2012CriKit- Desktop Private Cloud                    Paul Morse                    5/7/2012
May 7, 2012   [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]OverviewCriKit, which stands for Cloud Resource and Infrastructure Kit, was c...
May 7, 2012    [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Management/Development WorkstationCriKit comes with a high-powered workstati...
May 7, 2012    [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Another game changing aspect of CriKit is how it will be used by software ve...
May 7, 2012   [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Green is Required AttireThere are many very cool and valuable aspects to CriK...
May 7, 2012   [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]For more information on CriKit, please visit –http://www.usmicro.comhttp://ww...
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CriKit Desktop Private Cloud - Green Computing


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The CriKit Desktop Private cloud is an extremely energy efficient private cloud platform that fits on a desk. Using advanced MicroServer technology, CriKit is an extremely capable, flexible and expandable computing platform. Not only does CriKit help organizations meet their computing needs, it also reduces electrical consumption related to computing and lowers an organizations carbon footprint.


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CriKit Desktop Private Cloud - Green Computing

  1. 1. 2012CriKit- Desktop Private Cloud Paul Morse 5/7/2012
  2. 2. May 7, 2012 [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]OverviewCriKit, which stands for Cloud Resource and Infrastructure Kit, was created out of necessity. Asof January 2012, there was no low-cost, energy-sipping, compact, multi-node and powerfulprivate cloud hardware solution on the market. Anyone who wanted to experiment with complexPrivate Cloud software technologies needed to pay the major hardware vendors significant sumsor try to build one themselves. CriKit brings the commercial cost entry point for Private Cloudplatforms into a cost range that is affordable for the mass audience.CriKit is intended to be used by a wide variety of roles, including software developers, testersand QA, plus training, demonstration and educational users. Because it employs generic Intelx86 computing platforms that run all major hypervisors and operating systems, it can be usedacross industries on a wide variety of applications in addition to cloud computing, includinggeneral purpose, financial and scientific computing. In many ways, CriKit is the future of smallbusiness and departmental computing, in addition to being a cloud platform.What is in a CriKit?CriKit has been designed to meet the requirements of a user that puts the system through itspaces. Testers, trainers and developers need to have a platform that is fast, flexible andchangeable as required. CriKit is expandable in a wide variety of ways, but the base systemcontains the following items:Computing NodesCriKit contains 4 energy-efficient compute nodes that include an Intel Server Motherboard, a 64Bit Intel Xeon Server CPU, 16 GB of RAM, Dual 1 Gb Ethernet Network Interface Controllers (NIC’s) and a 180 GB Solid State Drive ( SSD). The SSD can be upgraded on request andadditional compute nodes can be added as needed.External StorageCriKit comes standard with a 2 TB NAS system that provides NFS, CIFS, FTP and HTTPcapabilities to meet the persistent storage needs of virtualization and cloud computingenvironments. Storage is upgradeable to 16 TB in a single desktop enclosure and multipleenclosures are possible.1 Gb Ethernet SwitchCriKit comes standard with an 8 Port, unmanaged, 1 Gb Ethernet switch. Managed switches, andswitches with more ports for larger CriKit implementations are available.Keyboard, Video and Mouse SwitchA high-quality, 8 node DVI/USB switch is included with CriKit. This switch can be daisy-chained with additional switches to accommodate 511 CriKit compute nodes and oneManagement Workstation.© Paul Morse Page 1
  3. 3. May 7, 2012 [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Management/Development WorkstationCriKit comes with a high-powered workstation to manage the cloud environment and providehigh developer productivity. Included in the workstation are:  Intel Core i5 processor  8 GB of RAM  1 TB Hard Disk Drive  1 Gb Ethernet NIC  19” LED Monitor  Keytronic Keyboard  Microsoft optical mouseIn addition, all cables are included with CriKit. Additional installation options are available onrequest.Why buy a CriKit?There is an unfortunate truth in the enterprise software world – computing solutions havebecome increasingly complex. This complexity has increased the costs of almost all aspects oftesting, training, demos and general infrastructure around these solutions. Before CriKit, theentry level price for multi-node, complex software platforms was in the vicinity of $50,000.00.Plus, the solutions took up a lot of space and still consumed a lot of energy. CriKit is acompletely new type of solution that allows a wide variety of roles to increase their productivitywhile lowering costs and energy consumption. CriKit and its varied configurations are great forPrivate and Hybrid Cloud and Big Data projects where you need to develop, test, evaluate, demo,or just plain tinker, with multi-node or cluster solutions. Everybody that does those things for aliving looks at a CriKit and instinctively knows it has value. It’s a zippy, quiet, energy-sipping,multi-terabyte, mini-data-center-on-a-desk. What’s not to like? But, that is just the beginning.CriKit Will Change The GameThe compact size of CriKit brings an entirely new dimension to cloud and cluster computing. Ifyou are involved in training or trade show demonstrations, you now have a portable solution tohelp accomplish your goals. Think how much more effective you can be with a true multi-nodesystem that fits in a box or suitcase? If you currently haul a heavy blade system or racks to tradeshows and events, think about how much money you can save in shipping costs and labor.Anyone who deals with event invoices knows exactly what that means. Further, if you currentlyonly bring literature to shows because there is no cost-effective way to demonstrate your multi-node solution, well, now you can strut your stuff in public. And, we’ve all seen the multi-nodevirtualized demo running on a laptop and heard the excuses of why it is running so slow, or notat all. Those days are over.© Paul Morse Page 2
  4. 4. May 7, 2012 [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Another game changing aspect of CriKit is how it will be used by software vendors to winbusiness. For the first time, a complete multi-node solution is available at a much lower cost thanother alternatives. This allows software vendors to purchase a CriKit and use it to win business.For example, if a vendor is competing for an enterprise software deal that could result in a largesale and many years of support revenue, the cost of a CriKit is trivial and they can buy theprospect a CriKit and let them use the software at their leisure, while dramatically lowering theburden on the IT department. A desk, some power and maybe a network tap are all that is neededto run very complex solutions for customers and prospects. This is actually huge for manysoftware vendors and sales productivity could skyrocket for complex, multi-node solutions.Education and TrainingThe world of education and training will be changed dramatically by CriKit. Because CriKit canrun enough light servers for a 30 person class, it is ideal for education and training. For a schoolclassroom, with CriKit, the students come in, log in, start up their virtual machine, use it for theduration of the class, save their config and then shut it down before they leave the room. Thenext class comes in, logs in, starts up their virtual machines and goes through the sameprocess. In the future, teachers will routinely tell their students, “ Ok kids, don’t forget to saveand shut down your virtual machines before you leave.”For business training, companies will be able to have complete environments in the classroom toassist with the training of complex, multi-machine systems. All trainers understand the superiorvalue of providing hands-on training for complex systems. Hands-on training has downstreambenefits such as lower support costs and CriKit can play an extended role in on-site support andproblem resolution as well.Being Zippy Makes a Big DifferenceWe designed CriKit to use Solid State Hard Drives, or SSD’s. The enhanced productivity thatSSD’s bring to the CriKit environment can’t be overlooked. Every routine task happens fasterwith SSD’s. Start ups, shut downs, log ins, application execution, compiles and user interfaceactions that read or write from disk are all approximately 3 times faster with SSD’s compared tospinning disk. If you are a developer or tester, you want things to happen now. Slow machinessuck. If you are a product trainer or demonstrator you want your product to perform quickly togive the best impression of your solution. Every product demonstrator or trainer knows the valueof an application that starts up quickly vs. one that chugs into existence, or a user interface thatsnaps into place vs. one that takes its sweet time loading in front of a big prospect. Being zippymakes a difference, and CriKit is zippy in most everything you request of it. Further, wecompared Spinning, Hybrid and Solid State Drives and determined that SSD’s are worth everyextra penny because of the increase in productivity they deliver. SSD’s let you do more things ina given period of time and that means increased productivity, period. The main question to askwhen considering the value of SSD’s is, “What’s my time worth? “© Paul Morse Page 3
  5. 5. May 7, 2012 [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]Green is Required AttireThere are many very cool and valuable aspects to CriKit, but being super energy-efficient maybe the coup de grace. Each CriKit compute node draws about 1 KiloWatt Hour of electricityevery 40 hours. The rate for Kwh’s varies by utility, from cheap to expensive. Washington Stateis around 7.5 cents per Kwh, to Connecticut being around 18 cents per Kwh. So, that means aCriKit node in Washington costs 7.5 cents to operate for a 40 hour work week, and inConnecticut it costs 18 cents. But wait, there’s more. If each CriKit node can run 4 virtualizedservers, that means each server costs just 1.85 cents in electricity in Washington to run for thatweek. Breaking it down further, each virtualized server costs just .04625 cents per hour inelectricity. However, If you run 8 servers per compute node, the cost is a miniscule .023 cents anhour, or .185 cents a day ( less than 1/5 of 1 penny). If you are running any servers that are 5years old and use a single thread per processor, you owe it to the people of this planet to makesome serious changes and reduce your energy consumption, like buy a CriKit to consolidatesome of the energy hogs.There is another aspect with CriKit that is not addressed very much in the server world, and thatis reuse and disposal of the units. “How long will the system have a useful life?”, and “What arethe disposal costs?” are key questions that need answers. With CriKit, these are two areas inwhich we absolutely demolish any competition. Here’s why :CriKit is modular for a reason. Each CriKit compute node can be used – unmodified – as adesktop computer. The compute nodes are server boards and processors, but they run Windows 7very fast and will be Windows 8 capable. This means each node can have an extended life in theorganization far beyond the original intended use, if so desired. Further, because there is onlyone moving part- and that is an easily replaceable CPU fan- the MTBF is mainly dependent on areplaceable fan which is designed for long life.Disposal advantages. All computers come to an end of life and need to be disposed of. Disposalis costly. In 10 years, when the CriKit nodes you buy today may reach the end of their life cycle,disposal will be even more expensive. So, the question becomes, “In 10 years, would you ratherdispose of a 3 pound compute node, or a 15 pound compute node?”. The answer is obvious.CriKit will save disposal costs and reduce required landfill space in the future. The costs of everyaspect of the disposal chain will be reduced in the future by using CriKit today.We designed CriKit with green aspects as key design points. It had to have superior energyefficiency and be reusable to extend value with low disposal costs compared to any other option.From a green perspective, CriKit wins and there isn’t anybody else even close. Trail blazing ishard work, but in this case, CriKit sets a bar that others will strive to beat and that will eventuallybenefit us all.ConclusionAs you have seen, there is more to a CriKit than being a compact, energy-efficient DesktopPrivate Cloud computing environment. The computing world needs compact, energy-sippingsolutions that are built to help protect the planet and increase productivity at the same time.© Paul Morse Page 4
  6. 6. May 7, 2012 [CRIKIT- DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD]For more information on CriKit, please visit –http://www.usmicro.comhttp://www.crikit.infohttp://www.cloudademia.com© Paul Morse Page 5