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  1. 1. PROJECT REPORT ON COMPARATIVE STUDY OF REFRIGERATOR OF VARIOUS COMPANIES IN LUCKNOW CITY Submitted under the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the MBA IV SemesterSubmitted By Under supervision of:Vinay Kumar Verma Dr. Shaili VaderaMBA-M&SEnrollment no: A7002210035Specialization- Marketing & Sales AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH LUCKNOW
  2. 2. CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that Survey report entitled as “Comparative study ofrefrigerators of various companies in Lucknow city”This Survey has been prepared by Vinay Kumar Verma under my supervisionand guidance.This Survey is an outcome of his extensive endeavor on the above Subject.I wish him every success in his future life.Place: - SignatureDate: - ……………………….
  3. 3. DECLARATIONI “Vinay Kumar Verma” student of MBA IV Semester from amity businessschool , Lucknow , Survey Project Report on “Comparative study of refrigeratorsof various companies in Lucknow city”It is outcome of my own work and the same has no been submitted to any college/university/ institute for the award of my degree.
  4. 4. CONTENT1. Certificate2. Declaration3. Preface4. Acknowledgement5. Introduction to the E-Marketing6. About the e-marketing7. Objective of the survey.8. Research Methodology9. Data Analysis10. Finding & Recommendation11. Conclusion12. Bibliography13. Enclosure of Questionnaire
  5. 5. PREFACEAs a part of the course curriculum, the M.B.A. students are required to haveSurvey in the corporate world. The objective behind taking this type ofworking is to relate the management subjects taught in the market to theirpractical application.The preparation of this Survey report is based on facts and findings notedduring the market research. Information received from written and publisheddocuments and briefings by company products and services.The scope of the Survey work is to analyze the data received from ourresearch.My work in this Survey work is, therefore, a humble attempt towards thisend.In spite of my best efforts there may be errors of omissions andcommissions, which may please be excused.
  6. 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to all the esteemed peoplewho helped me in the preparation of this Survey which has been a greatlearning experience.I would like to thank to Dr. Shaili Vadera, giving me the opportunity towork on this Survey project on “Comparative study of refrigerators ofvarious companies in Lucknow city ”. I am highly obliged to all those who have helped us directly or indirectly insuccessful completion of this Survey.Date……………. Vinay Kumar Verma MBA-IV SemesterPlace: Lucknow
  7. 7. The History of the Refrigerator and Freezers Drawing:William CullensDesign before mechanical refrigeration systems were introduced, people cooled their food withice and snow, either found locally or brought down from the mountains.The first cellars were holes dug into the ground and lined with wood or straw and packed withsnow and ice: this was the only means of refrigeration for most of history.Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space, or from a substance, tolower its Temperature. A refrigerator uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. The liquid,or refrigerant, used in a refrigerator evaporates at an extremely low Temperature, creatingfreezing temperatures inside the refrigerator. Its all based on the followingPHYSICS: - A liquid is rapidly vaporized (through compression) - the quickly expandingvapor requires kinetic energy and draws the energy needed from the immediate area – Whichloses energy and becomes cooler? Cooling caused by the rapid expansion of gases is theprimary means of refrigeration today.
  8. 8. The first known artificial refrigeration was demonstrated by William Cullen at the University ofGlasgow in 1748. However, he did not use his discovery for any practical purpose.In 1805, an American inventor, Oliver Evans, designed the first refrigeration machine. The firstpractical refrigerating machine was built by Jacob Perkins in 1834; it used ether in a vaporcompression cycle.An American physician, John Gorier, built a refrigerator based on Oliver Evans design in 1844to make ice to cool the air for his yellow fever Patients.German engineer Carl von Linden patented not a refrigerator but the process of liquefying gasin 1876 that is part of basic refrigeration technology.
  9. 9. TYPE OF REFRIGERATORRefrigerator types are simple - direct cool and frost-free refrigerator. Direct cooling ones aremostly single door refrigerators and frost-free refrigerators are mostly double and multipledoors. The abundant variety comes in the form of capacity. You can choose from mini, small,medium and large refrigerators.
  10. 10. • Mini (50 to 100 liters): perfect for your studio apartment or bachelor pad; just enough for one person to store the occasional can of beer and juices along• With bare food items. These are really small, single door refrigerators.• Small (170 to 200 liters): just right for a couple or even a small kitchen. This one is small and won’t take too much space while giving you just enough to store your weekly groceries. You would go for this if you were on a tight budget. These are single door refrigerators.• Medium (200 to 450 liters): This is for the nuclear household. Not too small yet not too big. Reasonably priced these provide ample storage with enough features that are value for money. These could be single as well as double door refrigerators.• Large (450 to 800 liters): For the big home and big budget. These refrigerators are right out of the lifestyles of the rich and famous catalogue. You would go for this if you have a large household and are really fond of throwing elaborate dos. The large sized could be double door, three door, bottom mounted, side-by-side.
  11. 11. REFRIGERATOR CAPACITY Size of Family Refrigerator Capacity in liters 1 200-230 2 260 3 290 4 300 5 350 6 400 7 450 8 500 9 550 10 600 11 650 12 700
  12. 12. Single Door RefrigeratorSingle Door RefrigeratorsThese are one of the oldest and conventional refrigerators. As the name suggests, they comewith a single door. The upper portion here is a freezer, the middle portion is a refrigerator andthe bottom portion has a vegetable bin. Single-door refrigerators start from 50 liters and go upto 300 liters. These are entry-level refrigerators and are in the low-price range.Pros • Is available in smaller sizes for smaller usage • Fits in a small space • Freezer section is more efficient • Ideal for small offices/clinics and grocery stores
  13. 13. Cons • Manual defrosting required twice in a week. If defrosting is not done in time, the defrosting water tray might spill, causing a mess. • Not available above 300 liters • Since all three sections (freezer, refrigerator and vegetable bin) are together, odour mixture in the food is common • Heat-exchanging pipes/coils are visible (not concealed) in most of the single-door refrigerators. Double Door RefrigeratorDouble-door refrigeratorOut of two doors, one door is for the freezer section and the other is for the refrigerator andvegetable sections. They either have a freezer section on top and refrigerator and vegetablesections at the bottom or vice versa. They start from 200 liters. And go up to 660 liters. Theseare the highest-selling refrigerators and are in mid-price range.
  14. 14. Pros • Bigger vessels/ beverage bottles can be accommodated, depending upon the capacity of the refrigerator • Available in wired shelves (weight-holding capacity: 90 kg), acrylic shelves (weight- holding capacity: 40 kg) and toughened glass (weight-holding capacity: 90 kg) • Refrigerators with acrylic/ toughened glass will have a unique temperature in each compartmentCons • Deodorizer feature not available in smaller sizes • Not available in smaller sizes • The vegetable section is smaller compared to a three-door refrigerator • If the refrigerator section located in the lower part, you have to bend down to get the vegetables. REFRIGERATOR BRANDS AVAILABLE IN INDIA
  15. 15. Do you know there are multiple brands available in India for Refrigerator?Here you can find website links of Brands available in India for Refrigerator .This websiteconsolidates good brands available in Indian market for Refrigerator (Fridge). Visit each brandand then take decision. Also you can find online as well as offline deals available forRefrigerator. Refrigerator in India • Akai • Electrolux • Godrej • LG • Samsung • Sanyo • Videocon • Whirlpool Other products you might be interested in. • Air Conditioners • Air Coolers • Dryer • Microwave Oven • Power Inverters • Vacuum Cleaner • Washing Machines
  16. 16. Refrigerator – An introduction • Years back refrigerators were seen as a necessity for storing milk based products, eggs, butter vegetables and so on.Today this hasn’t changed much in Indian market, but there is awareness about options. Forthose who are looking to buy a new refrigerator, here is an article which hopes to introduce themiracle gadget which is probably the next most wanted on every homemaker’s list aftertelevision.
  17. 17. Typically a refrigerator is a cooling device and offered in many flavors. Each has a uniqueadvantage and a disadvantage associated to it. Let’s try and analyze the types out there. • Single door , normal refrigerator • Double door, normal refrigerator • Single door, frost free refrigerator • Double door, frost free refrigerator
  18. 18. In the above classification the single door predominantly has another smaller door inside for thedeep freeze section.Similarly, the double door is a stacked option. There exist two doors one on top of another eachopening the normal and freezer sections respectively.Apart from these categories there are also more expensive 2 door refrigerators which are placedadjacent to each other. Here even advanced features such as cold water/ice dispenser are presentin the refrigerator.
  19. 19. The frost free refrigerator is definitely superior as it requires no periodic maintenance. Theregular refrigerator however requires periodic defrosting otherwise the freezer portion becomeshighly crowded and inaccessible.Some refrigerator types have water collecting trays located at the bottom. You may want toavoid these as they can be good spots for mosquitoes to breed.You may also want to buy a plastic stand on which your whole refrigerator rests. This is just atrick to cause more space under the refrigerator for cleaning the home.We highly recommend that you use a 15A socket and plug point, 3 pin of-course to avoid nastyshocks while operating the refrigerator.
  20. 20. Depending on the voltage fluctuations we would also advise usage of a stabilizer with somekind of an auto timer which only resumes power to the refrigerator after 3 minutes or so.Periodic cleaning of the refrigerator inside and outside ensures odor free operation.
  21. 21. OBJECTIVE OF THE SURVEY• The survey project has been entitled to see the improvement of the refrigerators in the modern era.• Refrigerators are important for the houses for the multipurpose use.• To maximization use of the refrigerators in the modern era for the home and business uses.• The refrigerators are also home and business uses its use multipurpose areas. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY According to CLIFFORD WOODY, “Research is a careful inquiry or examination in setting the facts or principle, a diligent investigation to ascertain something.” METHODOLOGY:- Methodology is the systematic and objective identification, collection analysis, dissemination, and use of information for the purpose of improving decision making related to the identification and solution of problem. During the course of conducting the study the information were gathered mainly through the primary sources. Conducting field survey by talking to the individual and the methodology used in the survey was personal observation and interview with the consumer with the help of questionnaire. DATA COLLECTION:
  22. 22. The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined andresearch design has been chalked out. While deciding about the method of data collection to beused for the study, the research should keep in mind two types of data viz. Primary andSecondary.SOURCES OF DATA a) Primary Data. b) Secondary Data.PRIMARY DATA:The Primary Data are those, which are collected afresh and for the first time and thus happen tobe original in character. The observation method is the most commonly used method especially in studies relatingto behavioral sciences. In a way we all observe things around us, but this sort of observation isnot scientific observation. Observation becomes a scientific tool & the method of datacollection for the researcher, when it serves a formulated research purpose, is systematicallyplanned & recorded & is subjected to check & controls on validity & reliability. Under theobservation method, the information is sought by way of investigators own direct observationwithout asking from the respondent. The main advantages of this method are that subjectivebias is eliminated if observation is done accurately secondly, the information obtained underthis method relates to what is currently happening. However, observation method has various limitations.
  23. 23. 1) It is an expensive method, 2) The information provided by this method is very limited, 3) Sometimes unforeseen factors may interfere with the observational task. At times, the fact that some people are rarely accessible to direct observation createsobstacle for this method to collect data effectively. While using this method, the researchershould keep in mind things like:SECONDARY DATA: The secondary Data are those which have been already collected by someone else andwhich have already been passed through statistical process.The Secondary Data regarding the project was given by the company which was a list of theoutlets that were to be visited. METHODOLOGY ADOPTED FOR RESEARCH For this project, the method available was to get enough information through personalinteraction with the outlet owners with the aid of a questionnaire. The collection of primary datarequires considerable time. In this research the Primary data were obtained by actual working inthe market and interacting with the outlet owners or managers who are involved in the process.The secondary data was a list of the outlets that were to be surveyed and was given by thecompany. SAMPLE SIZE
  24. 24. For carrying out any research or study on any subject it is very difficult to cover even 10% ofthe total Population. Therefore the sample size has to be decided for a meaningful conclusion.For designing the sample size, it was thought proper to cover a very small percentage ofpopulation in various age groups.The method used for sample technique was non probability convenience sampling method. Thismethod is used because it is known previously as to whether a particular person will be asked tofill the questionnaire. Convenient sampling is used because only those people will be asked tofill the questionnaires that were easily accessible and available to the researcher. Consideringthe constraints, it was decided to conduct the study based on sample size of 50 retailers inspecific. DATA COLLECTION
  25. 25. Que.1- Are you user of refrigerator?Option No. of respondent PercentageYes 35 70%No 15 30% yes no Slice 3 Slice 4By the table and graph we can see that the 70% people agree with the first option, 30% peopleagree with the second option,Que.2- How you aware about refrigerator?
  26. 26. Option No. of respondent PercentageNews paper 20 40%Television 20 40%Internet `5 10Others 5 10% 40 35 30 25 news paper television 20 internet 15 others 10 5 0By table and graph we can see that the 40%people agree with the first option,40% people agreewith the second option, 10% people agree with the third option, 10% people agree with thefourthQue.3- Which company’s refrigerator you use?Option No. of respondent PercentageWhirlpool 5 10%
  27. 27. LG 20 40% Samsung 10 20% Videocon 5 10% Others 10 20% 40 35 30 whirlpool 25 LG 20 samsung 15 videocon othres 10 5 0 By table and graph we can see that the 10%people agree with the first option,40% people agree with the second option, 20% people agree with the third option, 10% people agree with the fourth option and 20 % people agree with the fifth option.Que.4- Why are you prefer this company’s refrigerators? Option No. of respondent Percentage By working 25 50% By design 5 10% By cost 15 30%
  28. 28. Others 5 10% 50 45 40 35 by working 30 by design 25 by cost 20 others 15 10 5 0By table and graph we can see that the 50%people agree with the first option,10% people agreewith the second option, 30% people agree with the third option, 10% people agree with thefourth option.Que.5- On which basis you purchase refrigerator?Option No. of respondent PercentagePrice 20 40%Usage 30 60%
  29. 29. 60 50 40 price 30 3-D Column 2 usage 20 10 0By the table and graph we can see that the40% people agree with the first option 60% peopleagree with the second option,Que.6- According to you what is the perfect characteristics of refrigerators?Option No. of respondent PercentageLow price 10 20%Well working 20 40%Design 15 30%All above 5 10%
  30. 30. 40 35 30 25 low price well price 20 design 15 all above 10 5 0By table and graph we can see that the 20%people agree with the first option,40% people agreewith the second option, 30% people agree with the third option, 10% people agree with thefourth option.Que.7- Which company is providing better service of refrigerators?Option No. of respondent PercentageWhirlpool 5 10%LG 20 40%Samsung 10 20%Videocon 5 10%Others 10 20%
  31. 31. 40 35 30 whirlpool 25 LG 20 samsung 15 videocon 10 others 5 0By table and graph we can see that the 10%people agree with the first option,40% people agreewith the second option, 20% people agree with the third option, 10% people agree with thefourth option and 20% people agree with the fifth option.Que.8- In which season refrigerator is mostly used?Option No. of respondent PercentageSummer 45 90%Winter 0 0%Rainy 5 10%
  32. 32. 90 80 70 60 summer 50 winter 40 rainy 30 20 10 0By the table and graph we can see that the90% people agree with the first option, 0% peopleagree with the second option and 10% people agree with the third option.Que.9- Which level of people are most user of refrigerators?Option No. of respondent PercentageHigh level 15 30%Middle level 5 10%Low level 1 2%High and Middle 29 58%
  33. 33. 60 50 40 high level middle level 30 low level 20 high & middle 10 0By table and graph we can see that the 30%people agree with the first option,10% people agreewith the second option, 2% people agree with the third option, 58% people agree with the fourthoption.Que.10 For which purpose you like to purchase the refrigerators?Option No. of respondent PercentageFor home purpose 30 60%For commercial purpose 1 15 30%Others 5 10%
  34. 34. 60 50 40 for home 30 for commercial purp. others 20 10 0By the table and graph we can see that the60% people agree with the first option,3 0% peopleagree with the second option and 10% people agree with the third option. OBSERVATIONS AND FINDINGS The following are the observations or findings: 1) The outlet owners and the shop owners had many complaints and queries about the company in regards to many issues like delivery, cooler maintenance, availability of certain brands etc. 2) The outlet owners complained that the distributors were not very punctual in the delivery of stock to outlet owners. However, the distributors informed that the payments
  35. 35. were not received from the outlet owners. Moreover the delivery van has a fixed schedule as per which they cover the complete area. 3) The outlet owners also complained that the coolers were not in proper working condition and that the company had not responded to their complaints. But it was also observed that the outlet owners were careless about the maintenance of the cooler themselves and that is why the coolers did not work properly. 4) In some areas, it was found that the outlets were reluctant to use the racks or stands given by the company and they had no valid reason for the same. So it was a task convincing them to use these elements so that their sales could go up. 5) Ninety nine percent of the outlet owners i.e. 50 outlets were aware of the concept of market activation and only two outlet owners were unaware of the same. CONCLUSION It was an excellent experience while working on the survey on the topic of comparativestudy on e-marketing of various companies in Lucknow city. I learnt about the environment andculture of the organization, which I feel will help me in my future endeavors in life.
  36. 36. During the entire course of the Survey, a total of 50 outlets were surveyed and a detailedanalysis of the awareness of the outlet owners regarding the activation measures that thecompany takes was studied. Then based on this analysis, menu cards and menu boards wereprinted for the eating and drinking outlets and given to the outlets respectively. In the first partof the project, a survey of selected outlets was conducted by taking interview of outlet ownersor managers. Based on the information gathered through the outlet managers or owners, themenu cards and menu boards were given for printing and the new menu cards or boards weregiven to the respective outlets. The final outcome of the project was more than the expected result. Sixty percent of theoutlets were activated out of the total sample size. Thus, I would again like to thank all the concerned people who have helped me tosuccessfully complete the Survey LIMITATIONS Every Survey even if completed has some limitations. Although the entire Survey wentthrough pretty well, there were some limitations. So, it is wise to point out these limitationsinstead of glossing over them.
  37. 37. The limitations of this Survey are as follows:- • The sample size taken in the project was 50. This sample size of 50 was not sufficient in a complete Lucknow city. • Survey had to be completed in specified period of two months. So the results obtained are for a period of two months only. • Some of the outlet owners were not cooperative while giving their responses. • The responses of some outlet owners were biased. BIBLIOGRAPHY • WWW.GOOGLE.CO.IN • WWW.YAHOO.COM
  38. 38. QUESTIONNAIRE“Comparative study of refrigerators of various companies in Lucknow city.”Personal Details:-Name………………………………………
  39. 39. GenderA. MaleB. FemaleAge Group-A. 0-20 B. 20-30 C. 30-45 D. 45 And aboveOccupation-A. StudentB. Service ManC. Business ManD. OtherFamily income (Monthly Basis)A. Up to 20000B. B. 20000-40000C. C. 40000-60000D. D. 60000 And above SURVEY DETAILS:Que.1- Are you user of refrigerator? a) Yes b) No
  40. 40. Que.2- How you aware about refrigerator? a) News paper b) television c) Internet d) OthersQue.3- Which company’s refrigerator you use? (a) Whirlpool (b) (b) LG (c) (c) Samsung (d) (d) Videocon (e) (e) OthersQue.4- Why are you prefer this company’s refrigerators? (a) By working (b) By design (c) By cost (d) OthersQue.5- On which basis you purchase refrigerator? (a) Price (b) Usage Que.6- According to you what is the perfect characteristics of refrigerators? a) Low price b) Well working c) Design d) All aboveQue.7- Which company is providing better service of refrigerators?
  41. 41. (a) Whirlpool (b) LG (c) Samsung (d) Videocon (e) OthersQue.8- In which season refrigerator is mostly used? (a) Summer (b) Winter (c) RainyQue.9- Which level of people are most user of refrigerators? (a) High level (b) Middle level (c) Low level (d) High and MiddleQue.10- For which purpose you like to purchase the refrigerators? (a) For home purpose (b) For commercial purpose (c) Others