Goal10 b part3


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Goal10 b part3

  1. 1. Goal 11 Part 3 JFK Presidency 1960-1963
  2. 2. Election of 1960 John F. Kennedy (DEM.) defeated Richard M. Nixon (REP)Reasons:(1) JFK supported Civil Rights Movement(2) First televised debates1960 election:Closest in History
  3. 3. Kennedy’s Domestic / Foreign Policy ***************** New Frontier ****************** - programs to (1) improve the economy, (2) assist the poor (3) advance the American space program and (4) international aid Best and the Brightest – JFKs advisors Flexible response: Kennedy’s plan to take money out of Nuclear warheads and put it in military = Green Berets (Downsizing nuclear warfare) Complete opposite of Eisenhower
  4. 4. Crisis in Cuba Fidel Castro –was openly a communist andwelcomed support from the Soviet Union How Castro take over in Cuba Promise of democracyto the Cuban people/ couldend poverty and many otherproblems Leads a revolution over Batista (1959)
  5. 5. ***** THE BAY OF PIGS ****** (1961) - Kennedy A “FAILED” / “Miscalculated” invasion of Cuba to overthrow Castro Effect: made America look BAD!!!
  6. 6. CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS Situation: Soviet Unionhad missiles stationed in Cuba Result: AMERICAN HYSTERIA / PANIC Response: America put missiles in Turkey*2 Countries that were “directly” connected to the Cuban Missile Crisis(1) Soviet Union(2) U.S. NOT CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 7. Foreign problems with JFK Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis*Berlin Wall = 1961increased tensions inEurope(physical Iron curtain?)Purpose: to stop“refugees” from EAST Berlin fleeing into WEST Berlin (East Berliners wanted to be free of Communism)*Ugly symbol of Communism – Berlin Wall is destroyed in 1989
  8. 8. Ways to ease the tension in the ColdWar / Kennedy and Khrushchev (1) Hot Line direct phone line between S.U. and U.S. (2) Limited Test Ban Treaty banning above-ground testing of nuclear weapons (U.S. and S.U.)
  9. 9. New Frontier (Space program)Space Program - NASA-* Created as a result of the launching of SPUTNIKYuri Gagarin = (1st human in space) – S.U.Alan Shepard (1st American in space)RACE to the MOON - U.S. wins = Neil Armstrong (1st man on the moon)MAJOR RESULT: Colleges and universities all over America increased their emphasis on science and other courses that could advance America (in that nature)
  10. 10. Kennedy’s New Frontier Point: to address POVERTY abroad(International Aid)(1) Peace Corps - a program of volunteer assistance to the developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America (HUGE SUCCESS)(2) Alliance for Progress - another foreign aid program PURPOSE: Improve relations withLatin America*BOTH = THINK John F. Kennedy
  11. 11. Tragedy in Dallas November 22, 1963 (JFK is assassinated) Lee Harvey Oswald  Communist living in Cuba, was arrested Oswald = shot and killed by Jack Ruby (nightclub owner) while he was being transferred to prison *** Warren Commission *** - investigative agency on the JFK assassination (ton of conspiracies)
  12. 12. Explain “ONE” major result of each event listed below:(Keep it simply accurate)Kennedy election in 1960Kennedy’s “New Frontier”Bay of Pigs invasionCuban Missile CrisisBerlin Wall constructionPeace Corps / Alliance for ProgressU.S. Victory in Race to the MoonJohnson’s Great Society