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  • Ask questions over Twitter.
    I’ll also pause for a short moment after each slide. Feel free to shout out a question.
    Also, please Geo tag your tweets if your client supports it.
  • - Organizers
    - Sponsors
    - Venue (since the demise of Workspace)
  • A lot of talks in Vancouver are technical in nature or about social media.
    The business implications of geolocation will drive this talk.

    InfoUSA mainly provides listings for enterprises. They live in the B2B world.

  • The base mapping data is all owned by either NavTeq or by Tele Atlas.

    1) NavTeq is owned by Nokia
    2) Tele Atlas is owned by Tom Tom

    Device manufacturers do not like this. Apple and RIM have to partner with competitors for their devices.
  • This is supposed to be a Google Street View van.

    There isn’t a whole lot of disruption so far. Most of the disruption is coming from services higher up in the data stack. This is a difficult area to compete in because of the massive amounts of data that is required.

    Slowly but surely, traditional web companies are building up their data though.
  • That’s not a pipe. It’s a picture of a pipe.

    Linguists distinguish between the reality in your head and the reality out there.

    The difference between the map and the location is intelligence. What you need is data about the real world.

  • They own the data behind features like Street View. They own data to give traffic directions.
  • Placebase is a startup that was acquired by Apple last year. Their technology can produce tables, charts, and reports on top of maps.
  • Augmented Views.
    Layar Reality Browser on the left.
  • Real-time

  • It’s Wikipedia applied to listings.
    Pros: Gets updated instantaneously
    Cons: Not reliable quality
  • With traditional directory services. Biggest ad spend wins. With social networks, that is not necessarily the case. You listen to your friends more.
  • Flixster
  • That was the data. Know to the functional stack.
  • Skyhook Wireless
    Assisted GPS only on the iPad!

  • Display ads are boring.

  • Facebook -> Zynga -> OfferPal/SuperRewards

    Foursquare is NOT the Facebook of mobile.
    Foursquare in NOT the Zynga of mobile.
  • Gowalla owes me an iPod Nano.
  • - Organizers
    - Sponsors
    - Venue (since the demise of Workspace)
  • GeoLocation DemoCamp10 Vancouver

    1. 1. DEMOCAMP VANCOUVER 10 Geo Location Parveen Kaler (@kaler)
    2. 2. @kaler #dcyvr10 vCard: o t! -to g eo
    3. 3. THANK YOU!
    4. 4. CONSUMER FOCUS (Eg. I have no idea how FedEx’s operations work) (Eg. I have no idea how InfoUSA’s business model works) (Eg. I have no idea how oil/mining companies use GIS data)
    5. 5. OVERVIEW • The Technology Stack • Disruption • Revenue Models & Monetization
    6. 6. THE STACK • Data Stack • Functional Stack • Map Data • Hardware • Intelligence • Data Formats • Listings • Platforms / API
    7. 7. MAP DATA Who owns it?
    8. 8. MAP DATA Where is the disruption?
    9. 9. THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRAIN Location
    10. 10. MAP INTELLIGENCE Who owns it? •Google Maps •Bing Maps •Yahoo Maps •MapQuest
    11. 11. MAP INTELLIGENCE Where is the disruption? Placebase Acquired by Apple
    12. 12. MAP INTELLIGENCE Where is the disruption?
    13. 13. MAP INTELLIGENCE Where is the disruption?
    14. 14. MAP LISTINGS Who owns it? •YellowPage •CanPages •Other Directory Services
    15. 15. MAP LISTINGS Where is the disruption? User-generated or Crowd-sourced content
    16. 16. MAP LISTINGS Where is the disruption? Web & Social Netowks
    17. 17. MAP LISTINGS Where is the disruption? Fragmentation. Multiple Verticals.
    18. 18. THE STACK • Data Stack • Functional Stack • Map Data • Hardware • Intelligence • Data Formats • Listings • Platforms / API
    19. 19. HARDWARE • GPS • Cell tower triangulation • Assisted GPS (wifi)
    20. 20. HARDWARE Where is the disruption? Idea: Crowd Source, Assisted GPS
    21. 21. PLATFORM API • Core Location • WebKit • Location • Location • Heading • Map Scrolling • Speed • Alititude
    22. 22. MONETIZATION
    23. 23. DISPLAY ADS • AdMob • Quattro Wireless (Acquired by Apple)
    24. 24. CLICK TO CALL • It’s like pay-per-click (PPC) for phones • Trialed by Google in 2006-2007 • Slowly integrating back into Google Voice & Adsense
    25. 25. OFFERS
    26. 26. VIRTUAL ITEMS
    27. 27. THANK YOU!