Nordic City of Living & Learning in Chengdu


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Nordic City of Living & Learning in Chengdu

  1. 1. CHENGDU, City of Success and Fortune Chengdu is the center of western China and an international hub with a GDP of 813.8 billion; It has the biggest luxury goods consumption in western China; It’s among top ten of "Cities of Happiness in China"; It ranks No.1 on Forbes' The World’s Fastest-Growing Megacities in the next decade; Following Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, it is the fourth city from China to host Fortune Global Forum.
  2. 2. CHENGDU, City of Success and Fortune
  6. 6. City introduction Chengdu ("Rong" for short) is the provincial capital of Sichuan and an important central city in Central and Western China. It is also called "the City of Brocade" or "the City of Brocade Officials". It has been known as "the land of abundance" since ancient times. Chengdu governs nine districts, four county-level cities, and six counties, covering a total area of 12,100 sq. km. It has a registered population of 11.63 million and permanent population of 15.32 million, being the fourth largest megalopolis in China. •Ecology Chengdu is entitled “National Model City of Environmental Protection” and “National Garden City”. With an average altitude of 500m, it enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate with an annual average temperature at around 17.5 degree Celsius. Forest coverage rate of the city is 36.8%. •History With a history of 2,300 years, Chengdu is one of the first historical and cultural cities of China, as well as the permanent host place for the China International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage. •Cuisine Chengdu is the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine, one of the four famous cooking styles in China. Therefore, it enjoys high reputation as "the land of abundance with delicious food". In 2010, Chengdu was honored with the title of the first "Gastronomy City of the World" in Asia by the UNESCO. •Scenic Spots Chengdu has been entitled "the Best Tourism City of China" by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China. There are a number of tourist attractions in the downtown and suburban areas of Chengdu, including world cultural heritage sites, the ancient Dujiangyan water preservation system and the Taoist Mount Qingcheng, the world natural heritage sites, Jiuzhai Valley & Huanglong, and the habitat of giant pandas.
  7. 7. Overview of Chengdu Basic Economic Data (2012)Regional GDP.........................RMB 813.8 billion (15.2%)UP Including: Agriculture.........................4.77% Industry & construction.........................45.87% Service industry.........................49.36% Revenue of local public finance.........................RMB 68.07 billion (30.1%)UP Total retail sales of consumer goods.........................RMB 286.13 billion (18.4%)UP Total imports & exports.........................US$ 37.91 billion (53.9%)UP Including: Total exports.........................US$ 22.96 billion (65.5%)UP Total imports.........................US$ 14.95 billion (39.0%)UP Gross investment in fixed assets.........................500.60 billion RMB (19.2%)UP Foreign investment in place.........................US$ 6.55 billion (34.9%)UP Urban per capita disposable income.........................RMB 23,932 (14.9%)UP Rural per capita net income.........................RMB 9,895 (20.6%) UP
  8. 8. The Choice of Fortune Global 500 In 2010, 12 of the Fortune 500 companies, including ANZ Bank, Nippon Steel Corporation, and Electricite De France, have opened offices, branches, or operation centers in Chengdu, the largest number in recent years. Meanwhile, the Fortune 500 companies that have opened offices in Chengdu, including JP Morgan Chase, Henkel, and GE, increased their investment and upgraded the involvement of their branches in Chengdu. By the end of 2012, 233 Fortune 500 companies had set up branches in Chengdu, ranking it first in terms of the number of Fortune 500 companies in Central and Western China. Of these, 177 are foreign enterprises and 56 are domestic companies.
  9. 9. Nordic City of Living and Learning (NCLL), with the international campus as its core, is a comprehensive project designed to be a combination of international business education, knowledge-intensive industry clusters and ecological residence . Nordic City of Living and Learning
  10. 10. Shared Mission with Chengdu Government Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen, Danish Ambassador to China, and Ge Honglin, Mayor of Chengdu, launching the collaborative initiative Nordic City of Living and Learning (NCLL) is the result of collaboration amongst government and academia from China and Northern Europe. The original planning took place in 2007 in meetings held between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and governors of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City. Origin
  11. 11. 新都区 Xindu District 四川省 Sichuan Province Chengdu 中国 China Nordic City is located in Xindu District, Chengdu, West China. Location
  12. 12. Xindu Located 16 kilometres from downtown Chengdu , Xindu is both the core of Chengdu North New City area and vice center of Chengdu, with ecological living, international trade, logistics, new industries and cultural tourism as main functions. The convenient expressways and main traffic lines make the half-hour economic circle between Chengdu and Xindu, as well as two- hour metropolitan circle between Chengdu and surrounding cities come true.
  13. 13. Xindu (meaning “new city”) is the name of the 2,800 year old town as well as the northern district of Chengdu, located 18 kilometers north of Chengdu city center, in the West Sichuan Plain. The town of Xindu is only 57 kilometers from Shuangliu International Airport, making it a convenient place to do international business. Covering 497 square kilometers, Xindu district has a residential population of 770,000. Xindu has five major industrial areas, including: the modern business function integration area, industrial zone, furniture industrial park, logistics centers, and Sichuan modern agricultural machinery industrial park. It also comprises a wide range of industries, such as e-commerce, modern logistics, bus and truck manufacturing, energy generation equipment, electromechanical equipment, modern packaging plants, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. XINDU
  14. 14. Nordic City of Living and Learning (2,000,000m2) Our Mission NCLL is committed to introducing a sustainable knowledge system from Europe to West China, serving as a pivotal platform for the development of better management practices for both Chinese and international organizations, facilitating innovation and bridging international trade.
  15. 15. ACTIVITIES&EVENTS北欧知识城举办了一系列国际交流活动
  16. 16. 2012年11月29日 “成都-丹麦养老产业合作论坛” 在NIMI校园隆重举行 November 29, 2012 The 2nd annual Chengdu Denmark Cooperation on Health Care for the Elderly was held at NCLL “成都-丹麦养老产业合作论坛”在 北欧国际管理学院隆重举行。丹麦 驻重庆总领事馆总领事林汉祥、丹 麦驻华使馆参赞莫杰、成都市及新 都区领导,与来自丹麦的20多家养 老产业知名企业、成都市相关企业 代表在齐聚一堂,共同探讨丹麦与 成都养老产业的友好合作。 * *November 29th marked a new initiative for Nordic City and NIMI is pleased to take a leading role. The 2nd annual Chengdu Denmark Cooperation on Health Care for the Elderly was held at the Nordic City Centre for Living and Learning.
  17. 17. 2013年6月5日 预热成都财富全球论坛 北欧知识城成功举办 2013国际教育峰会 June 5, 2013 "2013 Fortune Global Forum" George Washington University Education Summit is successfully hosted at NCLL NIMI以2013成都财富全球论坛为契机, 携手财富全球论坛独家教育合作伙 伴——美国乔治华盛顿大学联合举办” 智造财富•共赢未来”2013国际教育 峰会,作为财富全球论坛的预热活动, 在北欧知识城隆重开幕。 * *George Washington University is the exclusive Education Partner of 2013 Fortune Global Forum. NCLL is proud to jointly host this Education Summit together with Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office and Chengdu Federation of Industry and Commerce.
  18. 18. Innovation Park European Business center International campus The 2,000,000m²comprehensive project consists of the International campus, 3G Innovation Park, European Business Center, Knowledge Park and residential area. Project Layout
  19. 19.  25,000 m²  Investment of RMB 200 million  Designed by Villem Lauritzen Architects (Copenhagen) / B+H (Canada)  It is completed at the end of 2012 International Campus The International Campus is the academic heart of Nordic City of Living and Learning.
  20. 20. Nordic City of Living & Learning: The 3rd Generation Innovation Park (3G Park)
  21. 21. Land Occupation Area:32,443.00m² Total Construction Area:215,126.74m²
  22. 22. What do we do?
  23. 23. What we do: innovation  Platform for grafting international business models to China. 3G Park’s resident and associate companies receive a variety of innovation services to identify opportunities and boost business growth.  Platform for international information exchanges in different industries, such as technology, design, education, finance, commerce and entertainment. Services are provided in the form of workshops, seminars, conferences, specialized events, partnership matchmaking and innovation programs.  Center for Intelligence introduction and project incubation. Projects conceived through such collaborative sessions are then managed by our Innovation Team. This guarantees that your support will be in the hands of specialists.
  24. 24. Who have joined us?
  25. 25. 1. Expert Workshop: Prof. Robert F. Lauterborn’s Workshop Introduction: ◎ Prof. Robert F. Lauterborn, the world marketing master and also the founder for 4C marketing, has settled his workshop in NCLL 3G park.
  26. 26. 2. Expert Workshop: Prof. Christer Karlsson’s Workshop Introduction: ◎ Prof. Christer Karlsson, master of lean industry management, has settled his workshop in NCLL 3G park.
  27. 27. 3. Swedish Trade Council Chengdu Office Introduction: ◎ The office mainly provides support and help for the founding and development of Swedish companies setting foot in West China.
  28. 28. Other institutes & companies 4. Nordic Incubator Service Area ( NISA) 5. 6. Ruby Rocket Insurance (Subsidiary company of URZUS Group in Norway) 7. International Trade Management
  29. 29. 8. E-Commerce Service Platform cooperating with Alibaba
  30. 30. What we will do next?
  31. 31. European Business Center Fashion & Design & Life
  32. 32. ● Overall Floorage: 400,000m2 ● No.of Shops:2084 Units ● Parking capacity:2934 Units Diagram Picture
  33. 33. Modern Trading Cluster Chengdu International Trading City HCLC Chengdu International Logistics City Chengdu TCM Center CD Pharmaceutical Complex Chengdu Intentional Trading City CDILC HCLC
  34. 34. 2)City of Golden Age( Discussing with DDH, Aalborg Care Consortium、 Cura Care、VIA)
  35. 35. 1)The first Legoland in China
  36. 36. 3) Kids’City with Angry Birds Amusement Park
  37. 37. Sustainability—Harmony—Connection We are looking forward to your participation in our Knowledge World. THANKS!