State of the Business Owner 2013 key findings webinar (SOBO)


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An exclusive report revealing the critical factors for small and midsize business success in 2013. More than 1,700 owners participated, spanning the globe, with companies ranging from sole proprietors to those with hundreds of employees, with an average revenue of $4.7M. Sponsored by EMyth and PixelSpoke. See for more information.

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State of the Business Owner 2013 key findings webinar (SOBO)

  1. 1. State of the Business Owner 2013The Pulse of Small and Midsize Business
  2. 2. PresentersCameron MadillCEOJonathan RaymondChief Brand Officer
  3. 3. InspirationWhat is the state of yourbusiness?State of the Business Owner
  4. 4. ConversationTweet to #sobo2013Use the chat feature in GoToWebinarQuestions answered throughout, and at the endState of the Business Owner
  5. 5. Will your business be around in 5 years?State of the Business Owner 2013stateoftheowner.com35% 60% 80%Average business A business like yours Your business
  6. 6. Better to Swim with the Sharks!State of the Business Owner
  7. 7. Hitting the WallMy business leaves me feeling less happy and lessin control of my life.My hard work doesnt lead to increased profits.The business never grows as fast as it could.State of the Business Owner
  8. 8. What Youll LearnConcrete and actionable next steps to help you...Get more control and happiness in your businessHit your profit targetsAchieve real and sustained growthState of the Business Owner
  9. 9. Results at a GlanceState of the Business Owner
  10. 10. About the StudyOver 1,700 business owners responded to a 60 questionsurvey in early 2013. Companies from over 80 differentcountries participated, ranging from sole proprietors tothose with hundreds of employees, with an averagerevenue of $4.7M (US)Statistical analysis was conducted using advanced modeling techniques.State of the Business Owner
  11. 11. Marketing and Sales AlignmentOnly 37% of businesses said that their marketingeffectively supported their sales effortsState of the Business Owner
  12. 12. The Technology Shift61% of businesses said that they do not know how toeffectively use online marketing techniquesState of the Business Owner
  13. 13. The Need for AccountabilityThe number of businesses with results oriented roledescriptions increased by 33% in the last yearState of the Business Owner
  14. 14. Financial Transparency40% of businesses share no financial datawith their employeesThe fastest growing companies were sharingtop-level financial data with their employeesState of the Business Owner
  15. 15. Driving Blind?30% of businesses take 15 days or longer to getfinancial data at the end of the monthState of the Business Owner
  16. 16. Money and MeaningState of the Business Owner
  17. 17. Shawn Busse, USA"My business was broken, and I didnt notice until it wasalmost too late..."State of the Business Owner
  18. 18. 2005-2007State of the Business Owner
  19. 19. 2008-2010State of the Business Owner
  20. 20. Winter 2010● No cash on hand● Debt growing every month● Monthly revenues 25% of the peak in 2007● Layoffs● Bankrupt clients resulting in non-payment● Sleepless nightsState of the Business Owner
  21. 21. 2011-2013State of the Business Owner
  22. 22. How Did You Do It?"I decided to focus on what we weregood at and I stopped chasing short-term revenue fixes.Everything I liked, I made the centerof our new approach. Everything Ihated about our old business model, Igot rid of."State of the Business Owner
  23. 23. The Growth ParadoxState of the Business Owner
  24. 24. Your Biggest OpportunityThe search for new growth in 2013 is the main source ofoptimism and frustration for business ownersState of the Business Owner
  25. 25. "Why" You Started Your BusinessPeople start businesses in search of meaning, not moneyState of the Business Owner
  26. 26. The Growth ParadoxState of the Business Owner
  27. 27. The Ownership StackState of the Business Owner
  28. 28. The Ownership StackState of the Business Owner
  29. 29. Sometimes More is MoreEach element of the "stack" increases the odds of hittingyour profit target by 6.6%For Guides & Additional Resourceswww.stateoftheowner.comState of the Business Owner
  30. 30. The Application Gap"Theres a difference between knowing the path... andwalking working the path." - Morpheus (revisited)State of the Business Owner
  31. 31. HappinessState of the Business Owner
  32. 32. HappinessState of the Business Owner
  33. 33. ControlState of the Business Owner
  34. 34. ControlState of the Business Owner
  35. 35. ProfitsState of the Business Owner
  36. 36. Profits64% more likely!62% more likely!84% more likely!State of the Business Owner 2013stateoftheowner.com48% more likely!
  37. 37. State of the Business Owner 2013stateoftheowner.comRevenue Growth
  38. 38. Revenue GrowthState of the Business Owner 2013stateoftheowner.com10% faster *B2B grew 79% fasterB2C grew 46% faster
  39. 39. Next StepsState of the Business Owner
  40. 40. Putting SOBO Into ActionState of the Business Owner 2013stateoftheowner.comNeed to get started? Vision & ValuesNeed control? Values, Ideal Customer Profile, Role DescriptionsNeed happiness? Values, Role Descriptions, Repeat Sales PlanRepeat Sales Plan, Revenue Plan, Ideal Customer ProfileNeed profits?Need revenue? Ideal Customer, Marketing Plan & Metrics, Repeat Sales
  41. 41. Q&ATo ask questions, tweet to #sobo2013Or use the chat feature in GoToWebinarSOBO PDF Report Released May 31st!Upcoming Webinars:June 13 - Avoiding The Growth ParadoxJuly 16 - Technology & MarketingSeptember 17 - Ownership Stack DiagnosisWell email you with updatesState of the Business Owner