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The rapid changes in the fresh produce supply chains are forcing companies to adapt strategies to bring the produce on the consumer’s table as fresh as possible. Unlike other goods, fresh produce easily goes to decay and has a higher requirement for safety. Low cost transportation and in effect leading to the whole supply chain can become a major advantage for the supermarkets. Management of supply chain in fresh produce thus requires a concreted effort on improving transportation practices. Firstly the management of the logistics of fresh produce, including the development and management of different varieties, implementation of criteria, supervision of quality, packing, transportation, storage, processing and distribution. The other relates to the efficient management of the relation and organization, including the selection of suitable logistic channels and partners, determination of contracts, allocation of added value, and maintenance of long-term partnership and smooth running of the supply chain. Our study examines the strategies of different retailers and develops a model based on the supply chain strategies and consumer base of the firm.

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Sushant kumar scm in food industry

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management in Fresh ProduceSupply Chain Management in Fresh ProduceRetailing: Evidence from Indian RetailersRetailing: Evidence from Indian RetailersPresented ByPresented By::Mr. Kumar SushantMr. Kumar SushantOUTLINE OF PRESENTIONOUTLINE OF PRESENTIONIntroductionObjectivesMethodologyGeneral model of Supply chain systemAnalysisInferencesRecommendation
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION:INDIAN fresh fruits and vegetables distributionsystem.Requirement of improving transportation practicesin fresh produce retailers.Supply chain forcing companies to changestrategies.Regulation related to the supply chain of fresh fruitsand vegetables.INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION:Provides the critical linkage between the foodproduction stage ,suppliers and consumers;Assures the timely and efficient distribution offoods to meet consumer demand for affordablefood;Maintains the quality and safety of the food until itis purchased by consumers;Adoption of new technology for the transportationof perishable fruits and vegetables.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVESOBJECTIVESTo analyze the importance of supply chain in freshproduce retailingExamining the strategies of retail firmsIn ensuring, the consumers get the freshproduce at their tableNo compromise on cost and qualityRole of transporting these produce from themarket to the storeRecommendations for the studyMETHODOLOGYMETHODOLOGYExploratory research.Survey through questionnaire.In depth interview with operations manager.Customer perception data captured throughquestionnaire.Identify the attributes which play a significantrole in building the perceptual model .
  4. 4. RetailerConsumerFood IndustryAgri-IndsutryFarmerInput supplierIndustrializedcountryDevelopingcountryANALYSISANALYSISTRANSPORTATIONTRANSPORTATIONBy and large own transport facility but some dooutsource.Believe damage to produce is minimum duringtransportation.Transportation cost compare to procurement cost.
  5. 5. FRESHNESSFRESHNESSDuring TransportationIn Ware HouseIn Retail shopRefrigeration system.WARE HOUSEWARE HOUSEMajor of them have Ware house.FRUITS AND VEGETABLES VARIETYFRUITS AND VEGETABLES VARIETYSome of them have a number of fruits andvegetables variety
  6. 6. PRICEPRICEPrice of fruits and vegetables compare to others.Price fixing for fruits and vegetables.OTHER PARAMETERSOTHER PARAMETERSMiddle men involvement.Decision maker for purchasing of fruits andvegetables.Major customers.Forecasting for purchase of fruits and vegetables byRetail shops.
  7. 7. INFERENCESINFERENCES+ +- -- -- -Food bazaar+ +- -- -- -Fab mall+ +- -- -- -Reliance freshfruits andvegetables+ +- -- -- -Monday toSunday+ +- -- -- -SubhikshaFacilityDistanceTimeCostFORMAT OFTHE STORES+ +- -+-Food bazaar+ +- -+-Fab mall+ +- -+-Reliance freshfruits andvegetables+ +- -+-Monday toSunday+ +- -+-SubhikshaFreshnessDamageOwnTransportationMiddlemenFORMAT OFTHESTORES
  8. 8. + ++Food bazaar+ ++Fab mall+ +-Reliance freshfruits andvegetables+ +-Monday toSunday+-SubhikshaVarietiesOptimumpriceFORMAT OFTHE STORESSUP SP YL SY TEC MH SAINMARKETING STRATEGIES•MONDAY TO SUNDAY•FOOD BAZAR•FABMALL••RELIANCESUBHIKSHA•NAMDHARI
  9. 9. INFERENCESINFERENCESFRESHNESSIIPRICEIVARIETYIIIACCESSIBILITYIVCustomer loyaltyCompanyperformanceRecommendationsRecommendationsRetail store should keep their own logistics.Maintain the freshness during Transportation, inware house and in Retail shop.A variety of fruits and vegetables in their stores.Price should be optimum.
  10. 10. THANKS…