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Transform Your Joomla Admin

Transform Your Joomla Admin



2011 CMS Expo presentation and various ways to upgrade your Joomla admin interface.

2011 CMS Expo presentation and various ways to upgrade your Joomla admin interface.



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    Transform Your Joomla Admin Transform Your Joomla Admin Presentation Transcript

    • Transform Your Joomla Dashboard
      Kyle Ledbetter
    • A Brief History
      You have to know where you came from to know where you’re going, or something like that…
    • Which one of these is different?
      Let’s play a game!
    • Consistency is good,
      but stagnation can be very bad.
    • Apple is king of the updates
      • Updates are easy
      • UI updates are frequent
      • Developers are pushed to uphold high standards
      • Usability is revered and on the same level as code (or higher)
    • Updates are visual progress queues
      There’s just something exciting about a small visual update that pushes the perception of progress more than any code can do.
    • Let’s peak over the fence
      and see what our CMS neighbors are up to
    • WordPress
      WordPress constantly updates their UI in an iterative, ongoing pursuit of perfection.
    • Drupal
      Drupal identified a problem and put a system in place for a solution.
    • Let’s be clear: Joomla’s admin interface hasn’t been totally ignored.
      • Much better taxonomy
      • Much better markup
      • HTML Overrides (yay!)
      • Which allow admin templates to change layouts
      • Assign admin template to individual user
      • Allows things like mobile devices switching
    • We need flexibility
    • What can I do right now?
      Let’s check out some awesome solutions that you can install on your Joomla site today.
    • 2 Basic Routes
      One is not necessarily better than the other.
      It’s up to you to decide.
    • Route 1: Improvements via Extensions
      Prime example: NoNumber.nl
    • Joomla Extensions Directory
      The JED is a great resource to find all kinds of useful admin extensions as well!
    • NoNumber
      The king of Joomla admin extensions and addons for the standard Joomla admin interface (& compat w/ other admin templates)
    • Route 2: Entire new interfaces
      Prime example: AdminPraise.com
    • AdminPraise
      AdminPraise is the first Joomla admin template club, and features several templates to change your overall Joomla interface.
    • AdminPraise 1
      Proof-of-concept – Can an alternative Joomla admin interface be done, useful and accepted?
    • Standout feature:
      AdminPraise 1 was the first real alternative Joomla admin template, which was a proof of concept and successfully proved the relevance of alt UI.
      (also 1st mobile optimized Joomla dashboard)
    • AdminPraise 2
      Time to put this notion of a truly alternative Joomla admin interface to the test.
    • Standout features:
      Completely modular, lots of ACL viewing options, admin menu management, sidebar, dock, change editor on the fly, and many more…
      AP2 set the new standard.
    • Stainless
      The goal was to merge form and function and push modern CSS3 techniques and design trends.
    • Standout features:
      More customizable overall and responsive GUI but same level of simplicity of AdminPraise Lite.
    • AdminPraise Lite
      First free from AdminPraise, focused on lightweight usability.
    • Standout features:
      No cost, easy to navigate and fast as heck.
    • AdminPad
      Optimized iPad user experience that provides a native app look & feel.
    • WYSIWYG Text Editor
    • Standout features:
      Joomla works well on the iPad, of course 
    • AdminPraise 3
      A huge step towards a responsive, customizable interface as flexible as Joomla itself.
    • Live Updates
      Live Updates bring shorter, more iterative releases w/ new features and bug fixes. Live Updates also prolong the life of the release.
    • JoomlaBamboo
      Frontend template club that’s released 2 solid admin templates.
    • Simpla
      Joomla Bamboo’s first admin template, in which the accordion sidebar navigation is the focal point.
    • Crisp
      A clean, minimal admin interface from a template club known for clean frontend templates.
    • Standout features:
      Flexible nav, version check/update, session timer, minimal design
    • Minima
      Minimal 1.6 admin template that’s being used in the Molajodistro.
    • Standout features:
      A truly modern, minimal user experience that uses just about every modern web standards, techniques and best practices.
    • Mission Control
      Admin template from Rockettheme, one of the leading frontend Joomla template developers.
    • Standout Features:
      Editor tracking, notification badges, component layout overrides, color customization you’d expect from Rockettheme.
    • A Common Joomla Blessing/Curse
      It’s lovely to have choices but islands are formed.
    • Eventually We Need To Unite
      So we can contribute back the ultimate admin interface.
    • What’s the ultimate solution?
      From all my experience & observations, we need:
      • Contextually Aware GUI
      • Adapts per your usage
      • Tagged, Categorized Extensions
      • Strict Standards (especially to gain the “native” sticker)
      • This will take time on all fronts, Joomla 1.8 is realistic
    • Kyle Ledbetter