Net Fatigue


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The Internet is no longer a novelty. With the PC as a household media hub, users are demanding transparent, non-arrogant, fulfilling services from internet service providers. By doing so, they are creating a cultural shift in the way all business is being transacted, offline as well as online. Those businesses who "get it" will prosper.

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  • Now the Internet has lost its novelty, users begin to understand the shortcomings and inefficiency of online data. They begin to form new rules on what kind of data
  • Net Fatigue

    1. Net Fatigue Pat Kitano, MediaTransparent .com How it’s Changing Internet Usage
    2. The Internet is no Longer a Novelty
    3. Virtually Everybody is Online Now
    4. Internet as Do It Yourself Media? We all thought the Internet was a Massive Instruction Manual “ I can do anything!”
    5. But Data is Overwhelming
    6. Data is Conflicting
    7. Internet Backlash is Underway “ The Internet is Eroding Brains and Society”
    8. The Four Stages of Net Fatigue Stage 1. The Internet will Teach me to Buy a House Enthusiasm
    9. The Four Stages of Net Fatigue Stage 2. This is Too Complicated, Who is Trustworthy? Overload
    10. The Four Stages of Net Fatigue Stage 3. How did all these Sales People Find Me? “ I have no time for cold calls” “ Hi, I bought this lead when you signed up at” Bombardment
    11. The Four Stages of Net Fatigue Resignation Stage 4. I Need Help!
    12. For Example, Travel 2003 Travel sites are putting together their own special deals that require consumers to visit them directly
    13. So, Aggregators can’t Find All Deals
    14. Frankly, Do It Yourself is Overrated “ I hate spending an hour searching for the best airfare”
    15. Instead, Hire a Travel Agent! “ Wouldn’t you rather pay me $50 to optimize your travel arrangements?” And we thought Travel Agents were Extinct!
    16. Rethinking Internet Disintermediation We thought the Internet would Disintermediate Broker-based Businesses
    17. But: Consumers Value Expertise “ This is the post-Internet Value Proposition for your Business”
    18. Capture Them at the Critical Moment Stage 4. I Need Help! “ Net Fatigue is Real, you may be experiencing it yourself”
    19. So, How Do You Capture Them?
    20. Conclusion: Internet Use is Changing From Instruction Manual to Data Resource
    21. And the Internet Connects People More important!
    22. Connect the Dots! Everybody is online Searching for Expertise and Connecting with People
    23. You Need an Online Presence Blog Micro-Blogging Bookmarking Social Networks Reviews It’s not just a Boring Website, this is the “Social Media”
    24. To Demonstrate your Expertise
    25. Build your Client Network
    26. And Justify your Value Knowledge Testimonials Background Experience Social network Hobbies Awards Contact Info Contributions to Society Clubs & Societies Be Transparent Online
    27. Conclusion: The New Reality The New Consumer Doesn’t Want to Be Sold “ We don’t even want to be called Consumers”
    28. The New Expectations “ The New Consumer doesn’t want to sit through hours of ‘Relationship building’ to get to the solution” 2003
    29. No Playing Cat & Mouse 2003 “ I hate this game!”
    30. They Demand Transparent Services Non - aggressive Non - arrogant Full disclosure
    31. Tap into this New Attitude Shift Blog Micro-Blogging Bookmarking Social Networks Reviews Give your Clients what they want Freely Online, They Will Respond
    32. How to Build your Online Presence Please refer to all my slideshows at www. slideshare . net/pkitano Image attributions upon request
    33. Documents the Future of Social Media as it Converges with the Mainstream Media From the Author of Transparent Real Estate
    34. Domus Media Builds Social Media Pat Kitano, Domus Media pkitano (at) gmail,