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  1. 1. Reach. Engage. Converse. We tap into programs and aggregated audiences on YouTube to successfully launch a marketing programs for our clients.www.pixelthon.com
  2. 2. We help our clients grow their business with video advertisingWe use Video Advertising to make it possible for our clientsto reach more customers and to provide them withmeasurable results.We put our clients’ ads front and center on the videos their customers mostlove. What better way to get a client’s message seen than on YouTube, which Achieving Your Goalsserves over 2 billion video views per day? Every campaign has a unique goal to drive your business forward. YouTube offers solutions to engage customers in different ways, based on your marketing objective. Leveraging the interactivity and emotional impact of online video to connect with audiences, combined with YouTubes scale and reach, the possibilities of bringing your campaign to life on YouTube are endless.
  3. 3. AboutYouTube is the leader in online video, and the premierdestination to watch and share original videos worldwidethrough a web experience. Since November 2006,YouTube has been an independent subsidiary of Google,Inc. Google and YouTube are committed to enableeveryone to fi nd, upload, watch and share original videosworldwide, and to innovate with video for compellingservices for users and for content owners.
  4. 4. Our Solutions Inspire Your Customers People trust other people for information and recommendations. Thats why its important for our clients to inspire their customers to spread the word about their brand. Pixelthon, using the power of YouTube and Social Media, gives its clients the unique opportunity to share a story thats worth retelling, connect with peoples passion, and build relationships with customers at scale.Video Ads: Bring your brand to life with the sight, sound and motion of videos ads onYouTube – with in-stream ads, TrueView video ads, and Promoted Videos.Display Ads: Make a lasting impression by putting your brand in front of viewers as theywatch their favorite videos with display ads.Mobile Ads: Let consumers interact with your brand, whenever and wherever, byextending your YouTube presence to mobile.
  5. 5. Bring Your Brand to Life with Video Ads No one delivers your online video ads with the scale and reach offered by YouTube: 3 billion daily video views worldwide across all demographics. But its about more than numbers. Its about emotional impact. Online video makes us laugh, cry, wonder, and simply stop and watch. It can turn passive viewers into passionate brand advocates who share, comment, like, embed, and create their own responses or fan videos about your company. Brand recall, message recall, and likeability are greater for online video ads than for TV1 Source: Nielsen IAG, Short-Form Online Video Measurement 2008-09; Sample: Adults 18-49 (N=163 for Short-Form; 65,593 for TV), Persons 13+(N=252 for Short-Form; 99,422 for TV). ads1. And when combined with TV, online video ads2 Source: Nielsen IAG, A18-49, Premium Online Video Measurement 2008-09; TV + Premium Online Video Total Exposed Sample Size = 1,068.
  6. 6. Viewership is GrowingAttracting Millions of Engaged ViewersMillions of people visit YouTube every day to discover something new and amazing. From NationalGeographic programming and full-length films by Lionsgate to Mystery Guitar Man’s latest project,YouTube attracts a diverse audience of viewers watching 3 billion videos every day.YouTube viewers are highly engaged: they spend 23 minutes per day on the site, and they rate oradd comments to more than half of all YouTube videos. They share and favorite millions of videosevery day. And they watch it anytime and anywhere - over 400 million videos viewed with YouTubemobile.Connect with Your Audience on YouTubeYouTube can connect you to an audience of millions in all the most popular demographics andaffinities, even those that are hard to find elsewhere. On YouTube, people’s passions lead them toseek out your brand, share it and love it. YouTube can help you make those connections with oursolutions and bring your brand to life on YouTube. Demographics Affinities Targeting Diverse, educated audiences of all YouTube attracts attentive, engaged Sophisticated Google-powered targeting ages, ethnicities, and income level viewers looking to explore their technology helps your message reach the visit YouTube every day. passions – no matter how niche. right audience, efficiently and effectively.
  7. 7. In-stream Video Ads - Measurable ImpactWe captivate our clients’ audience—Online and on MobileOur YouTube in-stream video ads will put our clients’ message wherever their viewers arefound online, in a classic TV-like format that makes planning easy. We reach millions ofengaged users at home and on the go as they watch content from approved YouTubepartners and other leading sites in the Google Display Network. In-stream video ads areavailable as pre-, mid- and post-rolls, in 15, 30, or 60 seconds or longer, perfect when ourclients want to re-create the TV advertising experience online.
  8. 8. In-Stream Video Ads● Pinpoint clients’ audienceWe target viewers by geography, demographic or topic to make sure our clients’ in-stream ads get the attention they deserve.● Actionable features to drive resultsWe leverage the interactivity of online video with click-through URLs on our in-stream ads to drive traffic and viewers to our clients’ website or brand channel.● Re-engage viewers with remarketingWe can build a cookie list of a client’s video viewers and use remarketing to show ads to them on
  9. 9. How YouTube InStream Video Ads Work● When an online video is served to a website on the Display Network, users will see an in-stream video play automatically before, during, or after online video content depending on where we choose to show the ads within a video content.● The ad will play for a maximum duration of 15 seconds. Web users will not
  10. 10. In-stream AdsAd Format Viewer Experience Pricing ModelFirst Watch Ads (in-stream or in-video) Ads play automatically (only once) on the Pay a set price for a 24-hour roadblock ofplay on first partner video user initiates. first partner video the user initiates partner video contentGoogle :30s Ads play pre, mid, or post-roll on short and long-form video on Ads play automatically on user-initiated Pay a set price for a set number ofYouTube and the Google Display video impressionsNetworkMobile in-stream ads 15-second ad Ads play automatically on user-initiated Pay a set price for a set number ofruns before videos on the YouTube 2.0 video impressionsAndroid App for mobile.Standard in-stream ads Ads play pre, Ads play automatically on user-initiated Pay by auction, or pay a set price for amid, or post-roll, in 15 or 30-second video video set number of impressionslength Pay only when viewers watch 30 secondsTrueView in-stream ads Ads play pre, Ad plays for 5 seconds, then viewers can of the ad or to completion, if the ad ismid, or post-roll on videos of all lengths. choose to skip or watch the ad under 30 seconds Before a video plays, viewers chooseTrueView in-slate ads Ads play before either to watch an ad from one of 3 Pay only when viewers choose to watchlong-form video on YouTube. different advertisers, or to see regular the ad commercial breaks during the video
  11. 11. What additional benefits do in-stream video ads offer if I already run television ad campaigns?Television advertising is a great way to reach a large audience with the power of site, sound andmotion. In-stream video is a great complement to television. Here are a few benefits you mayexperience if you combine your television ad campaigns with in-stream video ads: ● Incremental reach: Numerous studies have shown that online video increases the reach of your advertising campaigns beyond television alone. ● Measurement: in-stream video allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ad through conversion metrics and user behavior. ● Flexibility:A 2010 Nielsen IAG study found that re-purposed television ads perform well online, oftentimes beating web original video ads. (US only) ● Brand Impact: A recent Nielsen study found that online video advertising outperforms television advertising for brand recall, message recall and likability. (US only) ● Viewer Engagement: A 2009 Online Video Engagement Consortium study found that online TV show viewers are 28% more likely to pay attention than live TV show viewers. (US only)
  12. 12. ● Arts & Entertainment ● Computers & Electronics ● FinanceSearch by audience ● Games ● Home & Garden ● Business & Industrial ● Internet & Telecom ● Gender: Male or Female ● ● People & Society News ● Age Range: 13 – 65+ Years ● ● Shopping Law & Government Old ● ● Sports Books & Literature ● Real Estate ● Search by keywords ● Beauty & Fitness ● Autos & Vehicles ● Search by channels ● Hobbies & Leisure Inter ● Pets & Animals ● Search by Videos ● Travel ests ● ● Food & Drink Science (cat ● ● Online Communities Reference egor ● Jobs & Education ies)
  13. 13. In-Stream Video Ads – Measuring Success Reporting Metrics● Ad impressions● Clicks and click-through rate● Play rate (or Interaction rate) of inset video and subsequent clicks (and click-through rate) to advertisers website● Quartile reporting (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of video watched)
  14. 14. TrueView Video Ads TrueView in-search and TrueView in-display were referred to as Promoted Videos The names will officially be changed beginning November 17, 2011Everyone Loves ChoiceTrueView video ads are a family of formats that give viewers choice and control overwhich advertisers’ messages they want to see and when. And our clients pay onlywhen they watch their ad.Let the Audience Choose Our Clients VideosPeople love choice. Why should that be any different with ads? TrueView letsviewers choose our clients’ video ad or skip it if theyre not interested. We bill ourclients for our direct services (production and campaign management/optimization,)however with respect to the video views, they pay only when viewers choose towatch our client’s message.Everyone wins: viewers choose ads that are relevant to them, and our clients willreach people who are primed to hear their message. As our clients’ video count goesup, you know you’re reaching truly engaged viewers.
  15. 15. TrueView Video AdsWhats the value of an engaged viewer?With online video, TV, cable and smart mobiledevices, viewers can tailor entertainment to theirown needs—video when they want it and wherethey want it. If youre an advertiser, how do you TrueView Video Ads put our client’s message at the forefront. Itsget creativity that wins out. Its notattention? funny or clever— our someones undivided about beingits about delivering the right message to the right person at theright time.
  16. 16. TrueView Video AdsReach the world on YouTubeReach your audience on YouTube, the third largest website on the internet, and the Google DisplayNetwork, the leading ad network that reaches 80% of the online population.Target exactly who you want - and who wants youTrueView video ads let great ads stand out, helping you find exactly the audience you want. You canlayer in additional targeting options such as demographic or geographic filters. Finally, the opt-innature of TrueView video ads provides natural targeting eliminating viewers who have already seenyour ad or who are not in the market for what you have to offer.The value of a video viewYou pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad -- not by the page impression -- and our auction-based system helps you control your budget based on performance. Plus, you get an increasedYouTube video count.Gain essential insightsTrack your performance with YouTube Insight and youll know which of your ads perform best, thenadjust your campaigns for even greater success.
  17. 17. TrueView Ad OptionsAd Format Viewer Experience Pricing ModelTrueView in-stream adsAds play pre, Ad plays for 5 seconds, then viewers can Pay only when viewers watch 30 secondsmid, or post-roll on videos of all lengths choose to skip or watch the ad of the ad or to completion, if the ad ison YouTube videos or video content under 30 secondsacross the Google Display NetworkTrueView in-display adsAds show up in Viewers can click the display ad unit to Pay only when viewers choose to watchdisplay ad units against suggested watch the video ad in the unit or on a the advideos on YouTube or website content YouTube watch or channel pageacross the Google Display Network(Available today as Promoted Videos andClick-to-Play ads)TrueView in-search adsAds show up in Viewers can click the display ad unit to Pay only when viewers choose to watchdisplay ad units against search results on watch the video ad in the unit or on a the adYouTube or the Google video search YouTube watch or channel pageresults pageTrueView in-slate adsAds appear in a Before a video plays, viewers choose Pay only when viewers choose to watch"slate" before long-form video on either to watch an ad from one of 3 the adYouTube different advertisers, or to see regular commercial breaks during the video
  18. 18. In-Video Overlay AdSpotlight on our clients’ brands – We work with Google to make our clients’ brandshine in front of viewers as they watch their favorite videos with display ads. Ads appear on the bottom portion Viewers who click on the overlay Auction or reservation-based of a video, after user initiates the ad are directed to a click-through pricing, charged by CPC or CPM. video. URL, or a video ad launches within the player. If the overlay is not clicked, video will play as a post- roll. YouTube attracts millions of viewers every day and you can reach them without a video on YouTube. Display advertising on YouTube puts your message in front of viewers as they watch their favorite videos -- either next to the video player or as an overlay on the video itself. Your display ads will appear only on the pages of selected YouTube partners.
  19. 19. Spotlight on your brandLet yourbrand shine in front of viewers as theywatch their favorite videos with display ads.Reach the right audienceReach the customers youre most interested in: target your ads by category, channel,context, placement or interest on YouTube or the millions of sites in the GoogleDisplay Network.Reinforce your messagePair your in-stream video ads with display ads to reinforce your message andincrease your impact. When a viewer initiates a video, YouTube displays your300x250 display ad for the full duration of the video.Rich media integrationWork with these certified third party ad vendors to serve and manage your rich mediaads on YouTube and on the Google Display Network, reaching up to 89% of allonline users.