Grade 2 country reports 2010
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Grade 2 country reports 2010



Mrs. O'Hearn's Grade 2 class conducted research on various countries and used PowerPoint to present their hard work.

Mrs. O'Hearn's Grade 2 class conducted research on various countries and used PowerPoint to present their hard work.



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Grade 2 country reports 2010 Grade 2 country reports 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Travel Brochure Where would you like to travel to? Grade 2 Mrs. O’Hearn’s Class 2010
  • CUBA
    • Capital-Havana
    • Money-peso
    • Language-Spanish
    • Foods- Cuban food combines flavor from many area of the world
      • black rice beans is the dish of Cubans and some chicken
    • Animals-Animals include small Mammals- iguanas, frogs, and scorpions
    • The land–Cuba is island in the Caribbean sea, surrounded by several small islands
    • Cuba is about 90 miles long.
    • Holidays-Cubans celebrate several nation holidays
    • Clothes-Cubans wear fancy clothes and clothes for warm weather
    • Sports-baseball
    • Weather- sunny and hot
    • Plant-Cuba’s plant life, sugarcane, tobacco, rice
    • Population- about 11 million
    • Size-110,862 square kilometers
    • Arts-dancing
  • Argentina
    • Capital-Buenos Aires
    • Money-peso
    • Language-Spanish
    • Foods-beef, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti
    • Animals-jaguars, monkeys, tapirs, coati
    • Holidays-Christmas, Independence day September 21 students day
    • Clothes-school uniforms
    • Sports-soccer, rayuela- hopscotch
    • Weather-they have early spring, warm
    • Arts-dancing, firework
    • It is the 2 nd largest country in South America.
  • Canada
    • Capital-Ottawa in the province of Ontario
    • Money-Canadian dollar
    • Language-English and French
    • Foods-butter tarts, cookies, brown sugar
    • Animals- grizzly bears
    • Holidays-Canada day
    • Sports- Wilderness hockey
    • Weather-Cold in the winter and warm in the summer
    • Canada is a large country north of the United States.
  • England
    • Capital-London
    • Money-Pound sterling
    • Language-English
    • Foods-Baked potatoes, lamb, pudding, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and baked beans, curries, and spicy pickles
    • Animals-Hawks, Moose, Roe deer, Red deer
    • Transportation-trains,
    • Landmark-Blenheim palace, Stonehenge
    • River-Thames river
    • Land-Flat, coast line, steep cliffs, rocky, hedges
    • Homes-Terraced houses, semi detached houses
    • School-Primary school
    • Work-Restaurants, Lawyers
    • Holidays-Guy Fawkes day, Notting Hill Carnival
    • Clothes-uniforms
    • Sports-soccer, cricket, rugby
    • Weather-Rain
    • Arts-Art Galleries, Theaters
    • People-white people, and black people
    • Flag-Blue, white, and red
  • Finland
    • Capital-Helsinki
    • Money-Euro
    • Language- Finnish
    • Foods-fruit, wild berries, strawberries, blueberries, yellow berries, cloudberries, raspberries, apples
    • Holidays-Christmas, Independence Day
    • Sports-ice hockey
    • Weather-very cold
    • Arts-listen to music
    • Finland is in the northern part of Europe.
      • smaller than the U,S. state of New Mexico.
      • A little part of Finland is in the Arctic part of the world.
    • Lake Samoa is the fifth largest lake in Europe.
      • It covers about 1,700 square miles. (4,380 square kilometers).
    • Finland became a country on December 6, 1917.
      • On that day, the government declared independence from Russia.
    • Finns elected Karol Judo Stahlberg as the first president.
  • Germany
    • Capital-Berlin
    • Language-German
    • Foods-Germans love to eat fancy food and for desert they love ice cream, fruit filling, whip cream, and other toppings!
    • Animals-wolves, deer, grouse, and huge wild pigs.
    • The Land- Germany has a lot of land and the north is flat and low.
    • Germany is in Europe.
    • Holidays- special traditions, and festivals.
      • Most festivals are 600 years old!
      • St. Nicholas day on Dec.6
      • Town festivals are the most popular!
    • Sports- soccer, skiing, fuss ball, foot ball, and tennis
    • Forest- Black Forest is famous all over the world
      • trees are thick, tall, and black
      • wild flowers, oak, trees, pine, and many types of bushes
    • Schools & Language- go to school when they are six years old!
      • love to learn reading, math, writing, science, and different languages
  • Greece
    • Capital-Athens
    • Money-Euro
    • Language-Greek
    • Foods-olives, grapes, lemons, wine, tomatoes, kebabs, Tsoureki (braided bread)
    • Animals-bears, and deer lynx wolves wildcats boars porcupine
    • Holidays-Easter Orthodox Christians independence day
    • Clothes-white clothes, colorful costumes
    • Sports-soccer, basketball, weight lifting
    • Weather-sunny
    • Arts-music, buiding and dance
  • India
    • Capital-New Delhi
    • Money-Rupee
    • Language-Hindi English
    • Foods-rice, spicy vegetables, pork, soup, roti, beef, meat, wraps, curry, nuts, and clam
    • Animals-tigers, lions, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, bears, and deer
    • Location- South Asia
    • Holidays-Dwali and Lakshmi
    • Clothes-Indians still wear clothes from old times
    • Sports-cricket
    • Weather-hot
    • Population-1,103,371,000
    • Largest city-Bombay
    • Highest mountain-Kanchen Junga
    • Religions-Hindu, Islam
  • Ireland
    • Capital-Dublin
    • Money-Euro
    • Language-English, Irish Gaelic
    • Foods-Irish food is simple and healthy.
      • Many people in Ireland like to eat potatoes.
    • Animals- foxes, badgers, rabbits, hedgehogs
      • Ireland fewer mammals than the rest of Europe.
    • Holidays-Irish people celebrate Saint Patrick's day on March 17 th .
    • Sports-football and hurling.
    • Weather-mild weather, constant rainfall
    • Ireland is an island country between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.
  • Jamaica
    • Capital -Kingston
    • Money -Jamaican dollar
    • Language -Patois
    • Foods -banana, cacos, citrus, fruit coconut, sugar canes
    • Animals -birds, bats, frogs, crocodiles
    • Holidays-festivals Jonkonnu and Christmas
    • Clothes-tee shirt, shorts
    • Sports-cricket
    • Weather-hot, wet, mild
    • Arts-wood sculpture
    • Jamaica is in part of the Atlantic ocean and part of the Caribbean sea.
    • School- So many people that go to school they have two schooldays one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
    • Family- usually have three or more kids .
  • Japan
    • Capital -Tokyo
    • Money- yen
    • Custom-They bow to show respect.
    • Foods- fish, rice, soy sauce and spicy sauces
    • Animals- Bears, foxes, deer, wild boars, antelope, hares and wild monkeys
    • Holidays- New Year is one of the biggest festivals in Japan.
    • Clothes- A kimono that is a long silk dress with a large sash around it.
    • Sports- Sumo wrestling
    • Homes-They are made out of wood and they take of their shoes before entering a home.
    • Art- Ink panting, flower arranging, and making beautiful pottery and origami
  • Mexico
    • Capital-Mexico city
    • Money-peso
    • Language-Spanish
    • Foods coffee, cotton, and wheat
    • Animals-lizards coyotes, a rare rabbit lives in Mexico. It is called the volcano rabbit.
    • Clothes-same as ours.
    • Weather- hot and wet .
    • Art -They use colorful patterns for their cloths that are old styles.
    • Landmarks- Mayan Temple
    • Kids in there free time help with house.
    • Sport - Bullfighting
  • Norway
    • Capital-Oslo
    • Money-One hundred ore equal one krone.
    • Language-Norwegian.
    • Foods-Norwegians eat four or more meals each day. For breakfast they eat cereal and a smorbrod (a sandwich that includes-jam, salmon, meat, or cheese.
    • Animals- foxes, hares and lemmings.
    • Holidays- May 17 is Constitution Day.
    • Clothes-Clothes look like that of North Americans.
    • Sports-They do skiing, and sledding down a hill.
    • Weather-The weather is very hot and windy.
  • Peru
    • Capital-Lima
    • Money-Sol
    • Language-Spanish
    • Foods-potatoes, peppers and grains
    • Animals-Blue and Yellow Macaws and brown Llamas
    • Population- Over twelve million
    • Holidays-Easter ,Christmas and Independence Day, July 1
    • Clothes-It depends where you live in Peru.
    • Sports-soccer, basketball, and bullfighting
    • God –Naymlap-The god of Peru is a half man half bird
  • Russia
    • Capital-Moscow
    • Money-Ruble
    • Language-Russian
    • Foods-farmers in the west grow wheat, potatoes, and other crops.
    • Animals-polar fox
    • Size-6,592,800 square miles (17,075,352 square kilometers)
    • Holidays-Easter, Christmas
    • Clothes-they wear north America clothes
    • Sports-Soccer
    • Weather-sunny in summer very cold in the winter.
    • Arts-Olympic games and chess.
    • Population-about 148 million
    • School- Children start school at ages 6 or 7
  • Scotland
    • Capital-Edinburgh
    • Money-pound, sterling
    • Language-their language is Gaelic
    • Foods-they eat meat and fish
    • Animals-cattle, red deer, Shetland ponies
    • National song-”God save the Queen”.
    • Holidays-they celebrate Christmas
    • Easter and New Year they also celebrate boxing day and burns night
    • Clothes-in Scotland the clothes are called tartan. Different families have different patterns
    • Sports-they like to play soccer.
    • Arts- castles, kilts
  • Thailand
    • Capital-Bangkok
    • Money-baht
    • Language-Thai
    • Foods-rice, vegetables, cassava, corn, cotton, spices, chilies, peppers, water
    • Animals-buffaloes, snakes, crocodiles, bears, rhinos, tigers, elephants, birds, fish, sharks
    • Holidays-New Year, Kings birthday on December 5 th ,
    • Clothes-costumes from hundreds of years ago for events
    • Sports-boat races
    • Weather-sun and rain
    • Arts-music and dancing
    • Work-coffee picker, fishermen, painting parasols,
  • Venezuela
    • Capital-Caracas
    • Money-Bolivar
    • Language-Spanish
    • Foods-rice ,corn, bananas, coffee, sugar and fruit.
    • Animals- bears, jaguars, anteaters, monkeys, birds, snakes, shrimp, eels and fish, frogs.
    • People-Venezuelans.
    • Landmarks- Angel falls, Canaima national park.
    • Rain forest name-llanos.
    • Famous people-Simon Bolivar and Christopher Columbus
    • Holidays-Christian holidays, Carnival, Independence Day
    • Clothes-t-shirts and jeans and shoes
    • Sports-soccer, baseball, basketball
    • Weather-Very hot and super rainy
    • Longest river-Orinoco river
    • Population- about 23 million.
    • Highest mountain-Pico Bolivar
    • Transportation-boat and trains.
    • Work-in factories and farms .
    • President-Hugo Chavez
  • Vietnam
    • Capital- Ha Noi
    • Money- The Dong
    • Language- Vietnamese
    • Foods-fruits, cobra, bat, eel, fish, vegetables, rice
    • Animal- deer, elephants, tiger, monkeys, crocodiles, boars, jackals, otters, flying squirrels skunks, water buffalo
    • Holidays-National Day September 2-3
    • Sports-soccer races
    • Weather- warm to hot
    • President- Ho Chi Minh
    • Car, bike, motorcycles
    • Art-sculpture
    • Work- firework factory, salt mine, fishing
  • Australia
    • Australia-a continent and a country
    • Capital-Canberra
    • Language-English
    • Foods-cattle and sheep
    • Animals-kangaroos ,koalas, platypuses, wombats, emus, kookaburras, Tasmanian devil and camels.
    • Clothes-same as Americans
    • Weather-hot and very dry and wet
    • Arts-Sydney Opera House and Ayers Rock
    • Location-near equator
    • Largest city-Sydney Harbor
    • Tallest mountain-Mount Kisciuszko
    • Largest lake-Lake Eyre
    • Great Barrier Reef- along the northeast coast of Australia
    • Wild flowers-such as kangaroo paw.