Synotac Lunch and Learn: MailChimp "How To"


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MailChimp "How To:" Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

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Synotac Lunch and Learn: MailChimp "How To"

  1. 1. Lunch & Learn MailChimp "How to"tips, tricks, and best practices
  2. 2. Agenda PART 1 PART 2 Intro to MailChimp Cool Tools ● Campaigns, Lists, Reports ● Autoresponders ● Segmentation ● Social media integration ● Subject line research/split testing Best Practices ● Archive list ● Handling e-newsletter design ● Avoiding spam filters ● Avoiding spam abuse reports
  3. 3. Future TopicsToday we will not be covering: ● List acquisition ● Email capture and offers ● Designing a full campaign strategy ● Who reads these newsletters anyway?
  4. 4. My ObjectivesIn this hour we will: ● Focus on the "how-to" of sending e-newsletters ● Send you off with one action step for your companys own e-newsletter and several advanced ideas to try down the road
  5. 5. Intro to MailChimp The 10 Minute Version
  6. 6. Campaigns, Lists, and ReportsQuick Demo
  7. 7. Best PracticesThree Important Things to Watch Out For
  8. 8. Handling E-newsletter Design ● Use or customize a MailChimp template, custom html is tricky ● Test: ○ Send yourself and friends draft tests, or ○ MailChimps Inbox Inspection tool (available to subscribers), or ○ 3rd party (e.g.
  9. 9. Avoiding Spam FiltersMost common mistakes resulting in accidental spam filtering. ● Using spammy phrases, like "Click here!" or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!" ● Going crazy with exclamation points!!!!!! ● USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL (especially in the subject) ● Coloring their fonts bright red, or green ● Coding sloppy HTML (usually from converting a Microsoft Word file to HTML) ● Creating an HTML email thats nothing but one big image, with little or no text (since spam filters cant read images, they assume youre a spammer thats trying to trick em).
  10. 10. Avoiding Spam Abuse ReportsPeople think their email spam button is the same as unsubscribe, but its not ● Offer easy unsubscribe ● Permission, permission, permission ● Make it look like its from your company, not a scammer ● Set and meet expectations for content and frequency
  11. 11. Cool ToolsJust a Handful to Pique Your Interest
  12. 12. Autoresponders5 Practical Autoresponder Ideas ● Product-based: tips and tricks sequence, getting started, replacement parts and accessories ● Share your expertise: emails that are extremely helpful, show your personality, and build up to your call-to-action (use MailChimps segmentation tool to target recipients who took action in each campaign!) ● Non-profits: donation impact updates and annual reminders ● Prep for an event: let attendees sign up for updates leading up to the event ● Countdown to a big event: e.g. collect brides wedding date and send scheduled planning tips leading up to the big day.
  13. 13. AutorespondersBut, dont let the recipient feel like its automated!More tips on autoresponders: Welcome messages are different. Use the list settings to set anautomatic welcome message:
  14. 14. SegmentationImprove relevance of content!Examples of easy to create segments: ● Target the most engaged subscribers ● Segment by date added to remind them why theyre getting emails from you in the beginning ● Target subscribers who have purchased items from your store to announce new products or updates ● Sort your list into groups to segment based on interest ● Target a location (uses geo-data based on readers IP when email was opened if address data is not included in list)
  15. 15. Social Media IntegrationInterlink your communication efforts easily ● Tweet and Facebook share a campaign via the Campaign Dashboard ● Connect your accounts to automatically post all your campaigns ● Automatically display your Facebook profiles (e.g. status updates) in your newsletter ● Add Facebook Like and Send buttons and Tweet buttons to your content ● Use the sharing merge tag to show a selection of social media icons ● Set up an RSS-driven campaign
  16. 16. Subject Line ResearchResearch subject lines is available under the message subject field
  17. 17. Subject Line Split TestingA/B split campaign is available under the Create Campaign drop down
  18. 18. Archive List ● Build a “newsletter archive” page on your website ● It automatically updates whenever you send a new campaign. ● Put your campaigns in an campaign folder ● Add a snippet of code to your web page.
  19. 19. Some Reassuring DataBenchmark open, click-through, and unsubscribe by industry
  20. 20. ExerciseLeave with a plan!
  21. 21. ExercisePick one, write it, share it with a partnerA. Write a welcome message for new subscribersB. Write 2 headlines for future newslettersC. List content topics for one newsletter per month for thenext 6 months
  22. 22. Recap, Questions & Answers
  23. 23. Hannah Ferberwww.synotac.comhannah@synotac.com503-715-0298Additional - weekly lunch & learns on & -resources related to digital marketing