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Wegman's way
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Wegman's way


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. PIYUSH OJHA KEDAR VIHAN SOPHIYA VIKRAM VATSH ALOK THAKUR Delighting customers-Us grocery retailer wegman’s way
  • 2. History  Started in 1916 by Walter and John Wegman  In 1930 they expended their product line  Adopted a self service format in 1940s  Consumer affairs department started in 1970s  “Shoppers club” electronic discount program introduced in 1990s  The I phone app and blog were launched in 2010
  • 3. Cont…  Opened Home improvement center  Developed private label buying and its brand items chain wise 1970s  Installed ATM’s & provided service  Federal credit union for employee created  Fortune rated best supermarket in US for customer service  1st Pvt. Company offered child care service  Became a most popular supermarket chain in NY  Opened stores out side NY 2005-06 2007-08 1990s 1980s  Ranked 1st ‘best company to work for’  Employed 36000 people  Ranked 2nd in fortune list of 100 co. to work  Ranked 32 in Supermarket news list  Ranked 2nd on Fortune list  Operated 71 stores
  • 4. Strategy of Wegman’s  Providing quality service  Implementing policies  Create a positive work environment  Employee Training & motivation  Feed back form  Satisfying work experience and top salaries  401 Retirement plan  Vacation pay
  • 5. Wegman’s way  Attractive displays and fresh product  Innovative ideas-cooking classes  Variety in products  Increase in sales  Skillets of employees  Best retention rates
  • 6. Bubble chart  It is the competency model for store operation positions.  Highlights critical competencies required in performing of specific job.  These include skills used through out the store like safety, customer satisfaction and interpersonal skills.  Employees use the chart to determine the career path in order to achieve the goals.
  • 7. Customer satisfaction  Customer is the king and should not only be satisfied but delighted  Profitability is a function of customer satisfaction  Customer satisfaction leads to word of mouth marketing
  • 8. Features of Wegman’s way  Low attrition rate  good customer service  Inventory management  Store lay out  High pay and benefit to employee  capacity planning  Forecasting
  • 9. Quality of Supermarket  Competence  Tangible  Reliability  Responsiveness  Assurance  Empathy
  • 10. Capacity planning  Know how much stock can be maintain  Plan the floor area depending upon the customer’s demand for deferent products  Maintain comfortable ratio of sales staff per customer
  • 11. Five value’s of Wegman’s  We care about people  High standards are a way of life. we pursue excellence in everything we do  We make different in every community we serve  We respect our customers and employees  We empower our people to make decision that improve there work and benefit our customer and our company
  • 12. Implementation plan  Discovery Research Business requirement Competitive analysis  Design strategy Create strategy model  Deploy Test Go live