Domus Social Media Marketing Curriculum


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Domus Consulting Group's online Social Media Marketing tutorials are available to real estate brokerages and institutions by subscription. We provide a cost effective solution to social media training

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  • Domus Social Media Marketing Curriculum

    1. 1. page The Domus U Online Tutorials for Real Estate Brokerages Pat Kitano & Kevin Boer Domus Consulting Group
    2. 2. page Domus Consulting Group is the leading real estate coach in Social Media Marketing
    3. 3. page We teach brokerages and their agents a powerful system to build massive online presence
    4. 4. page Why is Domus’s Social Media Marketing System getting rave reviews? Our Systems work!
    5. 5. page Our systems win awards! Domus’ Breaking News Network awarded “ Most Innovative Media 2009” by Inman News
    6. 6. page How exactly does Domus U provide value to your brokerage business?
    7. 7. page Your agents all want to develop a social media marketing strategy
    8. 8. page But your training staff doesn’t want to write the manual on social media marketing for real estate Social media marketing trends change every week and training staffs can’t keep up
    9. 9. page We’ve packaged three years worth of social media marketing webinar workshops into online tutorials
    10. 10. page And created a Social Media Marketing curriculum co-branded to your brokerage for subscription
    11. 11. page Domus U Online Tutorials are continuously updated for the latest breaking news and tips on effective social media marketing
    12. 12. page Through our tutorials we show your agents how to systematically build A Massive Referral Base
    13. 13. page We demonstrate how powerful applications like Twitter and Facebook are for networking 250+ million members Adding ~500,000 per day
    14. 14. page We explain step-by-step how to use each social media application correctly ? ? ? ?
    15. 15. page We show makes a good impression and what not to do
    16. 16. page We show how to use each social media application correctly and teach the protocols of social media specifically for real estate Your Resume Your Society Your Broadcast Media
    17. 17. page Our library has 90+ tutorials on blogging
    18. 18. page Domus holds ongoing “Help Desk” webinars every Monday 9:00-9:30am PDT for live basic training and Q&A for your agents
    19. 19. page We guide agents through the social media maze So they can focus on their core business
    20. 20. page We invite you to subscribe to Domus U… the cost effective solution for social media training Domus Consulting Group [email_address] [email_address] (415) 320-2844 (650) 386-2870