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LCME Clikzy Examples

  1. 1. WEB THIS WAYDESIGNEXAMPLES 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330
  2. 2. The Bryce Harlow FoundationWebsite: Challenges: The Bryce Harlow Foundation At first, we planned on building the reached out to Clikzy in need of a new BHF site on a Joomla CMS website redesign, an easy-to- platform. As we pushed forwardServices Provided: manage CMS platform, and some with the design of the site, we-Custom Website Redesign advanced functionality. The previ- suspected that Wordpress would be ous Bryce Harlow website was built a better fit for their needs and for-Wordpress CMS Platform on a Cold Fusion (.cfm) platform, their team to learn. Now they are-Blog Design & Setup which is an older technology that is able to manage their site on their-Donation Integration difficult to manage, especially if you own and create new blog posts with are not a developer. The design itself ease. The new design projects a-Alumni Directory was outdated and needed to be modern, professional, and trustwor--Custom Interactive revitalized to reflect how BHF has thy persona. The interactive aspects Team page grown and appeal to a younger on the homepage and the Current-Photo Gallery audience. Lastly, they needed to Fellows page appeal to this implement a robust, searchable generation’s tech-savvy audience. In Alumni Directory, add in a Blog, and the end, the Bryce Harlow Founda- allow users to pay for and register tion team was thrilled with their new for their annual Award’s Dinner site. online.
  3. 3. NAPABA (National Asian Pacific American Bar Association)Website: Challenges: Solutions: The NAPABA annual conventions To address all of NAPABA’s needs, are held in high regard in the law we built a website whose minimal community, and as such, they and inviting aesthetics mirrored itsServices Provided: needed a website that reflected ease of use. Though the schedule their esteem. Aside from creating a portion of the site took a good-Custom Website Redesign clean and professional website amount of planning and testing, we-Wordpress CMS Platform design, NAPABA’s main concern were able to create a successful was to create a Schedule platform platform that allowed users to sort- Custom Schedule Database within the site that was intuitive for through the Convention by day,-News & Media Setup their users. This Schedule function morning or night, and time. This-Donation Integration 108 N Payne Street had to allow a user to easily access allowed users to easily access all of-Sponsor scroll any given Convention day and see the information that was so hard to Alexandria, VA the events being hosted, location, digest on the old website. We also 703.567.4330 and details. Lastly, we needed to create a platform where the built a news & media section that was searchable and sortable by NAPABA team could upload news categories, date, and media type. articles and different media pieces. The clients were happy with the site and would like to create a mobile platform with us in the near future.
  4. 4. Fairvote ActionWebsite: Challenges: FairVote Action came to Clikzy We approached the FairVote Action with the goal of creating a new custom website design with the website that reached out to a new, goal of creating a professional butServices Provided: youthful audience, that focused on fun atmosphere for users who are-Custom Website Design their grassroots campaigns. young and modern, but passionate Though successful in their main about playing a real and active role-Wordpress CMS Platform website, FairVote wanted the new in our democratic society. We-Blog Design & Setup FairVote Action website to go in a implemented a blog, donation page,-Donation Integration more creative direction that and a community section that engages their youth audience and allows users to find events and-3rd party integration encourages them to take action and actions that are taking place nation--Interactive promote an active, participatory, wide. Another unique feature was“Problems/Solutions” page and fully representative democracy. the “Problems/Solutions” page, The site needed to be easy to which lays out statements and navigate, and very straightforward questions that frequently arise, and in their approach to get information the answers or solutions to the out to users clearly and concisely. problem. Designing this page to be interactive emphasizes the idea that educating yourself can be fun and easy!
  5. 5. Lolly’s LocksWebsite: Challenges: Holding this cause very dear to her We chose a color palette that was heart, Jaime of Lolly’s Locks vivid and bright: using white, blue, wanted a website designed for the teal, pink, and yellow as the mainServices Provided: new non-profit she was starting, in colors. This color scheme is positive-Custom Website Redesign honor of her mother who lost her and gives the site a feminine touch - battle with cancer. The goal was to without alienating any audiences. In-Wordpress CMS Platform create a website that allows women order to allow users to interact with-Blog Design & Setup to obtain high quality wigs, who one another and share their stories,-Custom Donation Page and would not be able to afford to we built a forum where people can otherwise. It was important for the create an account and profile, andFunction Lolly’s Locks website to be bright, start sharing. Regarding the applica--Forum inviting, and elegant: embodying all tion for the wigs, we custom-Video Integration that Lolly was and her positive spirit. designed the form and allowed the Jaime wanted a place where users applications to be easily stored and could share their stories, view sendable to the company that upcoming news and events, apply creates them. Lastly, we custom for a wig, and donate to the cause. designed and developed a Donation With so many mundane donation page with interactive amount pages out there, Jaime wanted this buttons, and the ability to donate in page to be particularly special. honor/memory of a loved one.
  6. 6. The Littlest LambWebsite: Challenges: The Littlest Lamb organization was We decided to build the new web- looking to redesign their very site on a Wordpress CMS platform outdated website, in hopes of because of the amount of contentServices Provided: establishing a more professional Littlest Lamb planned to push out-Custom Website Redesign online presence and inspiring through their site, and the fact that others to join them in their efforts Wordpress has a very user-friendly-Wordpress CMS Platform to improve the lives of orphans, a back end. We used fun fonts and-Blog Design & Setup cause they are clearly passionate images of lamby, their well known-Donate Page about. Being active bloggers and mascot, to bring a personal and hosting a variety of events, the warm touch to a website that-E-commerce Shop news/blog portion of the website is represents an organization with-Photo gallery very important. Their old site, how- such a big heart. We also wanted to ever, listed out all of the blog posts capitalize on how frequently they and events directly on the homep- used Flickr, so we integrated a age, in a chaotic and neverending photo gallery that would pull from scroll - with no filtering method. their Flickr account. We made it Clikzy’s goal was to give the website easy for users to get involved and a facelift, including improving the purchase paraphenalia. Lastly, we functionality and building a user- designed a blog that was filterable friendly and intuitive navigation. by categories and archives
  7. 7. NCSC XLI Georgetown Model UNWebsite: Challenges: Solutions: The Georgetown International We chose to work with Joomla for Relations Association hosts two both the NCSC and NAIMUN web- Model UN conferences annually, sites because of the ease of use in and came to Clikzy in order to have the back end, and because bothServices Provided: both conferences’ websites rede- websites are small in size and easily signed. The NCSC XLI and NAIMUN manageable through Joomla. Taking-Custom Website Redesign Model UN conferences are well- inspiration from the White House-Joomla CMS Platform renowned and a privilege to attend. website, we created a professional GIRA wanted to give both sites a look that was modern and appeal--News Setup facelift and establish a more profes- ing to a younger audience. We-3rd party integration for sional online presence, that made sure the information on howregistration attracted more students to the to apply for the conference, and the-Contact form conferences. The registration and login area were both easy to access application process were also not and prominent. As we are living in-Homepage Image Slider very easy before, and GIRA wanted an increasingly social media driven to create a more straightforward society, we included a Twitter feed and clear process for this. and a latest news feed - so users can quickly access the most recent happenings with both NCSC and NAIMUN.
  8. 8. Hill Snowdon FoundationWebsite: Challenges: Solutions: The Hill Snowdon Foundation Our approach was to develop the needed their website redesigned in new website on a Wordpress CMS a manner that allowed their team platform. This allows Hill SnowdonServices Provided: to manage and update the website to update and manage their own-Custom Website Redesign themselves. The previous Hill Snow- site, especially after we provided don website was built on a propri- them with training videos showing-Wordpress CMS Platform etary CMS platform, which they how to do just that. Being a flexible-Flash Homepage Intro could not manage or update them- platform, it was easy to implementBanner selves and had to constantly pay the two separate login areas - for board CMS company in order to make members and for current partners.-Downloadable PDF Publica- changes. The visual aesthetics were Having this new login area allowedtions outdated and the functionality of us to nest the grant application-News Setup the site needed to increase in order behind the login, so the users who-Board Members & Current for the website to become a tool to were filling out applications were help coordinate with board mem- able to do so in a private environ-Partners Login bers and facilitate the application ment. Also, in the spirit of becoming process for grants - all capabilities a resource for its users, we added that the old website lacked. downloadable pdf publications to the website, that users can down- load freely.