Leveraging New Age Economy


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Leveraging New Age Economy

  1. 1. Leveraging New Age Economy Opportunities for Company Secretaries Pavan Kumar Vijay, Managing Director
  2. 2. Recalling my last visit…
  3. 3. I came Calcutta to discussSegment wise role of a Company Secretary
  4. 4. But In thisNew Age Economy Is it all about???
  5. 5. “In this fast changing world… opportunities are unlimited …, and future belongs to those …who grasp these opportunities before they become a necessity.”
  6. 6. New AgeEconomy
  7. 7. New Age Economy Globalization Common LawSingle window Interface e- GovernanceSimplified Law
  8. 8. Globalization What is Globalization Interaction IntegrationPeople Business Companies Laws Thus, it is a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology
  9. 9. Impact of Globalization In WTO regime, Globalization will lead to Commonality of Law
  10. 10. And Common Law will lead toGlobal Competition
  11. 11. Globalized Scenario Corporate Governance Common Regulatory Framework Global Outsourcing of services Global work culture Quality of Competition
  12. 12. Globalization Challenges Quality of Service Time Commitment International Operational Infrastructure High degree of competition among professionals Adherence to International standards
  13. 13. e- Governance What is e-governance? Use of Information TechnologyFor Simplification Uniformity & For increasing Service Delivery of Laws Transparency Efficiency
  14. 14. Impact of e- GovernanceSimplified Laws IT Driven Services
  15. 15. Simplified IT Driven Shift of Laws Services Focus Strategical Planning Procedural Compliances
  16. 16. e-governance & IT ScenarioSeamless Integration of International Markets and all MarketParticipant enabling trading From anywhere – Small village to big cities At anytime – Early morning to midnight. In any manner – Internet, Mobile, PDA, etc24 X 7 Online ServicesReal-time Due Diligence, Rating and CompliancesGlobal Data Banks
  17. 17. Impact of e-governance IT Driven regulatory procedures Minimization of procedural steps IT Driven compliance services Global services Minimization of Non-compliances Strategic Role of all professionals
  18. 18. Single –window Interface Single window interface implies All services under one umbrella
  19. 19. Single Window interface call for Synergy ofBrand Knowledge Capital Infrastructure Collaboration is the buzz word …
  20. 20. Corporate Laws Brand Economic Growing Synergy Taxation Laws Quality of Revenues Laws Service Knowledge Single Synergy WTO & IPR Window Interface Growing InternationalInfrastructure Trade Law Customers Synergy Global IT & BPO Presence Capital Management Synergy Consulting Growing Finance and Accounting NationsCommerce CS + CA + CWA + MBA + LLB Collaborative Commerce
  21. 21. “Problems becomes opportunities,when right people come together …”
  22. 22. Advantages Collaborative CommerceEnhanced Capability to compete with Global giantsGlobal ReachBrand leverageWider Area of ExpertiseRisk MinimizationActive Networking and Public RelationsAttraction of best talent
  23. 23. In the emerging scenario of ..Globalization, Common Law, e-governance, Simplification of Laws & Single Window interface … “Opportunities are unlimited …”
  24. 24. “And Success will come only whenpreparation meets opportunity…”
  25. 25. New Age Economy Globalization of business  Many opportunities but severely competitive  New skills / competencies involved Technology impact on business  Reshapes value chains Consolidation of services  Business process integrity Legal & Regulatory Environment  Change in Existing Laws  Enactment of new Laws Corporate Environment  Forms of Business  Concepts of Business
  26. 26. How do Professionals see this New Age Economy?
  27. 27. Pessimist Perception Threat Threat Threat ThreatThreat of Invasion of Service Sector by Foreign Giants
  28. 28. Optimist Perception Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity
  29. 29. Decide your WayMy Way No Way
  30. 30. “I can do it … I can’t do it Both are right” - Henry Ford
  31. 31. Its all a matter of AttitudeAttitude is a small thing that can make Big Difference
  32. 32. Do you Know?? Only 10 % of Only 10 % ofthe Iceberg is your seen above positivity is the surface seen above the surface 90% of an 90% of an iceberg is positivity is below sea below the level surface… How much do you see of an iceberg?
  33. 33. Change you AttitudeBreak the Boundaries & See the Opportunities
  34. 34. Opportunities in new Age Economy Corporate Compliance  Valuation Management  JV Agreement Corporate Governance  SEZ Setting up Business India  Carbon Credit   Globe  Derivatives Limited Liability Partnership - LLP  Forex Future Competition Commission of India -CCI
  35. 35. ButThese Opportunities are not available to Company Secretaries.
  36. 36. These are available to CS Professionals.
  37. 37. Not Company Secretaries… But, CS Professionals … What is the difference???
  38. 38. Who is a PROFESSIONAL? Business/ Products of OrganisationIntegrity Professionalism Legal Constitution Multidisciplinary KnowledgeIndependence Applicable LawsInnovationExcellence Organisation Structures Specialty of Organisation/Industry Business Scenario Domestic/ Int’l Privileges and Exemptions
  39. 39. Today‟s is the World of Specialization…
  40. 40. And We Require Industry Specialized Professionals
  41. 41. For this a CS Professional is the most suitable person
  42. 42. Why ???
  43. 43. Law + Management Corporate Corporate Planning CommunicationLegal Human Resources Knowledge of …Finance and Marketing Accounts Production Information And operations Technology
  44. 44. Lets have a look at Course Curriculum … Corporate Laws Financial, Treasury & Forex Management Commercial Laws Strategic Taxation Laws Management, Alliances & Accounting Laws CS International Trade Securities Laws Professional Governance, Business Ethics & SustainabilityCorporate Restructuring & Insolvency Laws Due Diligence & CorporateEconomic & Labour Laws Compliance management Law + Management
  45. 45. Corporate Compliance Management Corporate Compliance Management is nothing but the Opportunity Lying in „Compliance of All applicable laws‟
  46. 46. Present Status of Compliance Services High • Company Law • Listing Agreement & SecuritiesMedium Laws Low • All other Laws
  47. 47. Applicability of Laws General application of laws Sectoral applications Industry / Segment applications Geographical applications Number of Employees Transaction applications
  48. 48. Corporate Governance “CORPORATE GOVERNANCE is creation of a culture of consciousness, transparency and openness. It refers to combination of laws, rules, regulations, procedures andvoluntary practices to enable the companies to maximize the long-term shareholders value, customer satisfaction and wealth.”
  49. 49. Significance of CG Entry of Best Transparency in Talent & Skill operations Creation of Brand Consciousness to Image adopt best practices GLOBALHigher Valuation GROWTH Widened International opportunities of Tie-ups services Easier Access to Confidence of capital (FII, VCF, domestic & Foreign Markets) international investors
  50. 50. corporategovernance@SATYAM
  51. 51. Business Set-Up Incorporation – India & International New forms of Business Entities Explore Tax Heavens International Tax Planning International Listing
  52. 52. LLP – Limited Liability Partnership LLP provides corporate organization to compete internationally on level playing field. Best suitable for knowledge based enterprises and other small and medium enterprises. Provides enhanced risk taking capability Provides enhanced reach.
  53. 53. CCI – Competition Commission of India Advisory in M&A transactions, JV Agreement. Representation before Competition Commission of India on behalf of  Complainant,  Defendant
  55. 55. SEZ Establish New parks in Tier II & III cities Leverage Government resources to create the necessary infrastructure Attract new industries.- Duty-free imports of capital goods and inputs for production for Export- Liberal access to foreign exchange- Encouragement to FDI- Simplified, “one-stop” approvals- Generous tax concessions esp. in early years- Flexible Labour Laws- Limitations on sales within the country- Better Infrastructure (Power, Transport & Communications)
  56. 56. Carbon Credit Carbon credits accrue from range of sectors… Renewable energy Waste to Energy projects Small hydro India Combined cycleEnergy efficiency natural gas Fuel switch in Municipal solid transportation wastes Clean coal technologies
  57. 57. Derivatives Types of derivatives. Futures Forwards Options Swap
  58. 58. Forex Future Trading on the basis of fluctuations in foreign Exchange Prices 24-hour forex trading Superior liquidity 100:1 Leverage in forex trading Lower transaction costs Equal profit potential in both rising and falling markets
  59. 59. Another unrealized fact … In the New Age Economy,all opportunities will be leveraged only through Information Technology
  60. 60. Technology initiatives …. The challenge - Requires unique blend of Legal and Technological aptitude One time investment adds significant value Increased efficiencies possible “Shared services concept” Centralised infrastructure with decentralised operations possible
  61. 61. Go IT …“Adopt technology to defeat technology” is the latest survival mantra ….
  62. 62. Go IT … Reduce time consumption in repetitive tasks. Devote more time on Strategic analysis, value additions and planning. Use on-line regulatory services. Make use of exhaustive databases, checklists, research papers available online. Manage multiple tasks through IT. Use IT for public relations and branding.
  63. 63. Example Its not just words, It is now reality …
  64. 64. A hottest start – up (Business Model)
  65. 65. LearningThe 80:20 Theory
  66. 66. Present Focus of Services 20% Strategy Management Research80% Filing forms & Applications Registers & Returns Checklists
  67. 67. Focus of services in emerging Scenario 80% Strategy Management Research20% Filing forms & Applications Registers & Returns Checklists
  68. 68. Shifted Perception about CS• Filling and Filing of • Compliances of • Business Planning Forms Company and • Management• Drafting of Securities Laws • Research Notices, Minutes • Follow-up and Co- • Innovation• Preparation of ordination with Checklists Regulatory Authorities Compliance Strategic Secretary officer Planner
  69. 69. Need of the Hour …Skill Development Career Progression
  70. 70. Always think bigThere is no price for dreaming Big or Small So, why not dream Big
  71. 71. And all your dreams will come trueIf you have the courage to pursue them
  72. 72. The story about the tiny frogs....
  73. 73. There once was a bunch of tiny frogs,... ... who arranged a running competition.The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower.
  74. 74. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to seethe race and cheer on the contestants... The race began...
  75. 75. Honestly: No one in crowd really believed that thetiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. You heard statements such as: "Oh, WAY too difficult!! They will NEVER make it to the top." or: "Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!"
  76. 76. The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one...
  77. 77. ... Except for those who in a fresh tempo were climbing higher and higher...
  78. 78. The crowd continued to yell"It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!"
  79. 79. More tiny frogs got tired and gave up......But ONE continued higher and higher and higher...
  80. 80. This one wouldnt give up!
  81. 81. At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower. Except for the one tiny frog who after a big effort was the only one who reached the top! THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturallywanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?
  82. 82. Contestant asked the tiny frog how the one who succeeded had found the strength to reach the goal? It turned out...
  83. 83. That the winner was DEAF!!!!
  84. 84. It turned out... That the winner was DEAF!!!! The wisdom of this story is: Never listen to other peoples tendencies to be negative or pessimistic......cause they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you.... The ones you have in your heart!
  85. 85. Always think of the power words have.Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions! Therefore: ALWAYS be... POSITIVE!
  86. 86. And above all:Be DEAF when people tell YOU that YOU can not fulfil YOUR dreams! Always think: I CAN DO THIS!
  87. 87. Problems can either Make You or Break YouThe hammer that can break glass can shape steel Its up to you to be Glass or SteelHave the willpower of Steel and the vision of Glass
  88. 88. Last Fact … In this New Age EconomyIt is not the Strongest and the most Intelligent person survive, But the one who is responsive to “Changes” will survive.
  89. 89. Finally,Opportunities have knocked your door …
  90. 90. But still …
  91. 91. You have to get off from your seat and open the door….”
  92. 92. … and if Opportunity does not knock your door….”
  93. 93. First of all, build the door….”
  94. 94. Thank You …