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goodpurpose Study 2008


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  • 1. Global Winter 08 Mutually Beneficial Marketing why businesses and brands need a good purpose 2nd Annual goodpurpose study inside
  • 2. And its more important than ever to put meaning into marketing  Only 25 % of people find contentment from the shopping experience* - Recessionary times call for more substance  Over 83 % of consumers are willing to change consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place*  63% of consumers think brands spend too much on marketing/advertising and should put more into a good cause* *Source: Edelman GP global study 2008
  • 3. Recession: The 800lb Gorilla in the room On global level….  Globally (80%) of consumers feel that during a recession, it is still important for brands and companies to set aside money for social purpose  Women are more likely than men to agree that “during a recession it is still important for brands and companies to set aside money for a good cause or purpose” (82% v 78%) and that “if a company has to cut its costs during a recession it should not stop giving to good causes” (75% v 70%).  (68%) of consumers say that in a recession, they would remain loyal to a brand if they support a good cause  (55%) of consumers say that in a recession, they will buy from brands that support a good cause even if it is not the cheapest brand  Nearly one in two consumers say that the economic downturn has made no difference in their support of a good cause Source: New findings from the Edelman goodpurpose 2nd annual study
  • 4. A changing & evolving social business landscape  Consumers move from viewers to collaborators and want to be engaged more than ever before  Consumer citizens & citizen brands emerge  Interest in social purpose works across all demographics: children, millenials, boomers, women especially  Social purpose is now a popular culture force to be reckoned with
  • 5. Why goodpurpose now? media, websites committed to purpose  Good Magazine “is for people who give a damn. it’s an entertaining magazine about things that matter”  New Consumer,,,,,  sublime is the first international ethical lifestyle magazine, partnering aesthetics & ethics  CNN impact your world ,,  Causecast, facebook, socialvibe A new contemporary, more engaging way to look at social purpose marketing
  • 6. Evidence of social purpose abounds
  • 7. Evidence of Social purpose abounds
  • 8. MSR Brand Example
  • 9. Meet the Purpose Purveyors Philanthropists Campaigners Consumers “People like me” Matt Bill & Damon Melinda Gates Millennials George Clooney Bono Tony Blair Women Oprah Al Gore Winfrey Moms Bill Brad Pitt & Clinton Angelina Jolie Children Kofi Annan Richard Branson Muhammad Boomers Yunus
  • 10. Edelman presents helping brands and companies put purpose closer to their core proposition People and brands working together to take action and effect positive social change for mutual benefit A mutual social responsibility initiative
  • 11. social areas cross cultural understanding/diversity education, arts & culture environment human rights/civil rights personal & public health poverty & hunger self esteem/self worth  animal rights & protection
  • 12. 2nd Annual Global Consumer Study October 2008 Canada 500 France 500 UK 500 Germany 500 China USA Japan Italy 1,000 1,000 500 500 India 500 Brazil 500 StrategyOne surveyed 6,000+ consumers across ten countries, aged 18-64
  • 13. Consumers are more involved than ever in social purpose Consumers want to make a difference & prefer brands that do!  Globally, nearly 9 in 10 consumers (87%) feel it is their duty to contribute to a better society and the environment  82% of consumers globally say they can personally make a difference by supporting good causes  83% of consumers are willing to change consumption habits to make tomorrow's world a better place  76% of consumers globally like to buy from brands that make a donation to worthy causes!
  • 14. How much do you personally care about?… Protecting the environment 88% Improving quality of health/healthcare 86% Reducing poverty 84% Equal opportunity to education 82% Supporting human and civil rights 80% Building understanding/respect for other cultures 75% Fighting HIV/AIDS 73% Helping to raise people's self esteem 72% Supporting the creative arts 63% Base: 6,048
  • 15. Does social purpose beat brand design and innovation?  Make money and do good too! 58% of consumers globally are fine with brands that support good causes and make money  55% globally say they would be prepared to pay more for a brand in a recession that supports a good cause they believe in  When choosing between two brands of similar quality & price, a social purpose is what would most affect consumer decisions, globally (42%), ahead of design & innovation (30%) and brand loyalty (27%).
  • 16. Globally, consumers will pay more for & evangelize good cause brands  Over half of consumers globally would help a brand promote its products if there was a good cause behind it  Globally, 52% are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause than one that does not  Nearly seven in 10 globally (69%) would be prepared to pay more for eco- friendly products
  • 17. Brands weighing in many different ways…