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Slides from a talk given at Altitude 360 in Millbank Tower on 29.05.12

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Pump up the_volume_ises

  1. 1. In 60 seconds...What happens in 60 seconds on the internet [INFOGRAPHIC]http://gizmo.do/60secsontheweb
  2. 2. I’m going to take it for granted that you... Market your event in an engaging way Understand your audience Provide all info in a timely manner Ensure that your content is totally relevant Honour delegates with great content, speakers, venues, food
  3. 3. So how can we add some extra magic?
  4. 4. Social media amplification Live monitoring of social media channels at an event Delving into the social conversation as it is happening Rich media interaction between your event and your audience Digital socially interactive signage Real-time speaker sound-bite posting on social channels Real-time Flickr photography capture, tagging and posting Near real-time HD film capture and posting to YouTube Live blogging Live web-streaming
  5. 5. 7 good reasons why amplification is a good idea Make your budget go further Increase your event’s attendance Improve your event’s effectiveness Expand your event’s reach Content created will ensure your event has a lasting legacy Library of digital & social content to help future marketing Demonstrate measurable ROI
  6. 6. Applications Campaign launches & promotional events Product launches & experiential campaigns Award ceremonies Conferences Exhibitions Concerts For event organisers, venues and brands For advertising, PR & marketing agencies For anyone who wants to lead the social conversation
  7. 7. Make it as easy as possible to interact Provide good Wifi Check mobile signals Hold the conference rooms above ground Promote the Hashtag Inform the audience of speakers handles Brief speakers beforehand for soundbites Give your audience great content Interaction will thrive if you follow simple steps to make it easy. Hashtags, wifi & Twitter handles are key #eventprofs
  8. 8. Creating an event specific website
  9. 9. Event specific Twitter profile Create an event specific twitter profile or simply use a hashtag such as #brandmax to curate all relevant content
  10. 10. YouTube channel almost live uploads
  11. 11. Twitter WallsInteractive branded twitter screens by @ultraknowledge powerfullydisplay aggregated social content #eventprofs
  12. 12. Flickr live postingFlickr photography captures & broadcasts atmosphere & interactionlive the only man doing this right is @paul_clarke #eventprofs
  13. 13. Live video bloggingLive video blogging by @winkball creates video content to capture,share and showcases events #eventprofs
  14. 14. Live audio bloggingAudio blogging platforms such as @audioboo or @ipadio createsinstant audio content which can be easily shared
  15. 15. Live streamingBroadcast your event anywhere in the world as it happens on @ustreamusing nothing more than a smart phone #eventprofs
  16. 16. Sharing presentation content Share presentation content using @slideshare. See this presentation on http://slideshare.net/pkerwood #eventprofs
  17. 17. The Skype Twitter Town Crier Broadcast your tweets using a branded town crier like @skype did [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/skypetowncrier #eventprofs
  18. 18. Live Drawing12% of info an audience takes in is from what you say, the rest is visual.Live drawing is key. See http://ogilvynotes.com #eventprofs
  19. 19. Live DoodlingLive window doodling creates a twist on branding at events, turningwindows into works of art http://bit.ly/JubXaM #eventprofs
  20. 20. Tell Stories with photos and sound clips The @picleapp will record a few seconds of ambient audio while you snap a picture. Its a great way to tell a story #eventprofs
  21. 21. Create Social StoriesMaking stories from the social web: @storify allows you tocurate social media elements & write your own narrative#eventprofs
  22. 22. Displaying Instagram During an event Display @instagram like a Twitter wall during events with @searchinstagram #eventprofs
  23. 23. PinterestBroadcast tweets live as audio with @thesocial radio, mixed withmusic from iTunes or Spotify #eventprofs
  24. 24. Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram The perfect way to share images: @pinterest + @instagram = http://pinstagram.co #eventprofs
  25. 25. Twitter RadioBroadcast tweets live as audio with @thesocial radio, mixed withmusic from iTunes or Spotify #eventprofs
  26. 26. Facebook multi-person video conferencing Video chat company @oovoo has rolled out its service to allow up to 12 friends to conference call on Facebook #eventprofs
  27. 27. Example: Gatorade Social Media Mission Control PepsiCo listen to customers & respond in real time [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/pepsicomissioncontrol #eventprofs
  28. 28. Other examples
  29. 29. Social media can be measured Measure authority, activity & audience with @peerindex #eventprofs
  30. 30. Social media can be measured Powerfully track amplification, probability & true reach with @klout #eventprofs
  31. 31. Social media can be measured Use @twitalyzer & choose dozens of ways to visualise your social media efforts #eventprofs
  32. 32. Audit, track, measure & gain new business Measure yourself against competitors, audit & track followers & find & cultivate relationships with @followerwonk #eventprofs
  33. 33. Audit, track, measure & gain new business Identify which @Twitter users have a greater probability of becoming your customers with @percollate #eventprofs
  34. 34. Burberry on Facebook The use of Facebook by British luxury fashion brand @burberry is widely regarded as one of the best www.facebook.com/burberry
  35. 35. Social Media ROIThe social media code has officially been cracked. ‘Social Media ROI’ byOlivier Blanchard amzn.to/ROI_SM #eventprofs