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Rather than send out press releases to promote his endeavour, I had the bright idea of using the Newspaper Club to create a limited-edition mailout to 100 industry people. The content, appropriately, is contributed for free by friends; peers, designers, artists, illustrators and other creatives, all under the theme of collaboration.

For April's 'Ladies' issue I asked some leading ladies to contribute, and boy did they. From Singapore based creative director Fanny Khoo, to a joint 'twitter-interview' from Camilla Grey with Panja Gobel, an interview with Alexa Meade, and other pieces from Nicky Gibson, Katie Marcus, Taragh Basset and Nicola Rowsell and even design Week's very own Emily Pacey. Illustrations by Emma Jane Barrett nicely sealed off this issue with a piece on the cover by Nick Schmitz (admitedly not a lady, but a damn fine gent for contributing his poignant 'You, Me, Awesome' piece. You can read more about it here: or download the pdf issue here.

The next issue (May) will look at design in Politics - rather timely I feel.

June's issue will be dedicated to the New (designer/graduate) Blood. I would like to promote ten new graduates and celebrate the best of the design industries newbies. Applicants will not just be selected on their work. Oh no. In order to get yourself and your work in to the paper you must (off your own back) source, organise and interview your design industry hero for the paper SPECIFICALLY about the notion of collaboration in today's industry.

Successful applicants will supply up to 500 words of interview, images to support the interview and/or examples of their own work. Deadline for the above is Friday 21st May 2010.

For more information contact Steve:

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Project10 Newspaper April (Ladies) issue

  1. 1. April 2010 ‘You+Me’ by Nick Schmitz ( or available online to buy at
  2. 2. 10 yeArs / 10 projects / 10 projects Dear Reader, contributors, thAnk-you: With the exception of Nick Schmitz (cover design) this pieces from the likes of Fanny Khoo discussing (with me) the issue is wholly dedicated to the ones who apparently come merits (or not) of doing a PhD in Design. We have a twitter from Venus. Although having watched Professor Brian Cox’s interview from Camilla Grey (Moving Brands) with Panja Alexa Meade: ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ I am left with little doubt that Gobel (Panjapop). There is insider information from Claire Nicky Gibson: we probably all come from Earth. Selby on the new and improved Ravensbourne. Katie Marcus: I chose to do an all-female issue because I believe that You have an insight into two brilliant designers from Fanny Khoo: there are a distinct lack of female voices at the sharp end of Poke; Nicky Gibson who talks about ten critical things she Claire Selby: the design industry. I might be wrong, maybe they are just wished she’d known at University. And Katie Marcus on Taragh Basset & Nicola Rowsell: more subtle, but it certainly feels like a male orientated being a ‘hobbywhore’. Nick Schmitz: world. You only need to watch ‘Madmen’ to realise that it’s There is a special feature interview from Design Week’s Camilla Grey: always been this way. very own Emily Pacey with the brilliant Jody Elphick, a.k.a. Panja Gobel: In a recent interview I cited that the biggest creative ‘Guardian Girl’, on how she’s decided to adapt her life using Emma Jane Barrett: influence on my career has been surrounding myself with the Guardian’s Weekend supplements as her ‘bible’. Emily Pacey: people that are more intelligent than me. I also explained Taragh Bissett and Nicola Rowsell are the RadioGirls that I owe my career to Mrs Everest, my art teacher when and tell us all about how they’ve gone from design and I was aged 15. So toegther with my mother (and father), illustration to broaden their skills to presenting and producing contribute/contAct: Would you like to contribute to next months instalment, girlfriend and friends, women have had a great influence on their very own radio show. or perhaps you want to discuss a project, or a feature my own professional life. Lea Simpson goes boldly insearch of the plural for in your lovely magazine? Use any of the following: I have been fortunate enough to know, and be great Genius. Finally a wonderful, if not brief, interview with a email: friends with a great many (brilliant) designers, creative rising star of the art scene, Alexa Meade. twitter: @planbstudio directors, strategists, planners, producers, illustrators, etc. Overall a busy edition to Project10’s newspaper phone: +44 (0)7971 207 276 - Steve Price Some of whom have, thankfully, been female who’ve been celebrating collaboration, but a satisfying selection of good enough to offer their time, resources, energy and skills brilliant people doing brilliant work brilliantly. And that’s to making this issue. alot of <capital ‘B’>Brilliant. credits: So make a cuppa, or sneak off to the toilet and enjoy Design&Art direction: Steve Price ( Editing: Claire Selby April updAte The ones I can’t talk about There are three Project10 projects that I cannot talk about for fear that their very revelation would cause your eyes to burn from their sockets, your ears to melt, and your tongue fall out. That, and the other people involved would be well upset. The *** Club Nyksund Ti (ten): Near and Far Festival This project involves a Badger, a monster muncher, myself As part of our continuing support and collaboration with our White and a few other key people as well as a panel of carefully Wharf (Hvitbryggen) building on the remote island of Nyksund in selected judges. the North Norwegian Arctic I’ve designed a new web site for this years Things are ticking along nicely including a very music/art/culture festival called ‘Near and Far’ (‘Fjorn og Naer’). comprehensive collaboration with an entire architectural With an impressive line-up and a pre-sale of over half the tickets sold school and RIBA. Like I said, if the talk becomes the walk, it already, this years festival is going to be mighty. The new site is not yet will be like our very own moonwalk. live but you can follow the developments on the Facebook group: Meeting Spaces A collaboration with the intelligent, and inspirational mind There are a host of other projects that I am in discussions with that of Matthew Knight, who has an existing project that myself, I cannot yet talk about, but needless to say they will be right here. Lea Simpson and Jakob Nyland are all working on together. May’s Project10 Newspaper is going to be the Graduate Issue. Ten Memories, George Webster by Steve Price graduates selected to interview their desired agency/designer. The theme Garrwick Webster invited me to create a piece for a beautiful is still collaboration, but will promote the new graduates and there work. book called ‘Memories’. The 300mm x 400mm canvas is here, top middle and a video showing the whole process of To apply: produced by: printed by: me making the canvas can be seen on Vimeo at:
  3. 3. rAve Left, The new Ravensbourne logo words + photogrAphy: designed by Jonson kAtie MArcus Banks. Bottom, The new school design by Foreign Office Architects. on words: clAire selby I am not a designer, a creative or an illustrator. But I am a nervous, me or them. It was fascinating to see the change every level. It’s going to be experimental and things probably serial collaborator. in confidence from these students and they really did us won’t work on the first day but I’m really intrigued to see You might not have heard of Ravensbourne. But oh proud. The project worked because the students listened to how it will change things and how students from different boy, you won’t be able to move for us soon. Glinting in the the brief, developed their ideas then accepted feedback from disciplines will start working together – mirroring what’s spring sunshine on Greenwich Peninsula, just next to the the client. Not much different to a professional really.... already going on in industry. O2, lies our new home and a host of new opportunities. The one I’m really excited about is a project with Have you ever wanted to use a 3D printer ? Now Get ready. BusTops, the brainchild of Alfie Dennen and part of London’s you can in our prototyping labs. Need a studio hire at short Our students are the next generation of graphic Cultural Olympiad to give bus tops around London a new notice? Come to us. designers, animators, broadcasters, fashion designers, lease of life. We’ve put the call out for students to work on We’ve already identified the need for learners to product designers and architects. Collaboration with them early stage prototyping alongside Panasonic Innovation engage differently - our new home will be open at least 18 is getting the freshest ideas from your next target audience. and the team to define what the screens will look like. hours a day with the model of part college part hub part And before you think – oh god, no, PLEASE They chose Ravensbourne because they were struck by the lab. Students, adult learners, business and industry will all anything but STUDENTS, read on. collaborative nature of our disciplines and students. Nice work together alongside our incubation businesses and Marks and Spencer recently set our product eh? The important thing is that we’ve developed a great postgraduates. The most interesting stuff will happen in the design students a brief to redesign their food packaging relationship already – something that lies at the heart of any places you least expect – on the stairs, over a coffee and in - culminating in a winner being chosen and spending the collaboration. the spaces between. next six months on a paid placement at M&S and their eco- The new building we move to in September offers The possibilities for collaboration with Ravensbourne consultancy Giraffe Innovation. They got to present their a massive opportunity for us to redefine how we learn and are endless. What do you want to do? concepts at the Head Office in front of the category heads teach. There are no fixed departments, everything is open - real heart-in-the-mouth stuff. I don’t know who was more plan and from each floor you can see what’s going on at By day, I’m a designer at Poke. I work with layouts, grids Club’s members variously create sock monsters, horror and web standards. I agonise over whether to use Avenir shows in their Essex home and Arduino tweet-boxes, all for or Avant Garde, and spend hours primping and polishing the joy of making something real. Asked why we do it, I’m photography. But at 6.30 I snap out of design mode and, sure we’d all answer the same - it’s a different, unique kind every Tuesday, cross the road to the Albion cafe and sit with of satisfaction actually making something tangible - actual, my knitting group for a chat, tea and scone and a chance to at touchable, interact-able - rather than a site that only exists on last make something tangible - something real - again. And a lonely server somewhere. if it isn’t Tuesday, you’ll catch me dashing home to finish an My crafty hobbies and design sensibilities frequently embroidery project, or update my blog about the amazing overlap and influence each other. Last year I was invited to photographer whose work I found on Flickr earlier, or cook design a page for the Travelling Moleskine project and decided some Japanese food. Yes, I do a lot outside work hours that to combine my twin loves of typography and embroidery has nothing to do with my day job. I’m a hobbywhore, in to make a paper-stitched page in a Herb Lubalin-inspired plain terms. script. I chart out fair-isle knitting patterns in Photoshop My interests in the Internet and in crafting sprung up and design my own vector embroidery patterns. Likewise, fairly simultaneously, but web design won out, as a career at an appreciation for craft brings a tactile nature to my design least. The sewing machine stayed at home when I went to work. I like to use a lot of real-world textures and a certain university. But crafty influence has crept back into my life level of ‘imperfection’ in my designs which stems from my since graduating and starting to work. I took up knitting love of the handmade. But, like knitting and so many other towards the end of Uni as a distraction from dissertation- crafts, the rules of grids and standards have to remain in writing, and up until last year I ran an Etsy shop selling place, or the whole thing unravels before your eyes. prints and greeting cards of my illustrations. More recently I’m not alone in realising the joy in a multi-disciplinary I’ve taken weekend and evening craft classes at The Make approach. A trip through my Twitter contacts or RSS reader Top, One of Katies knitted patterns. Lounge, a fantastic space where you can learn a new skill in a shows a healthy dose of crafters, illustrators and fashionistas Bottom, Katies paper-stitched page relaxed class of like-minded people. I started blogging a year ulitising the Internet to further their hobbies or careers. in a Herb Lubalin-inspired script for the Travelling Moleskin project. or two ago and my little site - where I ramble about anything As well as satisfying my interest in these areas, I think this that takes my fancy - has gained a small but loyal following. extended network and obsessive bookmarking makes me a Quite a step from my day job, building rich sites for clients better designer. I have a huge pool of inspiration to draw on, including Honda, EA Games and Virgin F1 Racing (despite and not just from within the traditional design boundaries. my girly pretensions, I always seem to get put on the most If someone needs an illustrator for a work project, I can masculine clients!). provide a huge list of options, plucked from my Tumblr and Luckily Poke are a good enabler for siphoning my Delicious accounts. I can relate to clients easier, from fashion many hobbies into my job. They even have a contingency to Formula 1. I could take inspiration for a new project from of like-minded people called Stuff Club who create things just as easily from the knitting community Ravelry as from like our V&A Village Fete stall - a Wild West Quick Draw Creative Review. It’s the next best thing to being a full-time Saloon, for which I produced graphics and posters. Stuff hobbywhore, I suppose.
  4. 4. Left, One of Nicky’s 10 things i wish monster characters called ‘Jack Monster’. i’d known At uni To kickstart Fanny’s contribution to my blog ( we had and formulate a written opinion. Rather than a lengthy dissertation what about f a n n y k h o o D e b a t e S t h e p o in t o f a discussion about PhD’s or rather a debate about over-contextualising and five, two-thousand word reviews/commentaries on the chosen topics that interest D o in g a p e e a it c h D e e in D e S ig n philosophising design. I was asked recently if I would consider doing a PhD by them; these could be reviews of books, web sites, technology. These would be a very well known school. I declined because I cannot understand the point in set between tutor and student. Each essay would also need to be presented to an doing such a thing. I got to talking to Fanny about this and in response to my audience – maybe their fellow students, maybe industry heads… Create a student otherwise ragged tale her wise words of wisdom dropped like a clean paper cut; design summit whereby the best ones get to present their ideas and findings to the ‘The best PhD in design is by working’! people that might want to employ them. FannyKhoo: Steve and I got to chatting on Facebook and occasionally we The design education has to evolve and right now it doesn’t appear to be. run into interesting topics. One day, Steve mentioned that he was offered to do Examples of schools who are breaking this mould are few and far between. For a PhD in Design. I was frankly, quite taken aback because this was the first I’ve example, Ravensbourne have developed B2B programmes, CPD and support for heard of something like that. Sure, they were degree courses in Graphic Design start ups. A way for businesses to make use of the facilities and expertise. Which but wasn’t PhD something of a doctorate nature. Quick Google reveals ‘in many is a great idea. 1 working lAte does not get you A pAy rise 4 don’t tAke on too Much work words+picture: nicky gibson English-speaking countries, the PhD is the highest degree one can earn and applies Interestingly… Asked which school they prefer to see/employ graduates from Asking for a pay rise gets you a pay rise) That’s the road to pain. It’s better to do what you’re doing well, than try and do everything. Monster-Munch.coM to graduates in a wide array of disciplines in the sciences and humanities. The recently and most Creative Director’s I spoke too came back with Huddersfield Contrary to popular belief, working late does not get you a pay rise. It mostly just wears Calm and happy is the best mode to be creative in. PhD or equivalent has become a requirement for a career as a university professor or Hyper Island! you out and stops you being as sharp as you could have been the next day. It may get you or researcher in most fields.’ FK: I totally agree with you that design education in general is lacking an occasional pat on the back. But some people view constant working late not as a sign of dedication, but of a failure in time management, or overconfidence in your own abilities. 5 don’t beAt yourself up In other words, isn’t doing a PhD ‘theorizing’ the subject at hand and in what I call ‘reality bites’. In Belgium, for instance art schools greatly disparage If you want to do good work don’t compare yourself to other designers and beat yourself up. often requires submissions of theses as part of the advanced courses relevant the use of computers or any talk of design business. It’s like what you said – far They may even assume you’re a bad communicator, that you don’t ask for help, or you’re What they are doing doesn’t matter. If you have a clear head to focus and enjoy what you’re to his or her area of specialization? If getting a PhD is mostly theory, is it even too commercial! How dare we tar the integrity of ‘creativity’? These so-called someone who can’t share their thoughts with people. On the other hand - if you do want to doing, your work will turn out it’s own brand of awesome. relevant or necessary especially when Design is something to be honed (obviously educators believe in ‘out of the box and non-commercial’ crafting which basically work late and you produce something amazing, then that’s valuable additional learning time after grasping the basics!) through practical lessons? Aren’t we meant as design translates ‘do what you want now because you’re in art school’. This mentality has practitioners or fellow professionals to build up our ‘on-the-ground’ experience produced tons of students upon graduation who find themselves strapped without for you. But just don’t kill yourself ! Don’t kill yourself with perfectionism. 6 weAr other peoples shoes (soMetiMes) Dr Strange DeSign Being able to put yourself in other peoples shoes will always help you win. Even if you are and count our every last chip before being awarded our eventual merits? essential must-have design skills, such as creating a decent layout and at least some “Fail fast, fail better.” (someone smart said that once ). The wider you go with your initial ideas asked to design Trainspotters Weekly magazine... Everyone has a passion. You have to really This is baffling to us because we feel the general design education is not even typographical knowledge. Talent bounty hunters like myself are hard-pressed for the more likely you are to find the target in the long run. Swift iteration and experimentation get stuck in and dirty to understand what the roots of their passion are. You have to look out optimised for honing the skills that we find so lacking in today’s young designers. potential talent to walk through our doors, well in this case, through my in-box… will get you further quicker on a project. You can’t afford to treat any idea as your perfectly at the world from inside their heads. Granted that they are more savvy with the computer and have a keen aesthetic eye, Even more rare, if you should find gems, quickly snap up the ones who are actually crafted baby, as chances are it’ll get given up for adoption at some point during the process. If you can do that you can design things they’ll truly love and appreciate. but good designers or rather communicators who have been around the block will equipped to communicate a basic idea! Keep going. The more ideas the better. Empty your head onto the paper. Taking content and dressing it up in a nice outfit just doesn’t cut the mustard. know what I mean when I say experience is key to getting a real education. In Singapore, however students more savvy with their Macs but SP: Completely, without banging on about education been the root of all unfortunately sorely lacking in design thinking. It’s also largely due to the 2 never be AfrAid to Ask for help 7 cArefully choose A personAl creAtive hobby evil I will just say that… It reminds me of a workshop I ran once which focused incongruous educational system whereby one cannot be expected to think beyond People love helping other people. If you ask them for help they’ll feel special ;) And you’ll get on the presentation and communication skills required to be a designer; from what’s taught. Making things for yourself, that have no point or purpose other than to expand your the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes and their experience. presenting work, to communication with clients. Only afterward were there More often than not, connecting the dots in design thinking is that missing imagination will help keep you fresh. It’s liberating to be free of the scrutiny of evaluation There’s something to learn from almost everyone you meet. ( Even if that turns out to be, comments from the faculty that the project was too ‘commercial’. Which I found creative link that stumbles the ones who subscribe quickly to a style that can carry against a brief. And helps your brain become quicker and snappier at thinking broadly. I find what not to do. Everyone has had an experience you can learn from. You just haven’t had the confusing; without the commercial sector there is no graphic design. We work for them through and glaze over their inadequacies. It’s such a common fallacy that having a tight starting point, with the aim to take it in a new direction everytime helps. right conversation with them yet. Sometimes the most unlikely person has a perfect nugget a service industry. Period. most people make the mistake of assuming design is just an adaptation of a style. I It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s lighthearted and non-self critical. I make stuffed of information or inspiration that will help you think differently about the ideas you’re A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is too much, so too is an MA in many find that unforgivably stupid that we are not educated better to correct the view, characters out of socks. On the surface this sounds retarded. But it’s a brilliant example of an mulling over. respects, and I have one. I’m sorry, you do not need to philosophise design. I’d even amongst our fellow designers! We cannot fault the layman and general public exercise to open you up and challenge your imagination. This is good medicine. Talking over your ideas with others helps you come at them from a new angle and can rather they scrap these expensive, unnecessary programmes and invest in the to know better unless we get it right in our system. quickly spot where you can make improvements. Which means of course... Always share education faculties that exist and help develop programmes that will inevitably In all things that we do, experience is the key to getting it right. Or at your learning with others. If you share, people will share with you. I think it was Paul Arden 8 leArn froM every project no MAtter how dull aid the more resourceful, realistic, practical side to design; thus making the course least more right. Education, in theory (literally) can only do so much, without who said “To be Interesting - Be Interested” Sometimes the seemingly shittest projects teach you the most. more valuable. That is not to say that this would be the only focus; conceptual the practical every day usage of that knowledge, it’s only as limited as the next Blogging is one of the best things you can do. It’s a great discipline - it makes you hunt, And if nothing else it’ll teach you how to stage a good comedy rant in the pub. thinking and development is crucial. But they could scrap the 10,000 word barrier. gather, examine, ponder, criticise, understand, articulate, and link together ideas. All this can All clients will be less than perfect in some aspect or another. Recycle this as an opportunity dissertation that no-one upon graduated ever reads or enquires about. I am all for a design education that can accelerate experience, but first let’s only help you. In the longer term you’ll meet interesting people, and create opportunities for to bond with your team mates ;) A sense of humour will get you through! I am not suggesting that the contextual part of a BA should be scrapped, get the programme right. collaboration projects. but refined. It is there to prove they can read, write, produce a sentence, paragraph It will help you demonstrate your thought processes. Potential employers will easily be able to see inside your head and grasp the way you think, and imagine how you might fit within 9 sleep is generAlly underrAted words: fAnny khoo / steve price A goods nights sleep makes you happy. A happy designer is an effective one; a simple, but their team. Helping people understand your potential beyond the skills and tools evident in very easily forgotten gem. your portfolio is 90% of getting a job. 3 curiosity is one of the best trAits you could hAve 10 the eAsy/hArd wAy Some of these I learned the easy way. Some of these I learned the hard way. In general - asking yourself ‘Why?’ is almost always more fruitful than asking ‘How?’. But I’ve found there’s no better way to learn than from your own experiences. Fanny Khoo is Creative director at Equus Design Consultants in Singapore with husband Tom Merckx. I came across their work somehow, some way (as one does these days) online. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicky Gibson for many years, since We got chatting and frequently discuss design issues, with Poke was first formed from the ashes of Deepend/Oven. She’s a truly Fanny recently contributing to my blog with the entry above. talented individual in design, craft and all things creative it seems. We plan to collaborate together on some project work in the I’ve been lucky enough to involve her on one of the most exciting very near future regarding Project10. projects for Project10. A collaboration of many talents for the benefit, we hope of the masses. Watch. This. Space.
  5. 5. guArdiAn Angel words: eMily pAcey of design week pictures: jody elphick / guArdiAngirl.wordpress.coM GENIUS My life is strewn with abandoned artistic ‘If The Measure said nude colours were collaborations, nary a one having made it to in, I would buy nude, whether I liked it or not’. completion. And yet I’ve finished quite a few She cooked all the recipes, dressed as she was told, of my own projects. I don’t know why, but the rearranged her furniture on a weekly basis and women I know are all highly independent in their documented it all. creative pursuits, while our men folk regularly and Not being loaded with cash, Jody often has successfully collaborate together on music and to improvise: ‘I once went out with red lip gloss on I can’t find a word that PLURAL writing projects and five-aside football teams. my eyelids because I don’t possess red eye shadow.’ ‘This might sound like sexist bullshit, but For Guardian Girl, Weekend’s mango, describes brilliant work I think women have a different attitude towards avocado and steak salad becomes ‘mangled ownership than men, and when we approach a avocado and steak salad’. Fig, wine and honey cake by a group of people. collaboration we need to know how it is going to is ‘fug, whine and hurry cake’. reflect on us,’ says Jody Elphick, sub-editor by day, Jody says, ‘When I am feeling good, hanging blogger by night. bizarre outfits on myself and copying the poses Jody is doing the nearest thing to and seeing what an idiot I look like compared to collaboration of any woman I know. But rather the model is endlessly funny and stops me taking What is the plural of genius? than working with a person, Jody has chosen as her life too seriously. It’s definitely a good lesson in not collaborator The Guardian’s Saturday supplement being too self-conscious’. Weekend. Through her character Guardian Girl, Jody’s attentions are now expanding to words: leA siMpson We seem to have some sort of love affair with the lone genius. Intellectual Jody hilariously reproduces the recipes, fashion other, perhaps weightier, subjects, and her next geniusplurAl.coM / leAsiMpson.wordpress.coM heroes, who lock themselves away in darkened rooms to unpick the shoots and interiors ideas on a shoestring budget. project is altogether more collaborative than workings of the world or create objects of beauty. Truth is though, I But why? Guardian Girl. can’t seem to find a single case in which this perceived lonesome act of ‘When you go out to the pub in Dalston on She hopes to inspire people to join her in brilliance is accurate. a Saturday lunchtime, there are all these couples an experiment to live as closely in line with Tory, Einstein had a whole gang of thinkers around him. In addition sitting around, virtually all of them reading The Labour, Lib Dem and Green Party dogma as to long time collaborators Leopold Infield, Peter Bergman and Guardian,’ says Jody. ‘Everyone is quietly soaking possible, dedicating one week to each party until Nathan Rosen, he also had some one-shot collaborations with various up what Weekend is telling them to think and do… the election. The party that gives her the best week scientists. That magazine has a tyrannical tone to it.’ wins her vote. Darwin’s relationship with Alfred Russel Wallace, though often Instead of letting Weekend insidiously I encourage all you swing voting women to seen as competitive, is collaborative in the purest sense: something is inform her taste and opinions, last year Jody chose get on and collaborate with Jody on this project. shared, it is improved upon and then shared again. In Darwin’s case, his to follow the magazine’s lifestyle dictates with It’ll be mad fun. I would, but knowing me I’d friend’s work, inspired his Theory of Natural Selection. religious devotion. She let go of control over most probably give up half way through Tory week, just As a society, we clearly struggle to see the team as heroic. Even parts of her everyday life. as the wind changed. when faced quite unarguably with a team, we still revere a single hero. Don’t think so? Ask Buzz Aldrin what he thinks. Jody, a.k.a. Guardian Girl, following the Guardian’s Weekend supplements advice. Hell, we even feel put out if a chef ’s presence is in the name Not only reading the fashion/interiors/food/ above the door, but not in the kitchen. music advice, but physically acting them out. We just seem to really, really like attaching one, single name to brilliant work. In fact, I can’t find a word that describes brilliant work by a group of people. What is the plural of genius? (Geniuses just doesn’t cut it, because it doesn’t describe the act of being brilliant together.) So, in the spirit of collaboration, I’d like us to work together to coin that phrase. Visit, and toss your suggestion into the virtual hat. You know the theory, snowy places have more words for snow. I wonder what places with more words for collective genius end up having more of ? I’ve never actually met Lea. She’s a good friend of Matthew Knight, whom I have met. I plan to change this, more than likely before this paper is printed. Lea is one of those people who seems to actively and wantonly get her fingers in lots of pies; in a good way. One of three founding partners in working together along with Jakob Nyland on a project with Mr Knight. She’s clearly a gluten for punishment, but brilliant with it.
  6. 6. rAdio gA!gA! girls Women! Know your (140 character) limits! a collaborative Twitter challenge as part of the women's only edition of Project10. Camillastore Hi @panjapop know the rules? ready for the girl-on-girl Camillastore And how is that animal ambition shaping the future? tweet-off? #unPandC panjapop I like the little knock on reactions..who would have thought that one day we only think in chunks of 140 characters? panjapop Sure am @Camillastore !!! Will this be harder than scrabble? A chance for a good chat - that’s probably the main reason Nikki (Nicola Rowsell) discuss our attitudes to life, and don’t always agree, and that’s a good thing. I’ve words + pictures: tArAgh bAssitt / nicolA rowsell Is this tweetle? #unPandC Camillastore I’ve gone beyond that - the other day I lost a pair of and I enjoy collaborating to make our radio show. Working with Nikki hasn’t certainly learnt some new ideas talking to Nikki during the show. The whole thing earrings and tried to Google them! surprised me but choosing a radio show as our project has. You see we are both feels very genuine, it’s really us being us. We’re typically quite playful with subjects Camillastore @panjapop Tweetle? Twabble? What is this modern-day drAwdeAdthings,coM obsession with merging words? #unPandC panjapop haha nice! This should be easy now with shape (earring) artists with a passion for visual work. Nikki and I met over 20 years ago on a such as taxidermy, monogamy, the art market, creativity and Ladies Luxuries (our recognition software... or just tag them in future graphic design degree course. I currently work in graphic and web design and spot on unnecessary or ridiculous products targeted at women). panjapop Is it sloppy or just another layer of intellectuality? @ Nikki illustrates. One regular Radiogirls feature is We encourage Camillastore Is it cultural dumbing down or intellectual AR? #unPandC Camillastore last day tomorrow! Better be on your game! I have only recently started calling myself an artist. Over the last four years listeners to draw dead things while listening to the show and share the drawings I have taken on less paid work and started many of my own projects These include with us on Flickr. The idea came from Nikki; she collects bones and roadkill Camillastore It’s just linguistic gymnastics! panjapop Are you provoking my competitive streak? I generally avoid temptation unless of course I can’t resist it. making electronic music, learning to sing, a 100-day video project and some animals to draw, but dead can also mean a leaf or an apple. In contrast I draw live panjapop Oh sorry, versteh nix... I only speak 3 languages, German, acting. I keep a blog at on things that I do or experience that things; I post my life drawings on our website. English and Body Camillastore when it comes to design temptation, what’s the one might inspire others. My latest inspiration is life drawing. We’ve enjoyed many guests including local singer, songwriter Nick Heyward thing you can’t resist? The Radiogirls show came about quite by chance last summer. I am a big who shares his very charming views on living life to the full. He’s contributed a Camillastore nice! So, how does your dual nationality translate into live music fan and Nikki’s local radio station MarlowFM was looking for someone jingle too. Designer Jonathan Barnbrook has agreed to be on an upcoming show. your design work? Camillastore Any time you’ve got nothing to do and lots of time to do to interview a local band. It just so happened I had seen, enjoyed and met the band Mark Stevenson, the optimist on tour, is a regular and favourite guest. it send me a tweet panjapop I like the word “duality” in the context of design. Making all (Temposhark) the week before in London. The interview went well the station We chat to him about his meetings with inspirational people in technology and the ingredients talk together...that’s how you get substance panjapop haha, nice one! When it comes to design temptation I like asked us to return and then to do a regular weekly show. science; people that are going to change our lives for the better. He is big into shaking up the sea of sameness. I believe our collaboration is essentially what makes the show a success. collaboration. Camillastore I love to watch things influence each other - how a There was one show I made on my own; Nikki was away. It was a much bigger In a way the show, and Nikki have saved me a little. I live and work alone, feeling, colour, shape, word trickles thru design and forms a trend. Camillastore You’re so out there @panjapop, I prefer to cultivate challenge and it felt totally different; it didn’t flow as well. and it’s challenging; I often feel I get too wrapped up in my own ideas and crave anonymous anarchy in a renegade fashion from behind my screen. Camillastore At the @thefuturelab they said Think Tanks are out, One of our major motivators is the fact that we get total freedom on the company. Collaborating on the show has been a tonic, a regular commitment Do Tanks are in. Are you a thinker or a do-er, and do women ‘do’ it Camillastore Or... keep a blog and someday it’ll keep you! show content. We have similar tastes in music and play mostly electronic and both share, listen and laugh. better? acoustic bands old and very new. However most of the show is talk. We often panjapop so, from chained to the kitchen sink to chained to your panjapop I’m both. Women tend to be Do Tanks but should start blog? being their own Think Tanks more Camillastore doing the washing up? There’s an app for that! Camillastore Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give Feminism 3.0 in action. a woman a ring. Until then, we tend to just get on with it (and look hot!) panjapop yes, its called a dish washer! talking about apps though, we’ll all get apps-titis 3.0 if we are not careful panjapop that’s a little old fashioned by my standards - a dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up Camillastore haha I used to be Snow White but I drifted (and got appstitis 3.0!) Camillastore I’ve been things and seen places - but never met anyone like @panjapop. I challenge you to do a potted bio in 140c panjapop gee! You wanna be careful with that. I see you spreading the including #unPandC love. You’ve been in more laps than a napkin! panjapop Part animal with professional ambition? Look, I’m no model Camillastore Great chatting w/ you! Have a good weekend and lady. A model’s just an imitation of the real thing! #unPandC remember - look your best , who said love is blind? tweets: @cAMillAstore / @pAnjApop illustrAtion: eMMA bArrett / eMMAbArrAtt.coM Digital strategist, Camilla Grey, and designer, Panja Göbel, set themselves the challenge to discuss women in design and technology within a 140 character field on Twitter. Under the hashtag #unPandC, they ranted at each other for 3 days. To spice things up a bit they added the extra challenge to include five quotes each from their feisty heroine, Mae West, in their tweeted dialogue. They decided that they had so much fun that they might just carry on. To follow the thread or enter their banter check out #unPandC on Twitter.
  7. 7. interview with: AlexA MeAde Alexa Meade is a 23-year-old artist based in the Washington, DC area. She spent Could you tell us about you and your work? AlexAMeAde.coM four summers interning on Capitol Hill and in 2008 was a press staffer on the I’m a 23-year-old, self-taught painter-photographer who comes from the Obama Campaign. After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Political DC political scene. I have innovated a special technique for painting in three Science in May 2009, Alexa decided to pursue her passion for art. Her political dimensional space that when photographed makes the scene look like a 2D plane. v past has taught her that what one experiences cannot always be interpreted at face It’s almost like trompe l’oeil, but in reverse. value; seeing is not necessarily believing. The reverse trompe l’oeil series is Alexa Meade’s spin on reality. Alexa has What inspires you to paint and how do you keep motivated when things get tough invented a painting technique that makes 3 dimensional space look flat, blurring in the studio? the lines between illusion and reality. I set aside time each week for “playtime” in the studio. I meander through little Typically a painting is an artist’s interpretation of the subject painted onto experiments to keep my brain limber and get the creative juices flowing. One of another surface. In Alexa’s paintings, she creates her artistic interpretation of the my staples of playtime is to squeeze out entire tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste. My subject directly on top of the subject itself. Essentially, her art imitates life - on studio is offensively minty. top of life. By wrapping her subject in a mask of paint, she skews the way that the core As an artist you presumably like to be paid for your work, but I’m guessing that of the subject is perceived. your work comes with ‘Model not included’? How do you sell your work? I sell limited edition prints and commissioned portraits.