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  • Extensive network of physical stores = large network store <br />
  • Advantages: Mass coverage, Low cost per thousand (CPM). Since JCP stores cover many cities in the U.S., the company should do cost effective advertising. <br /> Objective: Create awareness that JCP has improved the image <br /> Strategies: <br /> Be consistency in the message <br /> Not focus on price, but co-branding <br /> Join with other tools to build relationship and engage with targeted customers <br />
  • -so they just come to our booth. They do not have to spend any money to get a reward, just show up at our booth -Those video will be posted on social media like Facebook in order to get the real votes from our customers.-With the new look that our customers create from their own feeling of JCP store, it will be a reliable source from our customers who still do not know our new image are trying to help us send credible messages that we have created new look for JCP. <br />
  • The View, recipient of the 2003 Daytime Emmy® Award for "Outstanding Talk Show," is ABC&apos;s popular morning talk and entertainment program, featuring a team of dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day. <br />
  • JCP Booklet - cash vouchers will be attached for writers/bloggers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. This will also have a map of the entire store, which clearly states the location and suggested routes for the visitors. <br /> Tour Guide - will help visitors locate certain products or brands they would like to purchase, and also guide them on every category, etc. <br /> The entire experience lasts for one whole day at JCP, and will include shopping, dining, and pampering. JCP will work with all their vendors and tenants (including hair salon and food court). <br />
  • JCP will not only donate money to an organization, but actually give job opportunities to people within the organization in need. <br /> JCP Childcare will be available for single parents / employees with small children (as this may be something that hinders them from working). Subsidies also will be provided, dependent on the individual&apos;s situation and qualifications. <br />
  • Sample Advertisement: <br /> "As mothers, we understand the challenges that everyday motherhood brings. There are moms out there who face these challenges with nothing and no one to support them. With your help, however, we can give these moms the support they need." -- this is hoped to relate to JCP&apos;s target market, so that they could be emotionally connected and involved with the cause, which will then urge them to support it. <br />
  • Recruitment Ad - content is also an image advertisement for JCP <br /> PR team can create different stories to update the public as well as the media to gain publicity and awareness. This will help introduce a new image of JCP to the public. <br />

jcp Rebranding: IMC jcp Rebranding: IMC Presentation Transcript

  • MKT 305 (IMC) Fall 2012 Professor Michael Savod Anh Chantrapa Patricia Piyanuch Soo-Lan Tran (Anh) Khuhaprema (DeeDee) de la Paz (Trisha) Kangwankijwanich (Tu) Tan (Jacqueline) Theresia Ting Triswanto Tseng (Theresia) (Apri)l
  • Agenda - Company Overview - Product, Price, Place - Markets - Mission - Message - Method - - • • • •
  • Company Overview & 3P Found in 1902, Wyoming, by James Cash Penny Current CEO, Ron Johnson Product: apparel, home furnishings, fine jewelry, footwear, accessories, beauty Services: salon, optician, wedding Price: Fair & Square pricing strategy 3 types: Everyday, Month-long, & Best Friday Place • One of the largest retail stores chain in the U.S. • Extensive network of physical stores • Online store & catalog order Sources:,
  • Target Markets Housewives who - are family-oriented - want convenience, one stop shop - are price sensitive • Young adults who - are hip and fashion-conscious - are occasional shoppers Single Mom who -is practical and loyal shopper -is family-oriented -is budget-conscious Primary Target Market: Moms who want convenience, one stop shop
  • Benchmark
  • Goal Time To change jcp image from consumer  12 months  Kick start on JAN 2013
  • MESSAGE •Moms who worry about house chores List 1 Psychographics •Moms who look for comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience •Moms who need one stop service •Perception vs Reality Perception vs. Reality List 2 Image - "The truth is ..." •"The truth is ..." - "You may think, but ..." •"You may think, but ..."
  • Advertising TVC spot 30 sec+Tie in -TV Show: Ellen, E!, Tonight -Series: How I met your mother -Reality show: America’s Got Talent American Idol Online advertising -Google AdWords -Google AdSense -Google AdMob -YouTube Media for moms Radio spot 30 sec + Sponsorship -Local channels Print + Advertorial Magazine People, US Weekly, OK! Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire
  • Advertising “Change jcp image in consumer’s perception” Current feeling 1.Outdated Expected feeling vibrant, comfortable, good shopping experience 2. Nothing I need a variety of brands, products, one stop service
  • Advertising 1 2 3 4
  • Advertising 5 6 7 8
  • Advertising 9 10 What you think you know … … may not be so
  • Sales Promotions Goal: Improve jcp image Pull Strategies: “Tell us what u feel and win lots of prizes!” • Any participants joining our VDO booth, immediately get $10 gift card • Top 50 who get most like on jcp’s Facebook page will receive gift card • The winner will get $1,000 gift card • The rest will get $100 gift card • Participants who comment on the Facebook page will get a chance to win the sweepstake for a $10 gift card, 50 prizes
  • Sales Promotions
  • Personal Selling • Present and promote jcp store • Help customers to create a “homey” video • Encourage customers to register for free membership • Give information about: • Cause Marketing • Sponsorship • Sales Promotions • Benefits of shopping at jcp Our spokeswoman will also be a jcp endorser, as she would wear many items from several brands from head to toe.
  • Sponsorship "The View" show on ABC: - Appropriate event opportunities: CEO to have an interview (talking about the new jcp), & having the interview clip on the website Giving vouchers or other gifts to the audience during the show - Use of appropriate opportunities: Use the show name/logo in PR, ads, and supporting materials Having jcp logo on the show's tickets    
  • PR Media Day at jcp (Manhattan Mall) • • • • Invite writers (women's & moms' magazines) and Mommy bloggers to shop at jcp Limited edition jcp shopping bag to be given o jcp Booklet (with map of store) with cash vouchers for products and brands within JCP o jcp Tour Guide Activities & Events (launched on Media Day; to run for at least 2 weeks) o examples: cooking demo, make-over sessions, etc. Event to be documented by photographers and videographers
  • PR Post-event Follow Up • Ask writers & bloggers about their shopping experience and their thoughts + comments  Take down quotes from them • Answer and inquiries they may have • Monitor publicity and publish press clippings to all jcp media channels (e.g. official website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • PR Writers from these magazines will be invited:
  • PR These Mommy Bloggers will be invited:           Five of My Own ( Alice Bradley ( Hot Mess Mom ( Diary of a Mad Woman ( Thrifty Nifty Mommy ( Scary Mommy ( Dooce ( Mommy Adventures ( These Four No More ( Me Plus You and Two (
  • PR Press Conference • • • Invite mass media (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) to cover the event Any inquiries will be answered by jcp Writers & Bloggers can also be interviewed by the mass media regarding their experience
  • Cause marketing jcp to work with organizations or foundations who support unemployed single moms (e.g., SPAOA, etc.) • • • • • Provide job opportunities at jcp stores to unemployed moms jcp to provide job/skill training Internal child care for single parent employees Part of the profit from every customer purchase from jcp goes to job training for single moms in need. Moms for Moms campaign
  • Cause marketing Sample Organizations:
  • Cause marketing Reasons for this cause: • • • • • One of the main markets for jcp is women Supporting these women’s and moms organizations is related to jcp's main target markets > 40% of single-mother families are poor 83% of poverty-stricken families are headed by single mothers The rise in single motherhood is ill-adapted for the economic shifts of the late 20th century
  • Cause marketing Awareness: • • Posters/displays at jcp cashiers, stores, and website Announcements in jcp's social media sites o Open to other eligible associations & foundations who'd like to register with jcp for sponsorship Publicity: • • • • • Press release Advertisements (both print & digital) Recruitment Ad Newsletter on jcp website Announcement on social media sites
  • Direct marketing Postcard • Getting back in touch with customers and offering update information of products QR code • Redirect to jcp website and provide direction to the nearest jcp store Email • Show the front content of jcp website and redirect customer to the site Seasonal Catalog • Promote sales and enhance customers' awarenesses of upcoming events
  • Direct marketing Example of post card
  • E-Communications
  • E-Communications Official Website • • • • • • Sponsorship Cause marketing Advertising Sales promotion PR Direct marketing Facebook • • • • • • Sponsorship Cause marketing Advertising Sales promotion PR Customer's feedback Twitter • • • • • Sponsorship Cause marketing Advertising Sales promotion PR Blog • • • • • Sponsorship Cause marketing Advertising Sales promotion PR