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20 Viable Social Network Ideas


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20 Social Networks that have the potential to become valuable online properties

20 Social Networks that have the potential to become valuable online properties

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  • 1. 20 Viable Social Network Ideas Pat Kitano, MediaTransparent .com
  • 2. What Makes a Viable Social Network? Participants Need to Network and Collaborate with Others in their Field 1. Common Purpose
  • 3. Make it Scalable 2. Critical Mass of Users Networks are more Viable when there are a Lot of Participants 12,000 Beekeepers in the US don’t scale… over 2 million involved in the Real Estate Industry does scale
  • 4. Make it Attractive 3. Networks Need Leaders Do-It-Yourself Networks Started by Unknowns Rarely Gain Traction
  • 5. Use Celebrity 3. Networks Need Leaders Marc Andreessen, Founder and Ning and Netscape has built Ning into a leading DIY social network platform High Profile Works to Attract Followers
  • 6. Make it Indispensable 4. Networks Need Data Networks Should Leverage User-Generated Data that Fuels the Context of the Conversation
  • 7. Give it Integrity 5. No Participant Spamming Networks Don’t Work if Participants Use It as an Advertising Platform
  • 8. Make it Easy to Use 6. Networks Need Simplicity Twitter Simplifies Broadcasts to your Network In 140 characters or less
  • 9. Certain Verticals Scale Well Self Expressive Verticals Consumer Advocacy and Opinions General Social Networks Cultural Verticals
  • 10. General Social Networks Too Many to Count Friendfeed Profiles all these Networks
  • 11. Cultural Verticals Social Networks based on Cultures Evolved Early Academic Political Culture Dating Age Some Networks Grew Up
  • 12. Self Expression Verticals Video, Music, Sports and Travel are Highly Personalized and Emotional “ Porn can be included, but very few (except those with webcams) want to identify themselves”
  • 13. Opinion Verticals Online Shopping Sites have Well Developed Consumer Communities Local Review Sites have Become Big Brand Names
  • 14. What Doesn’t Scale Small Industries HVAC Network Hobbies Specialist Occupations
  • 15. What Doesn’t Work “ Health Care Professionals Can’t Contribute Advice Online without Liability Issues” Litigious Industries So They are Forming their Own Closed Networks
  • 16. Few Industries have Social Networks Real Estate is a Unique Industry Vertical that Uses Social Media for Lead Generation Some Big Industries are too Arcane for Networks What would a Community of Pharmaceutical Workers Discuss?
  • 17. Ten Industries that can Support Scalable Social Networks Restaurants Travel Retail Fashion Hollywood Academia Food Global Trade Green New Age
  • 18. Restaurant Industry Network is a Good Example of a Restaurant Industry Network that Connects Restaurant Workers
  • 19. Foodies Network Recipes have been Exchanged for Centuries “ Great Synergy with Restaurant Networks”
  • 20. Travel Industry Network is for Consumer Content, a Travel Industry Network Discusses Travel from an Industry Perspective “ And Consumers would Peruse for Deals”
  • 21. Retail Network Retailing is a Vendor Intensive Industry that will Support Diverse B2B Conversations
  • 22. Film Industry Network The Ultimate Networked Industry icewhole is a first, but Celebrities could Ignite a New One
  • 23. Global Trade Network Potentially Multi-Lingual, Participants Discuss Import/Export and Market Opportunities “… but they have to contribute substance, and not spam deal flow”
  • 24. Academic Research Network Academic Research is Opaque and Siloed behind University Gates… a Collaborative Network can Open these Walls
  • 25. Green Network Green / Clean Living Social Networks for the Betterment of Humanity and the Earth “ Buzzword du Jour”
  • 26. Self Help / New Age Network Highly Personalized Content Inspires Loyal Participation
  • 27. Ten Occupational Social Networks Car Mechanics Law Enforcement Truck Drivers Paparazzi Case Study Network Lawyers Insurance Agents Teachers Consumer Advocates Performing Artists
  • 28. Car Mechanics Network Leverage the Popularity of NPR’s Car Talk to a Community of Car Mechanics Describing How-To’s
  • 29. Law Enforcement Network The Popularity of Reality Cop Shows Translates into a Reality Community that Talks about their Life Work
  • 30. Truck Drivers Network CB Radio Fueled the First Occupational “Network” in the 70’s… Mobile Devices and Wifi Truck Stops Should Fuel this Community “… unless they die crashing while thumbing”
  • 31. Paparazzi Network Celebrity Flickr? Gain Notoriety! “ This is a No-Brainer”
  • 32. Performing Artists Network Bringing Performers, Pro and Amateur, into Conversations and Videos about the Arts and Production “ Schools especially Need Resources for Amateur Productions”
  • 33. Insurance Agent Network Insurance of All Kinds Confounds the Consumer Like Real Estate Bloggers, Insurance Agent Bloggers don’t have to Discuss Boring Insurance Issues, They canTrack their Neighborhood
  • 34. Lawyers Network The Diversity of the Law Promotes Knowledge Sharing and Networking for Resources Legal On Rmap is a Closed Invitation Social Network… an Open Network would Benefit the Masses with General Advice (under Blanket Disclaimer, of course)
  • 35. Teachers Network Teachers Network for Jobs, Curriculum Ideas and Self-Marketing Comes Close, but its Forum-based Community doesn’t Profile Participants
  • 36. Consumer Advocates Network Consumer Reviews are Currently Ensconced in Shopping Sites Consumer Reports Online doesn’t have Community because they still want to Charge for Content Develop a Massive Product Database and Let Users Rate and Review Them
  • 37. Case Study Network For Managers Everywhere, Create and Upload Case Studies for Distribution and Feedback “ Case Studies are Effective Resume Supplements”
  • 38. Documents the Future of Social Media as it Converges with the Mainstream Media From the Author of Transparent Real Estate
  • 39. Domus Media Builds Social Media Pat Kitano, Domus Media , pkitano (at) gmail