Dimensions of Advertising
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  • 1. Dimensions of Advertising Presented by: Nadeem Ahmed Siddiqui Business Communication Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan www.proadsol.com
  • 2. Road Map ! Dimensions of Advertising •  Introduction •  Types of Advertising •  Advertising Trends •  Importance •  Conclusion
  • 3. What is Advertising ? The process of delivering a message about ideas, goods and services, through the media, paid by an identifiable sponsor. Dimensions of Advertising
  • 4. Objectives of Advertising ? •  To create Awareness. •  To Persuade. •  To create Image. •  To Remind. Dimensions of Advertising
  • 5. Types of Advertising 1.  Product-Oriented Advertising Ø  Informative (new product launches) Ø  Persuasive (convince to purchase) Ø  Comparative (comparative activities) 2.  Image Advertising Ø  What we do? (image of an organization) Dimensions of Advertising
  • 6. Types of Advertising 3.  Advocacy Advertising Ø  Underlying benefits Ø  Political issues 4.  Public Service Advertising Ø  Non-profit Ø  Social causes (Teen-age smoking, illegal drug use, etc.) Dimensions of Advertising
  • 7. Advertising Trends •  Digital Convergence Ø  Via cable Ø  Telephone Ø  Satellite Dimensions of Advertising
  • 8. Advertising Trends •  Audience Tracking Ø  Via cable Ø  Telephone Ø  Satellite Dimensions of Advertising
  • 9. Advertising Trends •  Ad Skipping and Blocking Ø  DigitalVideo Recorder Dimensions of Advertising
  • 10. Advertising Trends •  Changing Media Choices Ø  Internet Ø  Pod casting (audio & video) Ø  RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summery) Ø  Networked gaming Dimensions of Advertising
  • 11. Importance of Advertising •  Creating Awareness •  Increase Sales •  Brand Identity & Brand Image •  Communicate a change •  Increase the buzz value Dimensions of Advertising
  • 12. Conclusion No one can deny that Advertising is very important if we want our business to succeed and thrive. So to be on the top a business must have very good advertising strategies including emerging trends and techniques. Dimensions of Advertising
  • 13. Q&A Dimensions of Advertising
  • 14. Thank you! Content Source: http://www.knowthis.com/principles-of-marketing-tutorials/advertising/ Images Source: http://www.google.com/images