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This is a presentation about me

This is a presentation about me

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  • 2. I am Priya and I come from New Zealand, but my parents are from Fiji. I am 13 years old born on 29 march 1998. So far I have lived for 4904 days. The things I like to do in my spare time are watching TV, going on facebook and karate. I am currently a green belt and grading to my blue belt really soon .
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    • The are three official languages in Fiji, English, Fijian and Indian’
    • Suva is the capital city and is located on the south east side of Viti Levu.
    • Native Fijians are mostly Christians with most being Roman Catholic and Methodists. The local Indian Fijians are mostly Hindi or Muslim and the local Chinese also practice Buddhism.
    • The population of the Fiji Islands as of 2004 is 848,000.
    • The majority of Fiji's islands were formed through volcanic activity started around 150 million years ago
    • Fiji was a British colony up until 1970; British occupation lasted almost a century
  • 4. I love chocolate, I like chocolate ice cream, chocolate milkshake, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, chocolate muffin, etc. etc. Chocolate is my favourite food and junk food
  • 5. My favourite singers are Beyonce and Chris Brown
  • 6. My favourite place to go is the cemetery because that is now the only place I can visit my dad.
  • 7. I like watching vampire diaries, the twilight saga or anything to do with vampires
  • 8. My favourite subject is I.C.T, social studies and English
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