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PixieDust Watches, Inc. Presentation

PixieDust Watches, Inc. Presentation



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    PixieDust Watches, Inc. Presentation PixieDust Watches, Inc. Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • PixieDust Watches, Inc. Quality watches for a quality you!
    • Who are we?
      • PixieDust is a watch-selling, retail business, positioned to fill the growing need for quality watches at flexible prices in a region where not many of these can be found. Our stores also offer watchmaking classes, custom watch fitting, and conveniently placed Starbucks coffee shop and Borders Bookstore.
    • Mission Statement
      • PixieDust Watches, Inc. strives to offer the finest watches available in quality, & the most affordable prices available comparable to quality.
      • We seek to promote the use of watches by making it easier for the client to buy watches & enjoy the experience.
      • We emphasize the fact that shopping for quality watches should go hand in hand with pleasure, & believe that the act of shopping for a watch should be an interesting and educational experience.
      • We offer all of our products & services at times & locations convenient to our customers.
    • Executive Summary
      • Each retail location markets watches, weekly watchmaking classes, and custom watch fitting, both by personality and by size.
      • 1st revenue stream: high in profit margin & inventory requirements. 2 nd : average in profit margin & low in inventory requirements. 3 rd : high in profit margin & low in inventory requirements.
      • A PixieDust store is 2,000 square feet & includes a Starbucks franchise, a Borders franchise, and advanced watch display systems.
    • Executive Summary Contd.
      • PixieDust forecasts growth to a total of 200 stores over the next five years.
      • 20 stores will be retail; the remainder, franchised.
      • Fifty "Master Franchise" licenses will be sold to qualified regional marketers to achieve the high rate of growth targeted by this expansion plan.
    • Org Chart & Floor Plan
    • Map
      • A map of where our office will be once we start up.
      • Note this is our office, not our retail stores or franchises which will be decided later.
    • Competitive Comparison
      • Customers enjoy the convenience of a one-stop, all-purpose shop.
      • Swatch, Damas, Omega, and Chanel do not have this, they only sell what they sell.
      • No classes or custom fitting are offered, nor are any nearby famous coffee or book shops.
      • We have all of this and more.
    • Competitive Comparison
      • PixieDust will be the only national chain that offers watch selling, watchmaking lessons, & custom watch fitting.
      • This new concept is one of the key factors causing our supposed success. Custom watch fitting doesn't demand much inventory, & that which it does demand is of low cost & long life.
      • The PixieDust concept is a new one, appealing because of its difference.
    • Competitive Edge
      • We have the chance to start from zero.
      • We don't have a bad reputation to erase.
      • We offer watchmaking classes and custom watch fitting, two services that no other retail watch store has offered together before.
      • We have a very convenient partnership with Starbucks and Borders.
    • Competitive Edge
      • Locations: chosen carefully. We will employ people that measure the growth of the economy and where, in the next 10 years, the developmentally and economically highest areas will be located.
      • We will employ staff members that know what they are doing in terms of watch retail, the way business works, & customer satisfaction.
      • They will be experienced in the fields of watchmaking, watch repair & custom watch fitting.
    • Competitors
      • Swatch: Swiss watch company, can be visited at http://www.swatch.com/
      • Damas: has more than 250 showrooms worldwide & is based in the Emirates, has been in business for approximately 99-100 years, and has very detailed descriptions on its website - http://www.damasjewel.com/
      • Omega: All over the world; http://www.omegawatches.com/
      • Chanel: can be contacted (in Dubai) at (971) 4 324 0465 or (971) 4 324 0464. Website: http://www.chanel.com/
    • Teams Summary
      • Marketing team: Will take care of the advertising, will hold degrees in business, marketing, advertising or so on. Will ensure that all methods of advertising mentioned are used.
      • Product team: Will do buying & transactions, go to different warehouses in different countries, review their histories, ensure their quality, choose specific designs, & make sure everything is delivered to our retailers and franchises safely.
    • Teams Summary
      • Finances team: Will take care of startup costs & funds, make sure nothing is being spent on without profit or in excess. Will make sure startup funds last.
      • IT team: Will take care of advanced display systems & computer systems, make sure everything is updated to latest technology, guard computers against spyware or hacking, ensure no data is lost.
    • Services
      • Customer Services
        • Starbucks partnership
        • Borders partnership
        • Watchmaking classes
        • Custom watch fitting
        • Watch repair
      • Sales/Credit Terms
        • Buy three collections within one year, get a free PixieMagic membership!
        • If not satisfied, return guaranteed as long as no damage is visible, the price tag is still attached, and you still have the receipt and box.
        • Membership details are on the following page.
    • Membership in PixieDust
      • PixieMagic Membership
        • Dhs. 2000 for 1 year
        • Initially:
          • One book from Borders
          • Three items from Starbucks
          • One watchmaking class
          • Two custom watch fitting sessions
        • 10% off on every collection bought within the time period of your membership
    • Advertising/Promotion
      • Television
      • The Yellow Pages
      • Magazines
      • Newspapers
      • Internet
      • Word of mouth!
    • Market Segmentation
      • Our target audience includes those aged 13-45, mostly women.
      • However, our selection of watches does include a few watches that can be given as gifts to those younger than that age range. This does not mean they are part of our target audience.
    • Start-up Summary
      • You’ve probably been wondering all this time: how much would all of this cost ? We have gone through very detailed calculations, coming as close to reality as we possibly could. Here goes!
    • Start-up Summary
      • $1,400,000 for start-up
        • 20 retail stores’ rent, opening & upkeep
        • Main PixieDust office rent, opening & upkeep
        • All partnerships, utilities & their upkeep
        • Covers six years
      • We will also be interested in investors willing to pay between 3-6 years’ worth of startup money, or between $700,000 - $1,400,000.
    • Start-up Summary
      • Now we’ll be showing you our start-up cost spreadsheets and tables.
      • http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pSbH3TmGf9KQBbF6MUfGsRA&gid=1
      • If you have any questions about any issue covered so far, be sure to ask!
    • Break-even Analysis
      • Forecasted gross profit for the first year excluding startup costs: $1,820,100
      • Forecasted annual operating costs for the first year: $221,650
      • Payroll for employees: $1,094,000
      • First year's net profit: $504,450
      • We will begin making money within the beginning of the second year of our startup if startup money is $700,000, & within the third year if startup money is $1,400,000.
    • Money
      • How will investors get their money back, and when?
      • One share is equal to $10,000.
      • Let’s say one investor pays $700,000 for PixieDust Watches, Inc. This means he has paid for 70 shares in the company.
      • After five years, this same investor will receive 70 shares of the profit we made.
      • All investors will get their money back in the fifth year after start-up.
    • Personnel & Management
      • The personnel burden for taxes and benefits is 23%.
      • We will need to be filling in some management team gaps. Here are job titles of some of what we are looking for.
        • Marketing Team Manager (Advertising)
        • Finances Team Manager
        • Product Team Manager (Warehouse/Distribution)
        • Sales Team Manager
        • CFO - Chief Financial Officer
        • CIO - Chief Information Officer
        • Store Operations Manager
        • Staff Training Manager
        • Franchise Sales Manager
        • Systems Administrator (IT team manager)
    • Projected Profit & Loss
      • The projected profit and loss is one of the simplest, yet most important tables in the whole business plan. Here’s ours!
      $527,450 $792,090 $504,450 Net Profit $1,146,500 $1,118,500 $1,094,000 Payroll $221,650 $221,650 $221,650 Operating Expenses $1,895,600 $2,132,600 $1,820,100 Gross Profit - Excluding Startup Costs
    • Cash Flow
      • Now we’ll be showing you our pro forma cash flow tables and spreadsheets.
      • http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pSbH3TmGf9KQBbF6MUfGsRA&gid=8
      • If you have any questions thus far, ask now or forever hold your peace!
    • Website
      • Now we’ll be showing you our website. It includes FAQ, information about our complete collection of watches, how to contact us, our objectives and mission statement, and information about the PixieMagic Membership.
        • http://pixiedust.weebly.com/
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    • More…
      • Our business plan will now be passed around. Please look through it and pass it on to the next person.
      • Take one of our business cards for future reference. However, due to limited resources, please ensure you take no more than one.
      • Thank you.
    • Consider PixieDust as a business with potential – invest in us! Thank you for watching our presentation.