and illustration did not exist mutually exclusive Although it's the quietest bit of what we do, the Yellow Pencil winner 2008. Where collabs don’t work is when conditions of each other, so I always made sure that those mentoring scheme has been really helpful to a lot are contrived, such as when brands collaborate walls never built up for me personally in my own of people . We have about 20 - 30 mentors in the Above: Portfolio of Paul Jenkins with other brands or creatives to simply link process. I think companies are catching up to that UK and a rolling amount of mentorees; some just to the others “cool factor” as opposed to having methodology now, ad agencies hiring digital and need a bit of help with a portfolio, some needing a genuine and authentic goal. vice versa. a bit more.
  4. 4. can’t LiVe Without rob coke Partner/creative director Studio Output hattie coLLins Editor RWD Magazine josh jones Writer at large A SENSE OF BEING PART OF SOCIETY NOT JUST AN INDIVIDUAL A DESIRE TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FamiLy oLympus dictaphone Having recently become a parent for the first In the olden days, journalists used to do weird Here’s five things. Five things that if I didn’t have time, I’ve discovered that not only are all the things like, um, write stuff down. Fools. That’s I’d feel lost or empty or not quite like everything’s things people told me true, I soon started spouting not to say dratted ‘modern technology’ hasn’t let there. I’d put my wife, but she falls in the bracket them myself when the event came. I’ve become a me down. It has. Particularly that time when I of air and water and food now so that’s pointless. walking cliché for fatherhood, not least because I interview that Mariah Carey and nothing recorded. Plus it’s fucking grossly cheesy. So I’m going to go know I’ve got an instant antidote to the pressure Was fine though, just stole stuff off the internets. with these things. A SENSE OF WIDER LOVE FOR HUMANITY of work – as soon as I get home after a difficult day JOKE! (Kind of). to hear my lad laughing or see him and his Mum conVerse aLL star high tops covered in food. macbook These are pretty much the only shoes I ever wear, I’m a Mac geek. Wottovvit? I really, really want in a variety of colours. These are a kinda plasticy/ Food a Macbook Pro. It would literally improve my life vinyl material, me and the security guard in the Speaking of food: OK, we all love it – especially beyond all imagination. Getting a new Mac is a shoe shop thought these looked the best. He was now T V is forcing variations of Masterchef at us feeling best described as ‘euphoric.’ I’m trying pretty happy someone had talked to him. I hate all virtually non-stop. I was brought up as an ‘eat to justify a i-Pad but haven’t quite managed that the other ones I’ve tried. I was so disappointed when TO STOP YOU LOOKING AT THE SMALL to live’ person, and I can find joy in anything yet. And for Gods sake, can’t T-Mobile hurry the I found out Nike had bought Converse. It’s not like from a 3 Michelin star joint to a dirty burger *cuss* up and get the iPhone 4 in? Christ. I think of them as rock n roll shoes like they want if the time is right. In fact it’s always amused you to. I like them because they’re comfier than people in the studio to hear me say, “mmm, I love music any other shoe I’ve worn and I think that when they PETTY THINGS THAT IRRITATE YOU food” about even the most mundane sandwich. But For work, yes, but for life also. I’ve met a couple get tatty the look fucking amazing. The trouble is I do get very hungry. You wouldn’t like me when of people in my life who insist they “don’t like you only get one day of them looking as amazing I’m hungry. music. It does nothing for me.” Like a Daily as possible before they start to stink way too much Mail reader, I couldn’t be friends with them. and you have to throw them away and buy a new ABOUT PEOPLE FootbaLL Ever. Freaks. I will never understand a person pair and start the decomposition again. I think most people have got a sport, or pastime that doesn’t love putting on a song and singing that all time stops for. On footy days I’ll wake along very, very loudly, or booing your eyes my hat up in the morning with a feeling that no matter out. How can you not have music in your life? This is my hat, MY hat. If anyone else wears this what’s going to unfold, it’s alright because I’ll It’s just weird. model of hat, it looks shit. I hate not wearing a finish the day with a game of 5-a-side. I didn’t hat. It spoils my night if some bouncer comes up realise how much I needed it until I got a bad knee FamiLy & Friends with their stupid ‘house rules’ line and makes me injury and couldn’t play for about 18 months. I’ve Yeah, corny but tis true. I mean, what would be take it off. I just go home if they do. I really will. A GENEROUS HEART TO YOUR FELLOW never really thought of myself as sporty (and the point of doing ANYTHING if you didn’t have Fuck them. I’ve worn a hat since I was four and I’m a crap player) but I found it very difficult people to bore about it with? None, that’s the this one I’ve had for about four years. I only ever to unwind without a couple of games. answer. Even when my nephew calls me up to really wear Goorin Bros. hats. They make the best count to ‘36’ down the phone, loudly, on my 36th and I love the way they’re over 100 years old but DESIGNERS AND THEIR WORK FootWear birthday (talk about rubbing it in), I still love him have the best time ever - check their site and blog: I have a weakness for white pumps. Converse have a bit. Even when my stupid friends encourage If they made a hat never really done it for me as I’m between their me to have ‘one more tequila’ shortly before called the JoshJoshJones I’d dance my fucking sizes, which mean I either go down a size and I throw up on their feet, I still quite like them. ankles off. cripple myself or go up one. I’m always looking for the next perfect pair, and when I find some I really a mouth a sharpie like I usually buy a couple in case they’re going to I mean, life in general without a mouth would be You shouldn’t go anywhere without a Sharpie. disappear. The trouble is, being white, they look tough, I concur, but for a journalist it would be a real If you do, you’re an idiot. A SENSE OF HUMOUR pretty grotty within a few weeks. I’ve tried to get pain in the bum. Interviews by the international around it by buying other colours – even black language of mime? Plus, I quite like talking. A lot. a bLack t-shirt With some kind oF motiF – but they always make me feel like I’m wearing And kissing. A bit. Because that’s what I like best to wear. Probably not school shoes, so I return to my old friends, the very original, but sweat marks look gross. Always ESPECIALLY TO LAUGH AT THE BIGGEST white pumps. a motif, but never a t-shirt with a ridiculous and never funny slogan on. They are shit and please phone stop buying them for me for Christmas. I just I like to have a camera with me wherever I am. throw them away when you go. MOST RIDICULOUS JOKE AROUND, Until recently, half-decent cameras have always been a bit too bulky to be really pocket-sized my mac. – even when they’re ‘compact’ – and camera It pains me to say it, but as a writer/editor, without phones have never been good enough to rely this I’d be well and truly fucked. on. So like most people I get caught in a kind WHICH IS YOURSELF of ‘quality limbo’. I once took a photo during a boozy breakfast – beer, wine and brandy before midday – in a little workers’ café on a stag do in Valencia. I was locked out of the apartment from the night before, so all I had was my iPhone. The shot is terrible really, taken into the light and full of noise – but it captured one of the more unusual moments of the weekend, so I’m grateful jonathan barnbrook to have it.
  5. 5. FLo heiss Creative Partner, Dare. Flo Heiss was born in deepest Bavaria and grew up in a place called Murnau. Yes that’s right, a place where people actually wear Lederhosen. Flo is the Creative Partner at multi award winning agency Dare in London. Dare was voted Campaign’s agency of the year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and named Digital Agency of the Decade in 2009. Flo has chaired and sat on numerous international juries including D&AD and The One Show. He studied graphic design in Germany, Italy and at the Royal College of Art in London. He has an unhealthy obsession with animated gifs and giant squids. Follow him @f loheiss At a rough guess, you sleep for 1/3 of to be me, for now. Who better to listen We were all suddenly on a large my will. Fed fruit that was thrown After 6 months I was taken shopping opened straight on to this green. your life. As a creative professional I find that my sleep provides me to than my own subconscious? ship in a dock, trying to find a way out - we shouldn’t be there. Did we down the side of the crater.By the with the mother (still with my mouth I climbed to the top of the hill and Laura jordan-bambach time I was released, not only was I sealed). I was devastated. Eventually noticed a reddy-orangy discoloration Creative Director, LBi with the richest stimulus and often juLy 23, 2010 stow away? We jumped out a window broken, but I had come to understand I stopped trying to escape. Casper was - an anus in the grass about the size the “eureka” moments that elude me The anxiety of hiding away and the and onto the concourse, ran around the goodness in the person that a stranger and Dan had long since of a teacup. I was inspecting it more at my desk. I’d be nothing without comfort of tracking a corner. It was sunny and hot and trapped me and they had effectively given in. They unsewed our mouths closely when it moved slightly - then those moments drifting in and In China - was Chinese (thank there were begonias and grevillias converted me to their way of life. and I realised that although we were the whole oval moved... the small out of sleep, and the landscape of goodness). I was breaking into everywhere. Out of the blue, aliens! now given a modicum of freedom anus was only a baby and the mum my dreams. the billionaire’s f lat. Julian Sands Like War of the Worlds! The aliens juLy 7, 2010 and could escape more easily, that was in fact the whole grass area! In 1983, I was inspired by the was there making out to a lady on sent all the children and women off Shut your mouth I didn’t really want to anymore, I was -There was no-one else on the grass, Cocteau Twins, and a school teacher the couch. Pretended I was the – and were going to kill all the men I was in a coach travelling at night, just happy to have some freedom. but the mum was obviously mad that who was entertained by the vivid billionaire’s Chinese plaything. Left and boys by zapping the boat. with Dan and Casper, plus a whole I even wore the required dress and I had disturbed its baby and started nature of my night-time exploits, to the room, but went back in to find Dan was hidden in the bushes lot of other people I know. It felt acted in the required way. to chase me, undulating under start keeping a dream diary. Over the safe. Julian and lady had a towel but wouldn’t shut up - he couldn’t like a school trip. We were travelling It was calm and peaceful, my feet. the years I’ve developed a strong over their heads but pulled it off as I see the aliens and didn’t realise through a dangerous area, so everyone though my loss was great and still I ran south, across to the dream language and geography, with was tampering with the safe and I was what trouble he was in... I was trying was on guard. felt. It felt like my previous life had nearest hole in the houses that I streets, stores and emotions that are caught. Had to jump out of a window. to keep him hidden but he was being The bus suddenly lurched been a dream. I shed a tear and got could slip through. The grassy knoll as recognizable to me as the places Luckily I was wearing black. really annoying – not listening forwards and down into a river, on with it. was almost on top of me now. I know well in waking hours. Ran away with my partner and generally giving himself away. folding like a concertina. Only the I even have my favourite (Chinese Dan) and Chinese Casper. I was trying to make Casper look tree of us and one other, an oriental may 16, 2010 For more subconcious ramblings visit Chinese restaurant that I sometimes Was in a steep, narrow, dirt side- like a girl, for safety. We were girl in a f lowing red dress, escaped. Secret seedlings Laura’s online diary: visit as a dream all on its own – their street and making tea, trying to leaving, and everyone’s suitcases We couldn’t look back in case we got I realised that I could grow corn yum cha is certainly a distraction blend in, when our old neighbour had GPS tracking as standard. I felt captured. plants from popping corn. No-one from even the most focused came by and said something about a great comfort. The girl ran off towards the else knew about it. I planted a whole storyline, if I happen to run past and the baby being a different religion fields, we ran to a house and knocked packet, which had been collecting they’re serving. - this set off the authorities - we juLy 19, 2010 on the door, hoping to take shelter. dust in my cupboard. The kernels As dreams are partly a current couldn’t get her to understand that Sweet sorrow... I thought “its silly to run that far” and germinated - how cool! I re-planted ref lection of the problems that she was giving us away! We had I was chained to thumbscrews at the made a decision to try the house. them in the garden by the side fence, I’m trying to solve within myself, to run! bottom of a sandy crater, by some- A strange and religious family smiling to myself that no-one knew I though that I’d share my last five I was tracking GPS penises on one who put me there because of opened the door. They had two my secret. dreams (that are fit for print) – the Google Earth. It was a new app I was something mean I did at High School. children. We thought that we were five ephemera that are enabling me working on. I was very proud of it. I was kept there and trapped against safe but they grabbed us and sewed may 7, 2010 aWake / dream our lips together - not Casper’s The grassy knoll though, as he was a small child. I was on an oval on a hill, behind We became prisoners in the house my family home. It was a dark brick - Dan submitting to it, Casper f lat with white sills and accents becoming ever distant and a regular in concrete, on the ground f loor, member of their family and me trying on a busy road. I think it was in Bondi desperately to escape. They kept on Junction, just around the corner forcing their religious beliefs on us - of the freeway, heading towards indoctrinating us. Every escape was Bondi Beach; at the top of the thwarted. Every time I was punished. pedestrian bit. It was so hard - I couldn’t even The houses here curved leave the house. I was heartbroken. around, and everyone’s back door
  6. 6. hamish makgiLL StudioMakgill is an independent design studio, founded by Hamish Makgill in 2007. Working with commercial clients and cultural organisations, our focus is on the creation of brand identities and visual communication for a broad, yet discerning clientele. Our philosophy is simple; to create succinct, innovative, tailor-made design solutions that enable our clients to meet their needs and ambitions. Motivated by a passion for design, a wish to stand apart; we embrace new approaches and production methods, whilst ensuring that our work is always relevant and to the point. duncan sWain Editorial & creative director,, BBC Worldwide FiVe things i cannot LiVe Without coFFee FiVe things i cannot LiVe Without jeans To be clear, in reality I could live without all of One before work or there is no chance for Buffalo’s my dog. He’s an Alaskan Malamute, I’ve become slightly obsessed with jeans in the these five things. I couldn’t, however, live without StudioMakgill. a beautiful animal; faithful, honest, loving and, last year or so. Not just any jeans, specifically my children or my wife, but I don’t want to bang now, an intrinsic part of the family. Buffalo rocks. Levis 1947 501xx, made from Cone Mills 12oz. red on about that. These are five things that I would 1989 Letraset cataLogue He gets me out and about with the three hours selvage denim, no less. It’s an expensive habit, but be totally lost without… This book has been pretty much on my desk since of walking he gets every day, come rain or shine, I wear them every day, so why not get ones that are I bought it in 1989. Apart from our computers, which is a good thing – it’s not a complaint. going to last – right? And they age beautifully. notepad and pen this is the single item that has contributed the One thing you learn quickly about Malamutes Every time I leave my house I have a pen and most to the StudioMakgill portfolio. is that they’re strong as fuck. Bred to pull heavy scars notepad. This is no surprise as I’m a designer sledges across the frozen tundra, he once explains I have a lot of scars – some worse than others – and every designer I have ever met has these running dislocated, broke and pulled all the tendons off the mostly from surgeries or accidents of one sort or two items in their bag. But I’m very particular I’m no fitness freak. In fact working out in gyms bone of my right ring finger’s middle joint when another. I’ve had varying amounts of stitches and about the qualities of both these items. Biros is right up there with washing up. But I do like he ran off while his lead was wrapped around said staples more than 20 times and parts of me look are a no no (so messy) and the paper must be a run. Out of the door, down the road and onto finger. That hurt. A lot. like a patchwork quilt from Dr Frankenstein’s ruled or gridded – plain paper makes me panic. the Sussex Downs. Just me, my watch and notepad laboratory. But they all add character, so I’m told. and pen. FiLms Watch I used to watch a lot of films. I’ve been going to good Food I never feel more naked than when I don’t have the cinema every Sunday with the same group Everyone always tells me I eat ridiculously my watch on. It was recommended that when of friends for 27 year. Now we’re all older, busier healthily, which is true most of the time. I don’t I’m on holiday that I don’t wear a watch – it will and burdened with chores, children and walking eat sugar, I stay away from starchy stuff, I eat a help me unwind and relax. It was horrible. I’m the dog so we’re going less than we should. metric ton of veg every day, nuts, some organic not obsessed with time, I just like to know when Consequently, my daily journey from South meat. But, by God, it’s boring. lunch is. East London to Shepherds Bush has become a surrogate cinema and I consume all my films on this battered old portable video player. It has that well-used, lived-in, Millenium Falcon look to it that old gadgets get sometimes, and I like that.
  7. 7. Words: henry daVid thoreau typography: ben hostLer