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Abc Weather Book by Mrs. Clarke's Grade
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Abc Weather Book by Mrs. Clarke's Grade


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. A is for avalanche, a large mass of snowor ice that suddenly moves down the sideof a mountain.
  • 2. B is for blizzard. A blizzard is a storm that’s abig rain and snow happening. It is really badand dangerous. It is very slippery and you couldfall.
  • 3. Your Kid pix picture will go hereC is for cyclone. Cyclones spin inthe air like fast wind.
  • 4. D is for Drought A drought is a long period of dry weather.
  • 5. Your Kid pix picture will go hereE is for evaporation. When a lake gets too hotthe water floats up and makes a cloud. Whenthe cloud gets too heavy little drops of water fall.
  • 6. F is for floods and they can happen atyour house and outside and it happensduring a hurricane.
  • 7. G is for going up like water vapor does inthe water cycle.
  • 8. Your Kid pix picture will go hereH is for hail. It can be big like a golfball. It feels like frozen ice.
  • 9. I is for Icicles. Icicles are ice and theycan hang from your house.
  • 10. J is for January. Snow can be fun because youcan play in the snow outside and you can playand make snow angles. You can also fall and itwon’t hurt at all. Snowflakes fall from the sky. Iplay outside with my friends. It is fun outside!
  • 11. Your Kid pix picture will go hereK is for Kites. They fly high in the skybecause when you let the kite go in thesky it will get pushed by the wind.
  • 12. L is for landslide. A landslide is when dirt and rock slide down a mountain or cliff.
  • 13. Your Kid pix picture will go hereM is for measuring with a rain gauge. Somerain gauges use a funnel to catch raindrops. Ascale shows how much rain has fallen in inchesand centimeters.
  • 14. N is for natural disaster. It is verydangerous to be in one. It is very scary tobe in a flood !!!!
  • 15. O is for outside. When we are outside wesee clouds in different shapes.
  • 16. P is for precipitation falling from the sky. Itcould be rain, snow or sleet.
  • 17. Your Kid pix picture will go hereQ is for quake. Earthquakes aredangerous because a lot of peopledie.
  • 18. Your Kid pix picture will go hereR is for rain. Rain falls from the sky. Rain fall for the clouds.
  • 19. S is for chunks of ice cold sleet. Sleet isfrozen water or rain.
  • 20. T is for tsunami. Tsunami is a big waveand it is dangerous.
  • 21. U is for up in the sky. There are all types ofclouds in the sky. There are puffy clouds andflat clouds. Sometimes the clouds look like ananimals.
  • 22. V is for vapor, which is part of the watercycle. The part when the waterevaporates and forms clouds.
  • 23. W is for wind in the air and it’s moving air.
  • 24. X is for extremely windy. When it isextremely windy your toys outside couldblow away.
  • 25. Y is for you who would stay outside withcirrus and cumulus clouds out.
  • 26. Your Kid pix picture will go hereZ is for zig and zag. Lightning zigs and lightning zags. Lightning is a giant spark.
  • 27. This is where we will copy the picture you makeA is for air Wind is air that moves.You breathe air in and out.If we did not have air we would be dead.
  • 28. This is where we will copy the picture you makeB is for blizzard a blizzard is a severewinter storm
  • 29. C is for climate. Climate is weather over aperiod of time. A example is a season.Climate can be sunny, snowy, rainy.
  • 30. D is for dangerous weather. Dangerous weathercan blow roofs off of houses. It can also hurtpeople.
  • 31. E is for Evaporation. Evaporation is part ofwater cycle. When the water is ready to go upto the clouds it goes up as evaporation.
  • 32. F is for fog. Fog is a thick low cloud. It is hard to see through.
  • 33. G is for gale. A gale is a very strong wind and it can blowbetween 32 and 54 miles per hour. A very strong galecan blow over big trees. Hurricane winds are strongerthen gales. Gales can damage buildings too.
  • 34. H is for hurricane. A hurricane is a deadly storm. In fact a hurricane is the most deadly storm on the planet. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a hurricane.
  • 35. I is for icicle. Icicles look like swords or sticks. Some are very sharp. Some are long. Some look like magic wands.
  • 36. J is for July. In July we have hot weather.Hot is high temperature and sun.
  • 37. K is for Kite. You can go outside and playWith a kite. The way you play with a kite take it outside and run and the windblows it.
  • 38. L is for lightning. Lightning is dangerous so stay inside. People can survive lightning or die from it’s effect.
  • 39. M is for Meteorologist. A Meteorologist is Meteorologist a person who predicts the weather. Also when we get a lot of rain or snow they measure how much we get.
  • 40. N is for northeaster. A northeaster happens inthe United States on the east coast. It is ablizzard.
  • 41. O is for outside. Outside is where weatherhappens. If there were no outside there would be no weather.
  • 42. P is for precipitation. It happens when the clouds can’t hold the rain sleet hail or snow. So out it comes.
  • 43. Q is for quake. Earthquakes don’t happen in Waltham. An earthquake happened in Haiti last year.
  • 44. R is for rainbow. After a sun shower a rainbow appears. Rainbows are colorful. They have the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet. Rainbows make me feel good.
  • 45. S is for stratus. A stratus cloud is gray and brings rain. Sometimes they just stay outside and do not bring a single drop of rain
  • 46. T is for Thunder. Thunder is a loud,rumbling sound that comes after a flash oflighting. Thunder is caused by the expansion ofthe air that has been heated by lighting.
  • 47. U is for umbrella you use them when it is rainingOutside. Umbrellas can go flying into a tornado if you were outside.
  • 48. V is for volcano. A volcano is like a big hill with a hole in the top. It can shoot out lava. Also they can be under water too.
  • 49. W is for weather. Weather can be dangerous because sometimes if it is strong enough weather can throw a car.
  • 50. X is for extreme weather. Blizzards are gnoramus snow flurries. Tornados are spinning gusts of wind. Hurricanes can bend trees. These are some kind of extreme weather.
  • 51. Y is for yellow sun. The sun generates heat for us. Without it, we would not be able to live.
  • 52. Z is for zap. A zap of lightning can easilykill you. Lightning can also make thepower go out.