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  • 1. Example of a Briefing Deck Cover for the FY97 State of the Command Report. Thelarge image in the center of the page is the Recruiting Patch watermarked in thebackground with the logo images of each of the five Recruiting Brigades at that timewithin the Command.In the past I created a new image to be used on subsequent briefs for each newCommanding General. This makes recognition of a given brief easier whendetermining when the brief was created and during which Commander’s tenure. The g gbottom image on this example was for Major General Mark Hamilton. It depicts theRecruiting Patch along with the Gold Recruiting Badge which is a symbol ofexcellence worn by Army Recruiters.
  • 2. Simple artwork to accompany the speaker’s talking points, this image was created forMajor General Kenneth Simpson.
  • 3. An example of text and graphics used in a given brief. This particular page usuallyfollowed the cover page and outlined the topics to be discussed during the brief. Idesigned the graphic specifically for Brigadier General James Shane who asked foran image that reflects our history and our vision of the 21st Century Soldier.
  • 4. Current Organization Chart used in USAREC Standard Brief. I used a color basedlegend to depict four categories – Command, Staff, Production and External unitswithin the command.
  • 5. This chart was added to the USAREC Standard Brief to show the full spectrum ofassigned missions tasked to USAREC – Major General Campbell requested adepiction that includes the Medical / Special missions in addition to the Active andReserve enlisted missions.
  • 6. Chart created to show the multi-tiered path of the annual Army Accession Missiontravels and the considerations that affect the mission composition.
  • 7. Example of current chart used in Standard Brief for USAREC including notes –Combined mission for Air Force, Navy & Marines = 128,746, a difference of 19,574 when compared to theTotal Army mission of 148,320 (19.6K is ~13% of the Army FY11 mission).FY11 Active FY10 Reserve FY10 GuardArmy – 64,000 Army – 28,320 Army – 56,000Navy – 35,100 Navy – 9,179 Air Force – 6,745Air Force – 27,816 Air Force – 9,118Marine – 31,500 Marine – 9,288
  • 8. Another example of notes that accompany current chart in USAREC Standard Brief –A great testimonial to the absolute success of the All-Volunteer military – we all sharethe benefits that the Department of Defense has earned over the years and isreflected in the trust and confidence that America has for it’s uniformed forces.The Military has ranked #1 or #2 in Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions listalmost every year since the measure was instituted in 1973 and has been #1continuously since 1998.
  • 9. Another example of notes that accompany current chart in USAREC Standard Brief –In 2009, for the first time, a medical recruiter was named Army recruiter of the year. “It was an honor — Idon’t think they took us as seriously as maybe we would have liked them to,” said Army Recruiter of theYear, Sgt. 1st Class Anika Anderson-Hack, 5th Medical Recruiting Battalion. “So I think it was a bit of asurprise to them that a medical recruiter would actually bring home the hardware.” Anderson-Hack’s job isto get doctors, nurses and dentists to join the Army — people who already have college degrees and are g j y p p y g glooking for jobs in the civilian world. “We have a difficult mission because we have to find medicalprofessionals and get them to want to serve their country,” she said. “Most of the people in a medicalcareer are there because they want to serve somebody. We have to convince them to give that service toSoldiers.” In 2008, Anderson-Hack was able to convince 12 civilians to become Army medical officers. Thatwas double the mission that was given to her. And this year, she’s on target again for her mission andhopes to again get 200 percent of her target. “The Army doesn’t stop needing doctors and nurses,” shesaid. “So I can’t stop providing them.”
  • 10. An example of text combined with graphics. This chart was used to describe whatpoints recruiters focus on while determining the dominant buying motive of anapplicant. I created the graphic for Major General Alphonso Lenhardt who asked thatit include ethnicity and both genders.
  • 11. This chart was created for the USAREC G7/9 and shows the level of college degreesearned in a given year by Soldiers on active status.Note: The DANTES report does not capture Doctorate Degrees earned for the Army.
  • 12. Example of a Data-Heavy Chart (occasional requests made to bring a great deal of info to a single page format) -DiversityFY09 data from the Demographics office at DAG1 shows the Army very close to even-balance on the Enlisted sideof the house, both in accessions during FY09 and in the total Enlisted population already serving. A bit moreimprovement in Hispanic contracts is indicated for enlisted representation and we do recognize that as we workthrough our Market Targeting efforts.On the Officer side, we were very close to matching civilian representation in FY09 and we can see that AfricanAmericans consider an Army Commission as an officer an excellent career option.FY10 P2P reinforces the need to focus some effort on the Hispanic market. Fell a bit short on the African Americanproduction but based on the over representation figures from FY09 we believe we are just about right where weshould be.PrecisionWe keep a Priority list of top 25 MOS for priority fill along with the aggregate – as depicted, we are doing extremelywell the last 3 years with a 99% fill rate. y %Medical AOCsProfessional medical positions are extremely competitive and in some special fields such as Dentistry weencounter greater reluctance and stiffer competition from the private sector also vying for that specialized careerprofessional.LanguageAs of 17 Nov, our 09L RA mission for FY11 is 85, of which we have accessed 5 so far this year and have 17 in theFSTP pool awaiting ship date.On the AR side our 09L mission is 50 and we have accessed 3 so far in FY11. These are counted as immediateaccessions at swear-in.
  • 13. This chart is updated annually and is shared with internal audiences such asAccession Command G4/8.
  • 14. Army Reserve version of previous chart.
  • 15. Another example of text and graphics combined to convey information. This slidewas created for Major General Mark Hamilton who emphasizes that all his briefingcharts should be instructional in content.
  • 16. Another example of notes that accompany current chart in USAREC Standard Brief –• The four Veteran Service Organizations listed in the gray portion (upper left) currently have formal partnerships w/USAREC in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) f l t hi /USAREC i th f f M d fU d t di• By increasing the Army’s participation in community development activities, we will promote public awareness of Army opportunities and options, thereby: - Appealing to the patriotism of American youth - Underscoring and endorsing the benefits of serving our Nation in the Army• Ultimately, the Army returns the soldier to his or her community with expanded knowledge, experience, and continued opportunities. Outreach “spreads the word.”• Current partners include the National Urban League, US Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, American School Counselors Association, American Legion, VFW, League of United Latin- American Citizens, and many others Citizens
  • 17. Chart created for Major General Campbell and USAREC G1 depicting the initiativesand programs currently available to the USAREC field force that fall under theWellness campaign beginning in FY08-09.
  • 18. Example from Profession of Arms briefing created for LTG Benjamin Freakley in 2011 depicting events that provideexamples that led to Army Leadership recommending increased emphasis on Professionalism among Soldiers andCivilians. Notes to the chart are listed below:• Aberdeen Proving Ground – 7 N 1996 Army announces 3 male trainers charged with rape, abuse & h Ab d P i G d Nov A l t i h d ith b harassment t of female Soldiers under their supervision. Eventually the Army brought charges against 12 instructors involving nearly 50 females.• LTG Claudia Kennedy retired on 2 Jun 2000 after 31 years of service after a sexual harassment charge against MG Larry G. Smith became public knowledge in March of that year. Army investigators substantiated her claim.• CBS first aired photos of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib on 28 Apr 2004 despite the Army’s request to delay the broadcast to prevent possible repercussions against troops in country and western hostages held by militants.• MG George Weightman was relieved of command on 1 Mar 2007 in wake of a scandal over outpatient treatment and specifically living conditions of wounded troops at Walter Reed.• Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan kills 12 Soldiers and 1 civilian at Ft. Hood on 5 Nov 2009.• Army investigators reported that more than 100 unmarked graves, scores of unrecorded grave sites with headstones on cemetery maps, and at least four burial urns had been unearthed and dumped in an area where excess grave dirt is kept at Arlington National Cemetery on 10 Jun 2010 2010.• GEN Stanley McChrystal retires on 23 Jul 2010 after disparaging comments he and his aides made about the Obama administration appeared in a Rolling Stone article.• PFC Bradley Manning is charged on 5 Jul 2010 with violations involving transferring classified data to his personal computer and use of unauthorized software along with delivering classified information to an unauthorized source.• Army releases the Health Promotion Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention report on 29 Jul 2010 following an
  • 19. I created the puzzle design in support of our campaign to gain additional resources for the command.Each of the six individual pieces represented factors having an adverse impact on Army recruitingefforts (such as low unemployment in a robust economy, erosion of enlistment incentives, reducedfunding for Army Advertising).Identifying these factors and their collective impact on the command brings the puzzle together; ourplan to deal with these elements and the accompanying requests for additional resourcing wererepresented with the puzzle assembled. The campaign was briefed through the chain of command up to p p p g g pSecretary of Defense.As a result, the Army College Fund was increased from $30,000 to $40,000 per qualified enlistment, theLoan Repayment Program increased from $50,000 to $65,000 per qualified enlistment and Cash Bonusincreased from $8,000 to $12,000 per qualified enlistment. We also secured an additional $15.9 millionfor Army advertising and $7 6 million for Recruiter Support $7.6 Support.
  • 20. An example of a transition chart used when moving from one subject to anotherwithin the brief. I created this graphic for Major General Alphonso Lenhardt’sbriefings.