Prepared By: Reza Putranta. T (1006695343)                                     CREATIVE BRIEFClient            Aviva      ...
those activities, Elisa is very mobile from one place to another with her car astransportation. Furthermore, Elisa likes t...
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Reza putranta.t_aviva creative brief


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Reza putranta.t_aviva creative brief

  1. 1. Prepared By: Reza Putranta. T (1006695343) CREATIVE BRIEFClient Aviva Job No. 1Brand Aviva Briefing Date April 11th 2012Description Life and General Insurance Presentation Date April 19th 2012Requirement Any media channel Campaign Launch Date June 1st 2013 What’s the Brand Background? Aviva is the world’s sixth largest insurance company providing consumer with insurance, savings, and investment products. It is the UK’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance. Aviva combines strong life and general insurance business under one powerful brand which are focused on providing customers with prosperity and peace of mind by helping them to manage the risks of everyday life and protects them long into the future. What is the Brand’s Issue? In most of societies, people are not saving enough for the future, especially when they are young. Some of the impressions of savers among them are dull, miserly, or unadventurous. They usually do not realise that they need to save and have no plans for the long-term future or worries about their future way of life. Unfortunately, by the time they get old and retired, they will have to face a lot of financial problem. What must the Communication do to Solve the Brand’s Issue? We have to reframe the act of savings among young people from dull, miserly, or unadventurous into something positive, like relevant, feasible, important, interesting, or even cool. Savings itself has to be rebranded to change their opinion and behaviour. Who are the Target Audience? Primary – Young People, A SES, age 18-25, university student, active and mobile, like to buy and try new things, living in the urban area. Secondary – Young People, B SES, age 18-25, university student, active and mobile, living in the urban area. Story of Elisa.. Elisa is a 20-year old girl that live in Kelapa Gading region, Jakarta. She is a student in University of Indonesia studying communication subject. As a student, Elisa has a lot of activities inside or outside the campus, from participating in a lot of committee like Pekan Komunikasi UI, joining campus organization like BEM FISIP UI and Komunitas Tari FISIP, into participating in AIESEC community. With
  2. 2. those activities, Elisa is very mobile from one place to another with her car astransportation. Furthermore, Elisa likes to buy new things based on the trend, especiallyclothing which she usually bought at ZARA shop. Beside clothing, during holiday, Elisaalso eager to try new things, which is going abroad to many countries, especially Europeregion.What we want them to Do & Think?The young people have to change their behaviour from not willing to save into willing tosave regularly and sees Aviva as a brand that change and enlighten them.What is the Insight?Young people actually believe that savings needs to be done, but they do not think itthat much because they still have their parents who can sustain them.What is the Brand Idea?Aviva always make people feel recognized.What is the Proposition?Live a cool life with parents’ money means you are nobody, but live a cool life withyour own effort means you are somebody.What is the Reason to Believe?  Aviva is a global brand that reach sixth position in the largest insurer category.  Aviva is a strong and huge brand which comes from 40 brands around the world combined.  The issue is common in the social life of young people.What is the Appeal?Emotional appeal-which based on self-esteem.What are the Tone & Manner?Warm and truthful.Are there any Considerations on Executions that Really Worth Knowing?  Aviva prefer to use imagery which express positive experience in people’s live.  Yellow tend to be the color which represent Aviva.  Aviva use real or common people, not model, celebrities, animation, etc.