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  • 1. Fun
    This site offers math, reading, science, grammar and more in an entertaining and game-like form. This is a good site for rewarding positive behavior as entertainment while still engaging the students in learning. This could also be used to keep busy the students who finish projects early.
    Click on the following link to play math baseball
  • 2. Kids Know It
    This site is similar to Fun Brain, however the programs go into greater academic detail. While still entertaining / engaging for the students, the scope of the site is more academic. This could also be used to keep busy the students who finish projects early.
  • 3.  ABC Teach
    The themes on this site change monthly. This is a good resource for teachers wanting to extend their lesson plans. At this site teachers can create flash cards, PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities, research ideas and more. This site does require a log in account, however there is no cost incurred.
  • 4. Just Crosswords
    Teachers can create their own vocabulary crossword puzzles for reinforcement, or use one of the many available in a plethora of subject matter, such as astronomy, language arts, medicine, literature, grammar, history, military, music, geography, science, politics and much more.
  • 5.  The Fruit Machine
    This site is used for creating a randomized name choosing program or a randomized list of words, ideas, etc. Any input list can be randomized. One clever use is to create a fun educational game for the students. This is a great opening or summarizing activity. If used in teams, one student faces away from the screen while the other student(s) tries to supply definitions to get the partner to come up with the proper vocabulary term. The game may be enhanced by a timer feature embedded into the program.
  • 6. United Streaming
    This site offers videos on any topic. The clips can range from a few minutes to over an hour. The titles are complete with classroom standards, extended activities, quizzes and more. All the videos may be downloaded onto a personal computer. This is advantageous in that network problems won’t stop the presentation. The site requires a log in account, but there is no charge for its use.
  • 7. BrainPop
    Students receive a brief and interesting introduction to concepts of science, social studies, math, language arts, technology and more. Each segment closes with a 10 question quiz, which may be delivered on paper, or on screen, with hints being on option. There is also a reference to the curriculum standards. This site is always well-received by students and is even interesting to adults. The program requires a site license with size determined by school or county.
  • 8. Lumosity
    This site offers great brain-building activities. It may be used by one player of a group. Students are challenged to create words from the supplied list of letters. The game strengthens vocabulary, retention and concentration. Although it does not comply with any state standards, it is a great closing activity especially for accelerated students who become bored with the monotony of regular school days.
  • 9. Gravity Launch
    Students practice physical science properties of gravity and inertia as they test launch angle and speed as they leave Earth’s gravity and orbit to and around the moon and various satellites. The program becomes more complex as the student progresses.
  • 10. Ed Heads
    At this site students can simulate designing a cell phone, brain surgery, investigate crash scenes, perform hip and knee surgery, plus operate machines and other concepts which are regularly updated. This site offers great student engagement alone and in a group setting. Students who perform surgeries are offered real images of the operations they performed.