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Nmbl Overview For Web

Nmbl Overview For Web







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    Nmbl Overview For Web Nmbl Overview For Web Presentation Transcript

    • Keeping people in their homes while delivering double-digit returns
    • Contact Information
      • NMBL Ventures was launched to leverage opportunistic conditions in the US mortgage market.
      • The organization is focused on acquiring, servicing and exiting real estate notes on behalf of investor clients in an effort to generate double-digit returns on loan portfolios.
      • NMBL acquires notes at discounted prices from a variety of sources seeking to reduce exposure or liquidate an entire portfolio.
      • At the heart of NMBL’s model is the preservation of homeownership. This strategy of keeping the homeowner in the home yields the highest profit for the investor.
      • While the organization is committed to do everything it can to maintain homeownership. NMBL will employ additional exit strategies such as short sale, deed-in-lieu, and foreclosure when necessary.
      • The organization is led by an experienced team of former bank executives, complemented by real estate portfolio and asset managers with extensive expertise in acquiring, servicing and liquidating real estate notes. NMBL’s team includes national realtors, brokers, appraisers, property preservation experts, and field counselors.
    • Contact Information The model is straightforward: purchase the notes at deeply discounted prices, diligently work with the homeowners to get them paying again, resell the newly performing notes for a profit, and employ additional exit strategies as the situation necessitates.
    • How does the program work?
    • Contact Information Example: Modification Property Address: Lithonia, Georgia 30038 Property Value: $ 140,500 Original Loan Balance: $ 185,850 Modified Loan Balance: $ 142,000 Current Payment: $ 909.91 Note purchase price: $ 79,000   Exit Strategy: Modification/Refinance Homeowner was making timely payments. We dropped the payoff to $126,380. Homeowner refinanced. Investor Profit: $ 28,590 Investor Return: 36% Days: 35
    • Contact Information Investor Profit: $ 25,736 Investor Return: 53% Days: 124 Example: Short Sale Property Address: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508 Property Value: $ 125,000 Original Loan Balance: $ 85,000 Modified Loan Balance: $ 90,000 Current Payment: $ 835.41 Note purchase price: $ 49,000   Exit Strategy: Short Sale Home was vacant. We skip traced homeowner gave her $1,000 cash for keys. We painted and carpeted the property, and sold the home for $105,000.
    • Example 4 (Home Value $300,000) Investor Profit: $ 24,950 Investor Return: 32% Days: 27 Example: Refinance Property Address: Memphis, Indiana 47143 Property Value: $ 139,900 Original Loan Balance: $ 157,500 Modified Loan Balance: $ 148,900 Current Payment: $ 1,211.04 Note purchase price: $ 77,000   Exit Strategy: Refinance We reduced the loan payoff to $115,000 and the parents sent wire to escrow.
    • Contact Information Property Address: Woodhaven, New York 11421 Property Value: $ 450,000 Original Loan Balance: $ 320,000 Modified Loan Balance: N/A Current Payment: $ 2,173 Note purchase price: $ 212,000   Exit Strategy: Sold the Note We attempted to get this homeowner a refinance. Homeowner was slow paying the mortgage and was not motivated to sell or refinance. Foreclosure time is very long in New York. After several contacts with the homeowner along with no ability to resolve we decided to sell the note. A local investor purchased the note for $262,000. Example: Sold Note Investor Profit: $ 42,129 Investor Return: 20% Days: 128
    • Contributing Conditions The last few years have created ideal conditions for the acquisition and sale of real estate notes.
      • Non-performing loans have reached historic highs
        • “ The combined percentage of loans in foreclosure or at least one payment past due was 14.41 percent on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, the highest ever recorded in the MBA delinquency survey.” -Mortgage Bankers Association
        • 4.5 million residential property loans are in non-performing status
      • Financial institutions are unable to work with homeowners, because accommodating one means accommodating all.
      • Financial institutions need to discount these notes and sell them discretely, but few companies are afforded the opportunity to bid on a portfolio.
      • Established relationships enable NMBL to purchase discount mortgage notes on a case-by-case basis currently ranging from 42% to 59% of the value of the property.
      • NMBL has opportunities to bid on larger bulk sales in the 30% range of the value of the property.
      Contributing Conditions
        • Problems are anticipated to continue to escalate through 2013 in sub-prime, Alt-A and prime loans. More than $1.0 trillion mortgages are expected to be in default.
        • The highest of ARMs are just beginning to reset.
        • Mortgages in 2005-2007 period represent the lowest underwriting quality.
        • The sub-prime market alone is $1.2 trillion with a 20%+ delinquency rate.
        • Credit and liquidity issues for borrowers and lenders are contributing to an investment opportunity cycle that will last several years.
      Contributing Conditions
      • NMBL is positioned to take advantage of these market conditions
      • Deep relationships with 450+ asset managers, financial institutions and the FDIC
        • Ability to “cherry pick” the best value assets on a daily basis, whether one note or a portfolio of notes
        • Exclusive access to discounted notes at wholesale prices prior to them being released to other buyer networks
      • Experienced organization in the note buying business
        • Principals have a strong track record of success, examples of which are included
        • Automated pricing models combined with an individual analysis of each asset
        • Due diligence is specific to the valuation process and involves a visual inspection of the asset
      • Ability to liquidate the asset expediently with a very proactive hands-on approach with the homeowner
        • Win-win results designed to create the best value to improve the investor return and to suit the homeowner situation
          • Principal reduction, short sale, refinance, credit repair, deficiency forgiveness, home placement, foreclosure
      Contributing Conditions
    • Business Overview How does the program work?
      • NMBL Notes
      • Immediate value
        • Substantial equity at purchase
      • Security
        • The investor partners with NMBL as a co-owner on the note assignment
        • Investment capital is deposited in a trust account through which note purchases are executed
        • NMBL purchases directly from the financial institutions
      • Return/Yield
        • Every note purchased has a potential of double-digit returns on a monthly basis, as well as an equity return upon liquidation
      • Liquidity
        • Notes can be exited immediately
      Contributing Conditions
    • General Business Overview Objective Purchase discounted real estate assets and notes paying only 42-59% of current market value Following a tight due diligence process, obtain larger loan pools from the high 20% of current market value Give investors a 10% return annually Give investors a 50% share of the liquidated profits Investors are paid before NMBL Ventures Investment Overview
    • General Business Overview Procure notes with a forecasted double-digit return Service the note until the asset is liquidated Make immediate and proactive decisions 1. Offer to reduce principal to the value of the property to short sale property 2. Reduce the monthly mortgage payment to ensure timely payments 12 month of timely payments agree to refinance FHA refinance at $.96 Owner has nothing out of pocket 3. Once note is at performing status (less than 12 months), sell note to note broker 4. Implement quick exit strategies Cash for keys/deed in lieu/short sale Strategy Investment Overview
    • Benefits a Advantages of Notes vs. Real Estate Real Estate Dealing with renters Maintenance Hassles Property Management Co. Vacancy impacts profitability Legal process of evictions Equity only when prices are rising Notes Make more money Exit strategies: more options Less competition at purchase Gain equity as home value increases Hassle free investing Purchased for 50% market value Easier to Liquidate Turnkey NMBL team
    • Benefits a Advantages of Notes vs. Real Estate Real Estate Dealing with renters Maintenance Hassles Property Management Co. Vacancy impacts profitability Legal process of evictions Equity only when prices are rising Notes Make more money Exit strategies: more options Less competition at purchase Gain equity as home value increases Hassle free investing Purchased for 50% market value Easier to Liquidate Turnkey NMBL team
      • NMBL investors realize double-digit returns.
      • Provide borrowers with every opportunity to keep their homes or exit an overbearing debt and begin a new life.
      • This is socially-conscious investing.
      Asset Management The Goal Win-Win
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: Who is NMBL Ventures ? A: We are a group of private investors, portfolio managers, asset managers and professional debt collectors. NMBL Ventures business model is to purchase and service non-performing, re performing and modified mortgage notes. Our focus is to add or create value to these discounted notes. Once we have brought the note to a profitable performance level, we then determine the highest profitability exit strategy to liquidate the note and return investors principal along with investor’s percentage of profits designated in their co-investor contract with us. Q: Why would I invest in HYBRID Notes with NMBL Ventures ? A: Until now, note buyers would need to acquire their own notes, perform their own due diligence, value the asset, perform collections, loan modifications, have ongoing contact with the homeowner, mortgage servicing and liquidate the note on their own. This takes a knowledgeable and multi faceted investor. NMBL Ventures handles all the work and pays you a percentage of the monthly mortgage payments and a percentage of the profits once the note has been liquidated. NMBL Ventures has created the HYBRID note to provide the investor interest collected and profits from the liquidation of the note.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: How do I invest with NMBL Ventures ? A: Fill out a short investment application with your investment goals and a copy of proof of funds. Upon approval, we will meet to set up the transactional paperwork with us and with the third party bank and escrow company. Q. What are the NMBL Ventures exit strategies? A. NMBL Ventures employs many flexible exit strategies: refinance, cash for keys/deed in lieu, short sale, foreclosure, note sale. Q, From whom does NMBL obtain the notes? A majority of the mortgage notes are obtained from Banks, Hedge Funds and private institutions. NMBL Ventures has established strong relationships with these entities over the years. Q. Why do the Banks and Hedge Funds sell notes at a discount? A. Banks and hedge funds are set up to fund loans and service them. When an owner slow pays, skips payments or stops paying their mortgage, the banks have two choices in their opinion, sell the note or foreclose on the property. They have never been properly equipped to come up with custom solutions for the homeowner. This is not their core business structure. If they believe foreclosing on the homeowner will be time consuming and costly, they will sell the note at a steep discount and use the proceeds to reinvest in a performing note.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: What type property notes does NMBL Ventures acquire? A: Currently we only acquire single-family homes and condominiums on a case-by-case basis. Q: Why does NMBL Ventures only acquire single-family homes and condominiums? A: These are the easiest properties for the current homeowners to refinance. We want to only acquire assets that have the highest value and largest pool of consumers available to us if we desire to liquidate the asset for profit. Q: What are the risks involved? A: Mortgage Note purchasing is like any other investment and there is risk. With Mortgage Note purchasing your money is collateralized by the 1st position Mortgage Note. A 1st position Mortgage Note is susceptible to the real estate market. We typically purchase notes that are 42% to 59% of the current market value. Q: What does NMBL Ventures do to offset the risks of note investing? A: We purchase notes at approximately 42% to 59% of current market value. We also utilize our credit repair team as well as our asset managers to keep the homeowner paying their mortgage. We work to improve the value of the note and liquidate it as soon as possible. We have found that our HYBRID Mortgage Note business model produces the greatest rewards to our investors with the lowest risk possible.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: How much return on my investment can I expect? A: While we are unable to guarantee returns, our typical returns on HYBRID notes are estimated at approximately 15% to 60% per year. The percentage quoted is the monthly interest plus the profits collected after the note has been liquidated. Q: How long before I start receiving monthly yield payments on my investment? A: The next month. We pay your monthly yield payment within 10 days of collecting the monthly mortgage payment. Q: Is my monthly yield payment guaranteed? A: We pay your monthly yield payment within 10 days of collecting the monthly mortgage payment. In the case; the homeowner does not pay for 3 consecutive months the monthly yield payments will cease and the foreclosure process will begin. You will continue to accrue your monthly yield and it will be paid at the time the property is liquidated. Q: If the homeowner does not pay and the foreclosure strategy needs to be executed, who pays the foreclosure costs and liquidation fees? A: NMBL Ventures will pay all foreclosure and liquidation fees upfront. The cost to foreclose will be subtracted from profits.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: Can I designate were/who monthly yield payments are sent? A: Yes, we will distribute your payments however you like. If you chose a service that involves costs like a wire transfer, the cost will be subtracted for the disbursement amount. Q: Do I get to see the property I am investing in? A: We do own the note; however the mortgagee has full rights to the home. We will provide pictures of the home on the “Note Summary”. Q: What is a Note Summary? A: When a bank or seller brings us a note to purchase, we do the preliminary due diligence and create a note summary that describes to the investor: type of property, current market value, address of property along with pictures of the property. Q: How often do notes become available for me to invest in? A: Daily Q: How do I know that I own the note? A: Once the bank has accepted our bid, we either wire funds to the bank directly or to a designated escrow company. Within 2 weeks we receive the collateral package from the bank. The assignment of note is recorded in your name and ours. The agreements that are signed ensure that the Investor’s money is handled by the third party bank and escrow company.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: What does the term, collateral package mean? A: The Collateral package includes: The note, mortgage servicing notes, credit history, 1003application, recent broker price opinion and the original property appraisal. Q: Can I sell my HYBRID note back to NMBL Ventures ? A: We always have investors that want to buy notes. We will need you to provide us in writing that you want your note liquidated. We usually can have your note sold within 30days. Q: Can I buy a Note from NMBL Ventures ? A: We have made exceptions and have sold notes on a broker level to other note brokers. We don’t typically sell notes and it is on a case-by-case basis. If you want to just purchase notes and mange them yourself, there are plenty of note brokers and we will be more than happy to help you locate a reputable broker. Note brokering doesn’t fit our business model, goals of our investing strategy or the type of investments we are currently working with.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: Once NMBL Ventures has the note paid off through refinance, sale or Foreclosure, when will I receive my profit share check? A: Immediately. Your profit share check and principle investment will be paid directly to you from the escrow company. Q: How often do you liquidate notes? A: Depending on the credit history and employment of the homeowner, we have liquidated notes in as little as 2 months, and as far out as 36 months. Clearly, our business model is to liquidate the notes as quickly as possible. Q: How can I track my investment? A: Our servicing software allows our investors access to look at their investment, pay history and print reports 24/7.
    • Benefits a FAQ Q: How much does NMBL Ventures charge for servicing the note? A: Unlike note brokers we don’t have any hidden servicing costs. We are investing with you. All servicing, workout plans and maintenance are included when you invest in HYBRID notes with us. Q: How does NMBL Ventures locate these notes? A: Our portfolio managers have been working with Banks and Hedge funds for over 12 years. Unlike Note brokers, we don’t go out looking for notes. We have deep relationships with 250+ asset managers. The notes are brought to us daily. We receive the ability to bid on these notes from banks and hedge funds because our track record of executing and performing as promised. Q: How do you value the note? A: We value a note based on: Loan to Value, the state the note is located in, homeowner’s willingness to pay, the ability to improve the note, type of property, condition of property and the return on investment monthly to our investor.
    • Benefits a FAQ
      • Q: How do you add or create value to a note?
      • A: The ability to “cherry pick” the notes with the greatest value provides immediate equity. Following note acquisition the team creates value in the following ways:
        • · High touch debtor contact
        • · Default resolutions and workouts
        • · Highly experienced servicing and collection staff
      • Innovative loan modification solutions that include but are not limited to:
        • · Discount the Unpaid balance
        • · Discount the arrearages
        • · Credit repair
        • · Discount the current interest rate
        • · Discount the current mortgage payment
        • · Cash for keys
        • · Deed in lieu
        • · Short sale
        • · Foreclosure
    • Benefits Executive Team
    • Benefits a Executive Team Kelly Grey, Co-Founder and Managing Director Kelly has 14 years of specialized investment experience in distressed securities and portfolio management as a risk investment strategist. He spent 5 years as a private consultant for publicly traded, private capital groups and mortgage servicing companies with an emphasis in distressed mortgage security acquisition and liquidation. He has facilitated and constructed from the ground up, the business platform and strategies that have procured the purchase and sale of 647 million dollars of Performing and Non-Performing mortgage notes and mortgage loans. Kelly’s career in banking started in 1995 as a sales manager of newly opened First Allegiance Financial, a mortgage provider of non-equity loans. His team of loan officers grew from 5 agents to 60 agents within 8 months with monthly loan originations in excess of 220 million per month. First Allegiance Financial along with their servicing company was acquired by City Holding Company in 1997. He then joined Southern Fidelity Financial a newly incorporated mortgage company in 1998. As the Director of sales and marketing, he grew the company to 245 employees and 10 offices throughout California with loan origination of 500 million and generated origination fees in excess of 6 million per month, within 48 months. In 2004 Kelly launched his private investment and consulting company to acquire distressed assets and facilitate the servicing, liquidation and management of nonperforming assets. He has been able to purchase and place over 286 notes with investors who have collected lucrative returns on investment, as well as saved homeowners from foreclosure. Kelly utilizes a disciplined bottom-up investment approach to identify attractively priced mortgage assets with above average growth prospects.
    • Benefits a Executive Team Anita Ward   Anita Ward, Managing Director Anita is a seasoned Fortune 100 corporate executive whose 20-year career has been dedicated to business transformation and information technology in the financial services sector. Unlike most C-level executives, her unique approach to building companies and leading change is rooted in the methods of social and behavioral science. Not simply a theorist, Ms. Ward has served as a C-level executive with experience leading Marketing & Sales, Information Technology, and Human Resources. In financial services, she led IT organizations as well as the business transformation efforts, and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, including the establishment of du novo banks. At Chase Manhattan Bank she was selected by the Bank’s Texas Chairman to design and lead an enterprise change initiative that resulted in 36% increases in revenue, 30% decreases in expenses, new product development, selling and/or discontinuing non-profitable business lines, and significant improvements in employee satisfaction . This initiative encompassed all of mortgage origination and operations, investment banking, trust, retail, commercial, real estate, lending, operations, technology and capital markets. In 1999 she was part of a team that raised $100M to build a professional services company, In 18 months the company grew to 800+ people and $350M in revenue.   Her experience spans many industries, including financial services, insurance, gaming, manufacturing, distribution, retail, oil & gas, and consulting. Ms. Ward’s approach and results have appeared in Forbes, CIO, Computerworld, Fast Company, Information Week, and Beyond Computing . Jon Katzenbach documented her efforts in his best-selling book, Real Change Leaders. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, the methods of which she applies to building, improving and selling/exiting businesses.
    • Benefits a Executive Team Leo Flangas, Co-Founder and Managing Director Leo is the lead partner of The Flangas Law Firm, which has been established in the Las Vegas are for more than 50 years. He has extensive civil litigation experience including complex mortgage litigation, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Leo is a seasoned litigator and requested legal expert with appearances on CNN. His extensive experience includes buying and selling commercial and residential properties in the foreclosure market. Leo is the co-founder of Loan Solutions, which in less than 9 months has built the company from 3 founders to more more than 60 employees. Has and is handling and negotiating 1,000+ mortgage notes and debt negotiations He has an established investor network and an unparalleled reputation. Marco Rizzo, Managing Director Marco is an established and successful entrepreneur with roots in the financial services sector. He is the owner/founder of the Per Bacco Winery, and Café Roma Restaurant in San Luis Obispo.   He currently serves as a Director and Audit Committee Chair for the First Bank of San Luis Obispo, and is a Regional Board Member for Pacific Bancorp. Marco holds a B.A. Economics, Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo 1988, and an M.B.A. Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo 1994   Adam Guttmann, Counsel   Mr. Guttmann practices corporate and securities law as Of Counsel with The Crone Law Group. Most recently he was Senior Counsel with Amgen, Inc., following Amgen's acquisition of Abgenix. Before that he was General Counsel of iMall, Inc. and later Chief Counsel of Excite@Home's E-Business group following Excite's acquisition of iMall. Mr. Guttmann also was in-house counsel for First Data Corp., the nation’s largest credit card processing company. At First Data, he led the legal team assisting business development and alliance relations for the merchant services division. Following graduation from law school in 1988, Mr. Guttmann spent 8 years at Fulbright & Jaworski in the Corporate Group. He has represented public and private clients numerous industries, including biotech, internet services, computer processing, oil & gas and banking. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, with a major in finance, and his law degree With Honors from the University of Texas School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in California and Texas.  
    • Contact Information The information contained in this presentation has been provided on behalf of NMBL Ventures. Certain market and third party information has been provided by sources believed to be reliable and such information has not been independently verified by NMBL Ventures or its agents. Each potential investor should conduct its own due diligence investigation in connection with a prospective investment. No securities are being offered through this Presentation. Any NMBL securities will be offered only pursuant to a Confidential Offering Memorandum or similar document and subject to the terms and conditions of definitive documentation, each of which should be read in their entirety. Prospective investors should retain their own professional advisors to review and evaluate the economic, tax and other consequences of investing in NMBL Ventures and are not to construe the contents of this Presentation or any other information that may be furnished by NMBL Ventures as legal, financial or other advice.