Willamette messaging seminar


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Willamette messaging seminar

  1. 1. Testing Headlines & Messaging Coherence Willamette University Seminar November 5, 2012Synotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116 All Material Copyright 2012 Synotac
  2. 2. TappersIn an experiment, two parties were sitting across the table.One person (the tapper) was asked to tap a well-knownmelody they were singing in their head, and the other (thelistener) listened until they were confident they knew themelody.The tappers thought the listeners correctly identified themelody 50% of the time.The listeners correctly identified the melody 2% of the time.
  3. 3. The Curse of Knowledge"You cant readthe label frominside thebottle."
  4. 4. MINI-BIO
  5. 5. Synotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116
  6. 6. Synotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116
  8. 8. A Brief Quiz1. Who doesnt get enough emails?2. Who doesnt know what to buy because they dont see enough product advertisements?3. Who has had trouble understanding what a company does and who they help when they go to their website?
  9. 9. Inboxes
  10. 10. Landing Pages
  11. 11. Websites
  12. 12. How to Create a Great Headline1. Relevance comes first2. Headlines are like a great date3. The more the merrier4. The meek are punished5. The offer matters6. Test everything
  13. 13. 1. Relevance Comes FirstBefore you write anything, make sure you know: ● What are the emotional hot buttons of your audience? ● What is important to them about what you sell? ● What do they need to know to make a good buying decision? ● How are you going to teach them this, and then prove it?
  14. 14. 2. Headlines Are Like a Great Date
  15. 15. 3. The More the MerrierProfessional copywriters spend 80% of their time onheadlines and write hundreds of headlines before coming upwith a winner.The more headlines, the better.The more writers, the better.
  16. 16. The Inverted Pyramid
  17. 17. Headline Starters"How To" - How to eliminate the six-month lag time and 34% chance of rejectionon your next business loanComparison - Most fences last only three years due to shoddy materials andworkmanship, our fences are GUARANTEED to last at least 12 yearsTestimonial - I used to receive only 2 referrals a month, but since I started usingThe Referral Card Marketing System I get 8 or 9 a monthInflammatory - How to keep your fence from falling over and squashing your kidsNews - Introducing the first FDA-approved diet pill to reduce your weight ANDprevent hair loss! Use words like "new", "finally", "introducing", "at last", "announcing"
  18. 18. 4. The Meek Are PunishedWhich headline wins?A Quick Reminder about SOBCon Chicago 2013SOBCon Chicago 2013, A Quick ReminderA Quick Reminder about SOBCon 2013 in Chicago
  19. 19. Sources of Inspiration100 Greatest Headlines of All Time - synotac.com/100Google News
  20. 20. 5. The Offer Matters Offer > Conversion Page > TrafficFill out our 1-minute survey and receive $1,000Fill out our 10-minute survey for a chance at $200Fill out our 45-minute survey and receive a thank you cardFill out our 4-hour survey for a chance at a $10 gift card
  21. 21. How to Rank Value Propositions1. Rank your ideal customers desire level for the offer2. Rank the exclusivity of the offer3. Multiply the two togetherIf less than 2, try again.Desire: Exclusivity:0 – No Interest 0 – Anywhere Else1 – Possible Interest 1 – Somewhere Else2 – High Interest 2 – Nowhere Else
  22. 22. 6. Test EverythingHeadline #1*|FNAME|*, Digital Marketing Tools from State of theBusiness Owner 46% open rate, 17% clickthrough rateHeadline #2State of the Business Owner: Digital Marketing Tools to HelpYou Grow 24% open rate, 3% clickthrough rateFinal Results: 40% open rate, 14% clickthrough rate
  23. 23. CASE STUDY
  24. 24. Case Study: SeniorDignity SeniorDignity is an assisted living community for the elderly. They have an expanded location opening in January, 2013, and they need to add 48 additional clients. SeniorDignity has an innovative approach to assisted living that allows seniors to live in a house environment and have an unusual amount of autonomy through advanced technology. They address three key market segments: 1. Couples that want to live together when one has dementia 2. Individuals with advanced dementia whose children want them to have a fair bit of autonomySynotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116
  25. 25. Case Study: SeniorDignity SeniorDignity has acquired an email list of 350,000 individuals near the property. They need an outbound email campaign that will generate enough interest to help them fill the new location. The standard SeniorDignity sales cycle is as follows: 1 out of 10 who reach out to SeniorDignity agree to have a tour of the location 1 out of 3 who tour the location choose to place their parent at SeniorDignity and become clientsSynotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116
  26. 26. Exercise 1. Create ten headlines that will engage your target demographic 2. Explain what will be inside the email: copy, graphics, call- to-action 3. Define the future engagement stepsSynotac / synotac.com / 503.517.2116