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  • Keyword
    I used “restaurant review” as my keyword in YouTube. Many videos of SandCastleinc are published and most of them have at least 1,000 views. Thus, I checked out her most clicked video on the first result page named “M Café De Chaya Restaurant REVIEW” Its link is
    The length
    The length is 6:23 minutes which I think it is a bit long. Normally YouTube audiences will pay attention to a video only for the first 2-3 minutes. In my opinion, she could cut down for some parts, such as the driving scene, and focus only the food and restaurant reviews.
    Target audiences
    According to the description below the video, the YouTube producer, Amy Castle’s target audiences are teenagers in urban L.A. who are seeking healthy, delicious, and affordable food. She not only recommends restaurants, but also teaches audiences how to shop in grocery stores and cook healthy food.
  • Strategy
    Since she loves eating healthy food, she shares her favorite places as well as tips using the informative strategy for her YouTube channel. For example, I like her “Macrobiotic” explanation because it easy understands. She introduces ingredients, tastes, and restaurant’s atmosphere very well.
    For tactics, I think it’s good when she adds the subscription button on the end scene. This video could be a lead generator for her. Another effective tactic is the social media’s URLs on the description section, including Facebook, Twitter, and email. These will drive traffic to Amy Castle’s social media. Finally, the project name is consistency. She uses “What’s Amy eating” as the title in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and email.
    However, the shake scenes made me headache. Even though the comments look real while she is filming herself, her hands should stay still.
  • Keyword
    I searched the keyword as “restaurant in San Francisco” through YouTube. I selected the video titled “Fleur de Lys – San Francisco, CA” posted by Savorycities. Its URL is As of November 11, 2012, the number of views is 31,400 views.
    The length
    The length of the video is 2:10 minutes. I think it’s good, not too long or too short. The content and edited scenes match well with timing. For instance, the first half video introduced the restaurant and the second half presented the food and the kitchen. Finally, editors spares the last 10 seconds for the restaurant’s contact info.
    Target audiences
    After watching Savory Cities channel, its target audiences could be wealthy tourists aged 35-60 who like excellent food in romantic dining to celebrate their special occasions. Major cities are San Francisco and New York.
  • Strategies
    The strategies of this video are to inform and sell the restaurant. The producer may earn the promotional fee from the restaurant owners. Another possible strategy is to drive traffic from YouTube to the website by using well-known chefs as a magnet.
    For tactics, this video uses place presentation and executive speech to catch the audience’s attention. Basically, Fleur de Lys is a highly private place and pricy. Therefore, audiences are more likely to know the inside decoration, cooking food method, head chefs, and so forth. This video is credible because award winning chef, Hubert Keller, presented the restaurant himself. Besides, the end scene is useful because it shows the address and telephone number as well as the proper dress. In case audiences are interested in finding more information, they can contact the restaurant right away.
    Nevertheless, the Savory Cities should publish the same URL to avoid confusion. In the video, the URL is but the description mentions the URL as
  • Compare and contrast videos
    Amy’s video looks casual, funny, fresh, colorful, and up-to-date. On the other hand, Savory video looks neat, clean, business-like, formal, and commercial. For tactics, Amy always records as well as edits video by herself. She uses social media to engage with her fans. In contrast, Savory may have professional video editors. YouTube is another channel leading Savory’s audiences to the website.
    Compare and contrast channels
    In a consumer’s perspective, these videos are informative presentations recommending restaurants. However, in my marketer’s perspective, the real intentions are different. Amy probably prefers to promote herself as an actress or model while Savory Cities directly promotes its business.
    Since they have different target audiences, their design and content on YouTube channels are dissimilar. Amy is a food lover while Savory Cities is a media in the food industry.
  • Target Audiences: My target audiences are young middle class people who live in the urban San Francisco Bay Area. They enjoy eating Thai food and do not hesitate to try new places. They are techno-savvy as well as sociable. Social media help them make purchase decision. Their judgments are based on reviews and friends’ comments.
    YouTube name: I will select “Thai Food in SF” as my YouTube account name because it is the name of my project. I would like to keep consistency through all my social media. “Thai Food in SF” is the brand name.
    Title name: My video’s title is “Thai Food in SF: Noodle Bar and Grill” because of several reasons.
    First, “Thai Food” is more likely to be the first key word that Thai food lovers search.
    Second, “in SF” is for people who tend to find food specifically in San Francisco.
    Third, “Thai Food in SF” is my brand name and I would like to emphasize it. If I often use “Thai Food in SF”, it will support my search engine optimization.
    Fourth, the name after a semi-colon represents the places I visited, which this time was “Noodle Bar and Grill.” Additionally, I could make money from promoting restaurant names.
    Thumbnail: I picked this thumbnail because it demonstrates the food and my interviewees. They represent my video’s objective, review the food from real Thai food lovers.
    The length: My intention is to have a clear and concise presentation, so that my fans can watch from the beginning to the end. The length of my video is around three minutes because I don’t want to lose my audience’s attention.
  • Strategies
    My strategy is to sell the restaurant by presenting informative facts. This video is like a food tour. Testimonials will review the food and restaurants. I selected Thai and American interviewees because I would like to compare and contrast perspectives from different cultures.
    My friends and I edited this video with Final Cut instead of iMovie or MovieMaker. The video will be smooth by having nice effects, sounds, texts, and transitions.
    The restaurant’s contact info. In case audiences prefer to visit this restaurant, they can refer its address and website from my video.
    Free drink offering. Free Thai ice tea will be an incentive to encourage audiences to try Noodle Bar and Grill restaurant. This is a win-win situation. My fans will get free drink or discount (for the next episode.) I will use this tactic as a magnet to build relationship with my fans. The restaurant will get more customers.
    Thai Food in SF’s social media appearance. My fans can see the URL of my Twitter account, Pinterest board, and blog. They can subscribe for get more information from my YouTube channel. Besides, the audiences can contact me via email.
    The description is my biography used in all social media. It is my brand’s tagline that leverages audiences to remember it.
  • YouTube channel
    The link is My YouTube channel is Thai FoodinSF because I want to make the name relevant to other social media. However, due to the Google Plus policy, the spaces in the name are a bit different from original version, Thai Food in SF.
    To leverage my brand impression, my YouTube Channel design is similar to other social media. I used the logo as my profile image. The background is Pad Thai picture which is similar to Twitter. The description or biography is consistent as on Twitter, Pinterest, and blog. Finally, I added all my social media links to the YouTube Channel in case my fans want to visit the other sites.
  • Connection with other social media
    For the connection among social media, this video and my YouTube channel matches well with my Twitter account, Pinterest board, and blog. Movement presentation definitely brings vibe to my social media.
    I tweeted “Step in #Noodle Bar and Grill with our video on YouTube to get #free Thai ice tea.” # is useful for keywords searching. I also pinned this phrase to Pinterest under the “Yummy and Rice Noodle” board. For the blog, I wrote a bit longer than Twitter because I explained the ideas of this video in it.
    The post was “Last week, Thai Food in SF was lucky because Noodle Bar and Grill’s owner invited us to try the food for FREE! We randomly selected our fans to join this spectacular meal with us. Jesse and KK were lucky winners. You can check out this VDO and see how great the food was. After watching it, don’t forget to show our video on YouTube to the restaurant to get free Thai ice tea. Ah.Ah.Amazing…;)”
  • Thai Food in SF: YouTube

    1. 1. Piyanuch Kangwankijwanich (Tu) MKT 396V (Marketing and New Media) Fall 2012 Instructor: Dr. Jan Ahrens
    2. 2. Amy Castle Keyword: “restaurant reviews” in YouTube URL: Account name: SandCastleinc Video title: “M Café De Chaya Restaurant REVIEW” The length: 6.23 minutes Too long, could cut down some parts Target audiences: Teenagers in urban L.A. who are seeking healthy, delicious, and affordable food
    3. 3. Amy Castle Strategy: Give information e.g. Macrobiotic food Tactics Subscription button leads to the lead generation URLs on the description will drive traffic to Amy Castle’s social media Consistency project name support social media relevant. Shake scenes made me headache
    4. 4. Savory Cities Keyword: “restaurant in San Francisco” URL: Account name: Savorycities Video title: “Fleur de Lys – San Francisco, CA” The length: 2:10 minutes Good timing, not too long or too short Target audiences: Wealthy tourists aged 35-60 who like excellent food in romantic dining to celebrate their special occasions. Major cities are San Francisco and New York City All videos of Savory Cities
    5. 5. Savory Cities Strategies: •Inform and sell the restaurants •Drive traffic from YouTube to the website Tactics Place presentation: Gorgeous decoration and beautiful food Executive speech: The owner is the award winning chef, Hubert Kelle Restaurant contact info on the end scene: Address and telephone number Inconsistency URL: in video but on the description
    6. 6. Compare and Contrast Videos Amy Castle ( Savory Cities ( Casual, funny, fresh, colorful, up-to-date Neat, clean, business-like, formal, commercial Records and edits video by herself Professional video editors Uses social media to engage with fans YouTube leads to the website Channels Amy Castle ( Savory Cities ( A food lover recommends restaurants (Informative strategy) Commercial media recommends restaurants (Informative strategy) Promote herself as an actress or model Promote TV channel and the website Teenagers in L.A. are the audiences Wealthy tourists are the audiences
    7. 7. Thai Food in SF video ( Target Audiences: Thai food lovers who use social media to make purchase decision YouTube name: “Thai Food in SF” to keep consistency Title name: “Thai Food in SF: Noodle Bar and Grill” because 1. “Thai Food” is the keyword for Thai food lovers 2. “SF” is to be specific in San Francisco 3. “Thai Food in SF” is to emphasize my brand name 4. The name after : represents the restaurants I visited The length: 3:11 minutes, clear and concise presentation Thumbnail: It represent my objective, review the food from real Thai food lovers Pick choice 2
    8. 8. Thai Food in SF video ( Strategies: Sell the restaurant with informative facts (Food Tour + Testimonials + Reviews) Tactics 1. Add the restaurant’s contact info 2. Offer free drink when show this video 3. Mention Thai Food in SF’s social media 4. Insert subscribe button 5. Refer biography in the description
    9. 9. Thai FoodinSF channel ( To leverage my brand impression, my YouTube Channel design is similar to other social media 1. Channel name is Thai FoodinSF 2. Logo as the profile image 3. Pad Thai image as the background like Twitter 4. Biography as the description like Twitter, Pinterest, and blog 5. URL of other social media
    10. 10. Thai Food in SF social media My YouTube channel matches well with my social media “Step in #Noodle Bar and Grill with our video on YouTube to get #free Thai ice tea.” Twitter Pinterest WordPress blog