Content and Strategy


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Using blogs, content and social media to drive business results for your brand

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  • Content and Strategy

    1. 1. Content and StrategyUsing blogs, content and social media to drivebusiness results for your brandPriit Kallas,
    2. 2. Goals Concrete! Measurable! Number! Unit! Dollars!
    3. 3. 98%most visitors dont come to buy
    4. 4. Who are you?What do you offer?What problem do you solve?Why should I care?
    5. 5. Bad goals Fan count Visitors Etc.
    6. 6. Good goals
    7. 7. Steps1. Bring them in2. Get a permission to interact3. Convert
    8. 8. General model Prospect activities Internet Sale marketing (Lead) activities Money
    9. 9. (View)(Click)SharingPermissionLead
    10. 10. Sale! (action) Image
    11. 11. Model?! Landing Ad page Offer in LandingFacebook Facebook page Sale Mailing- Landing Twitter Blog post list page Service/ Email from Search Blog post Meeting product prospect
    12. 12. Facebook wall post Landing page Facebook ad SALE!
    13. 13. Action to measure! Google Analytics: Goal1000 123Action 123 converts Thankpage you -877
    14. 14. Model?! Consistency, predictability, and repeatability are the foundation of great results:►Experiment with different models.►Find out what works for you.Experiment Works? Repeat!
    15. 15. Target groupWhom are you selling to?What do you know about them?What can you do for them?
    16. 16. Hands on What are the interests of your target group? Model: what are the realistic steps from interest to action?
    17. 17. Content strategy1. Give value2. Grow your opt-in list3. Become a resource/expert in your filed
    18. 18. Give value Knowledge and help Money, free, deals Entertainment
    19. 19. Low participation ratelifestyle, fun, deals, action
    20. 20. Participate and win 2500 euro New Years Eve party
    21. 21. High participation rateknowledge, community, lifestyle, expert/guru
    22. 22. Solve a problem or satisfy a need!
    23. 23. Which gadget to buy?!
    24. 24. Continuous participation (B2B)knowledge, partner, colleague, help, expert/guru
    25. 25. Where to store contentAll content must be stored on your website.Videos can be stored on YouTube and slides onSlideShares, but present them embedded into yourwebsite!
    26. 26. Your website is the Foundation  Value  SEO„No matter what I hear, read, or find on TV, radio, or in a magazine or newspaper, I can verify it on the Internet.“ -- Forrester Research
    27. 27. Content typesTextImagesVideosPresentationsAudioTools and widgetsConsumer generated content
    28. 28. TextPosts/ArticlesWhite papersPress releasesFacebook wallTweestComments
    29. 29. VideoAdviceWebinarsTestimonialsCase studiesInterviewsEntertainmentYoutube/Vimeomax 100sec
    30. 30. SlidesPresentationsWebinars/Lists
    31. 31. ImagesProduct picturesInfographicsStatisticsProcessesEvents
    32. 32. ToolsHelpfulFun
    33. 33. Consumer generated contentCommentsReviewsRatings
    34. 34.
    35. 35. RegularcontentInformation that can be updated regularly:week, month, quarter, yearBest ads of the monthWeekly top of XQuarterly earnings report
    36. 36. Best Practices What works? Lists Top10 How-tos Resource lists Statistics and trends Case studies Regular posting
    37. 37. Recycle once is not enough!MAX strategy:If you have createa a big pieceof valuable content, spread itthrough all your availablechannels.Present your content indifferent formats and channels.
    38. 38. Hands on Write 20 headlines with a short lead for your content. Come up with 5 repeatable topics. What 2 tools/widgets would your target audience want to use?
    39. 39. 5s on page SEOTitleAddressH1 – HeadlinesMeta descriptionXML sitemap(sitemap.xml, robots.txt) 41
    40. 40. Content planning What content How often Dealing with comments, reviews, and ratings What tools to offer?
    41. 41. The more content youhave, the more visitors you get!
    42. 42. Google keyword tool
    43. 43. advice, news, interview, events, ask questions, reviews, top 10, guestblogger, +/-, books, resource list, link list, answer comments, post series, list of best posts, explaincomplicated, image (of the day), X for beginners, statistics, how-to, recommendations, leagal aspects, mythbuster
    44. 44. Promotion
    45. 45. Make it easy to share!Give permission to share everythingEncourage to share and comment
    46. 46. EngagingCall-to-actionHighlighting top contentEmail and RSS signups
    47. 47.
    48. 48. Links• Partners, friend, people you know• Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.• Topical blogs and forums• Relevant directories• Who links to comeptitors?
    49. 49. Who links to you/competitor:""
    50. 50. Hands on Create a link building plan (X quality links per month)
    51. 51. Driving conversionsGoal:Drive people from social networking sites to your website.Convert people on your website.
    52. 52. BlogPost 2-3 times a weekAsk colleagues to commentAnswer all commentsFind out who links to posts and communicateVisit commenters blogs and reciprocate
    53. 53. FacebookPost relevant content1 post per dayAnswer psots and commentsParticipate on related pages
    54. 54. TwitterFind and retweet 5 relevant tweetsAnswer to othersFind and follow influsencers in your topicFollow new followers (if not spam)
    55. 55. LinkedInAccept new connectionsFind influencersJoin relevant groupsFind discussions to participateWrite recommendationsAdd content to your profile: slides, books, blogs
    56. 56. PinterestPin content as you find itFind relevant boards to followAccept new board invitationsFind content to repinComment and like on other pins
    57. 57. Planningresources
    58. 58. Pople Whos involved? C-level support
    59. 59. Time It takes more time than you think. Get commitment from people who will help you. Prioritize content creation.
    60. 60. MoneySalary expensesAds and other bought mediaWeb dev and toolsAgency/consultantContent creation
    61. 61. 1
    62. 62. 21
    63. 63. Tactical steps20 Steps to Write a Blog Post to Tweet, Email, and Post on Facebook? to Write Long-Lasting Blog Posts Content Grid: Content Marketing in a Blink [Infographic]
    64. 64. Hands on Create content strategy and plan Whos involved and what they do? How often? What channels?
    65. 65. ResultsAnalytics (referral, search, social)Posts life spanCommantsSharingLinksLeadsSales – Dollars – Euros
    66. 66. Thanks! Priit,