Joomla Day Austin Part 4
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Joomla Day Austin Part 4



Joomla Day Austin Texas 2011 - Part 4 features Alex Andreae and Jeremy Wilken doing Joomla extensions development as well as Joe LeBlanc and Brian Edgerton doing Joomla site deployment

Joomla Day Austin Texas 2011 - Part 4 features Alex Andreae and Jeremy Wilken doing Joomla extensions development as well as Joe LeBlanc and Brian Edgerton doing Joomla site deployment



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Joomla Day Austin Part 4 Joomla Day Austin Part 4 Presentation Transcript

  • Part IV
  • Intermission
  • Joomla Extension Development
    • Alex Andreae, SourceCoast
    • Jeremy Wilken, Gnome on the run
    • Joomla!Day Austin
    • September 2011
  • It isn't always as simple as installing...
      • It takes energy
      • It takes time
      • It takes thought
      • It takes knowledge
      • It takes....
  • Extension Types
      • Components
      • Modules
      • Plugins
  • Free or Paid?
    • Should I buy extensions or use free ones?
      • Free or paid doesn't make it better
      • If an extension saves you hours...
      • Focus on what works, not what is free
      • Consider donating for free extensions
  • The latest is (often) greatest
    • Does keeping my extensions updated matter?
      • Extensions can be vulnerable
      • Observe release cycle for stable releases
      • Grab the rss feeds from favorite extensions
      • Watch the vulnerable extensions list
  • Install with caution
    • Should I install all 'willy-nilly'?
      • No, no, and never
      • Check if its in active development
      • Evaluate extensions on a test site
      • Always backup first
  • Keep a clean site
    • Is there a problem with leaving extensions I'm not using yet?
      • Uninstall anything you aren't using
      • Check they actually uninstalled
      • Take notes about what worked
  • Finding good extensions
    • How do I find a good extension?
      • Search the JED with a regular search engine
      • Search on multiple terms and combinations
      • Talk with others about what they use
      • Read JED reviews with a grain of salt
  • Research the authors
    • What extensions can I trust and use?
      • Is there documentation?
      • Is there support?
      • Is there a community around it?
      • Does the author know Joomla?
  • Simpler is (usually) better
    • How many extensions can I use?
      • Try not to install any while building
      • Install the necessary extensions
      • The more extensions, the less cohesive the site will be
      • Avoid overly complex extensions for simple problems
  • Use the same extensions
    • Should I use the same extensions always?
      • Find your favorites and stick with them
      • Makes it easier to use
      • Easier to track updates
      • You can become an expert using them
  • Checklist for extensions
      • Will this solve problems?
      • Has it been updated recently?
      • Do I trust the author?
      • Have I tested it on a test site?
      • Does it uninstall cleanly from the test site?
      • Do you have the latest version?
      • Do I have a backup before installing?
  • Custom extensions
    • When should I pay to have a custom extension made?
      • Designed to exact requirements
      • Simpler to use
      • Need a realistic budget
      • Can make the difference in a site
  • Give back
      • Help on an extension's forum
      • Post a review
      • Provide a donation
      • Send constructive feedback
      • Share customizations or tweaks
      • Share on a blog/social media
  • Joomla Development
    • It’s Easier Than You Think
  • SourceCoast
    • Alex Andreae
    • Owner / Developer
    JFBConnect Full Facebook Integration Suite for Joomla
    • * Facebook Authentication
    • * Facebook Page Tab / Canvas Integration
    • * Like, Comment, Fanbox, Recommendations & more
    • * Customizeable Profile Import Into
    • * JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Agora
    • * Lots more
      • Over 60 straight 5-star reviews on the JED
  • Overview
    • Joomla Development Flow
    • Module Structure
    • API Overview
  • Joomla - MVC
    • MVC(t) - Model View Controller (template)
    • Controller - Sets up environment for the display
    • Model - Data interface
      • Generally to the database, but can ‘create’ data if necessary
    • View - Uses the model to get data to display
    • TTemplate - Override-able disaplay output
  • Modules
    • Linear code execution
    • VC(t) (no real model necessary)
    • Uses a ‘helper.php’ file for additional function calls
      • Can be model-like, but modules don’t have DB tables
    • Files:
      • mod_<modulename>.php and .xml
      • helpers/helper.php
      • tmpl/default.php
  • Module Parameters
  • Module - Entry Point
  • Module - Helper File
  • Module Template - Address
  • Module Template - Contact Form
  • Joomla API Overview
  • Joomla API
    • Left side, select “Joomla-Platform” package
    • Bookmark, cuddle up to, and love this page
    • “ Classes” describes
      • JFactory - Get instantiations of common classes
      • JRoute - Get URL for specific component/view/task
    • “ Application” describes
      • Every other Joomla function
  • JObject
    • All Joomla classes derived from (You should too)
    • Easy getter/setter methods
      • $obj->set(‘var’, ‘value’); // Set a variable
      • $obj->get(‘var’, ‘default’); // Get a value
      • $obj->def(‘var’, ‘default’); // Set a default
    • $obj->toString(); // Great for debugging - no print_r($obj) required!
  • JUser Object
    • $user = JFactory::getUser(); // logged in user
    • $user = JUser::getInstance($id);
    • $id = UID or username
    • Once fetched:
      • if ($user->guest)
      • $user->get(‘username’); //id, fullname, lastvisitDate, etc
      • It’s derived from JObject!
  • JFactory - Database
    • $dbo =& JFactory::getDBO(); // Get the database handle
    • Functions describe in JDatabase & JDatabaseMySQL(i)
    • $query = $dbo->getQuery(true); // New Query $query->select(‘id, username, email’); $query->from(‘#__users’); $query->where(‘username=’.$dbo->quote($username); // No shenanigans! $dbo->setQuery($query);
    • $user->dbo->loadObject(); // objectList, array, arrayList, result, etc
    • Can use InsertObject function (or raw SQL) to add rows to database
  • JText
    • Text translation from language files
    • JText::_(‘MOD_CONTACT_HIYA’);
    • Searches loaded language files in last loaded order
    • Searches for first, exact, upper case version
      • If found, use transation; If not, use text directly
    • To Include more langauge files:
      • $lang =& JFactory::getLanguage();
      • $lang->load(‘mod_contact’); // Add your extension
  • JRequest
    • JRequest::getVar(‘name’, ‘default’, ‘POST’);
    • Can be risky depending on use. Should use sanitized methods below
    • JRequest::getInt(‘name’, 4); // Integers only w/ default of 4
    • JRequest::getCmd(‘task’); // strips . /
    • JRequest::getString(‘name’); // No nasty HTML
  • Questions?
  • Joomla Site Deployment
    • Joe LeBlanc
    • Brian Edgerton, Edge Webworks
    • Joomla!Day Austin
    • September 15, 2011
  • My Site Is (Almost) Ready for the World to See. What Now?
      • Map out a deployment strategy
      • Pick a good host (if you haven't already)
      • Transfer and setup your site on your live server
      • Optimize your site for production
  • Deployment
    • The Golden Rule: Use a development or staging site.
    • Why can't I just keep making changes on my live site?
      • Nothing is stopping you, but you may regret that decision.
      • Using a development site can save you hours of frustration.
  • Deployment
    • The Golden Rule: Use a development or staging site.
    • Benefits
      • Gives you a chance to make adjustments and tweaks before your changes are visible to the world
      • Allows you to fix any unintended consequences or unforeseen problems
      • Absolutely necessary for any ongoing changes or development that will take extended amounts of time
  • Deployment
    • The Golden Rule: Use a development or staging site.
    • OK, I get it. Now how do I set up a dev site?
      • Maintain a copy of your site anywhere you'd like
      • Somewhere on the same server is ideal 
      • Consider password protecting your dev site
  • Transferring Your Site
    • Use an FTP client to transfer your site files between servers
  • Hosting: Shared
  • Hosting: VPS
  • Hosting: Cloud
  • Hosting: Dedicated
  • Hosting
    • Make sure you're getting managed hosting
    • (unless you're a sysadmin and you know what you're doing)
  • Caching
  • Caching
  • Caching
  • Compressing
    • Enable GZip compression to shrink the data sent from the server to browser
  • Check Your Resources!
    • Missing resources can affect your search engine rankings.
  • YSlow
  • Disabling Disable or remove unused extensions
  • Disabling Disallow frontend registration (User Manager > Options)
  • Disabling Use .htaccess
  • Launch Copy files from dev to live
  • Launch Copy database from dev to live
  • Launch Adjust configuration.php
  • Launch ...or use AkeebaBackup!
  • Wait, you're not done! - Updates
      • Sign up for security alerts on
      • Update through Extension Manager
      • Stay up to date on 3rd party extensions
    • For bonus points: Where are you going to apply these updates first?
  • Wait, you're not done! - Backup AkeebaBackup is great
  • Wait, you're not done! - Backup Test your backup
  • Wait, you're not done! - Backup Schedule your backup
  • Okay, now you're done
  • Credits
      • Beach Cozumel - Riviera Maya Ocean View: (CC BY-SA 2.0)
      • Server (CC BY-SA 2.0)
      • Website icon by Bogdan Mihaiciuc (CC BY 3.0)
      • servers (CC BY-NC 2.0)
      • PHP Logo:
  • Questions?
  • Joomla Day Austin Closing Conversations
    • Ryan Ozimek, President of OSM, PICnet
    • John Coonen, CMS Expo
    • September 15, 2011
  • JOOMLA!DAY AUSTIN Thanks for coming! Credits (in order of appearance) Event Planner MELINDA LEDBETTER Site Planner CORY WEBB Site Planner JEN KRAMER Template Designer ANDY MILLER Template Designer KYLE LEDBETTER Extension Developer ALEX ANDREAE Extension Developer JEREMY WILKEN Site Deployment JOE LEBLANC Site Deployment BRIAN EDGERTON Closing Cheerleader RYAN OZIMEK Closing Cheerleader JOHN COONEN Photographer ILSUN PARK Videographer KEN DVORAK Minis and Friends SALLY IWANSKI LET THE PARTY START! Join us afterwards at IRON CATCUS (right next door) and afterwards across the street at MAGGIE MAE’S for Music & Fun! Thanks so much to the sponsors: eBay Rocket Theme Red Component JoomlArt Rochen Pixel Praise SourceCoast Gisclair Media (Larry!) JoomlaShowroom And YOU our wonderful Attendees! More credits to enjoy the music :) Venue ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE Content Management System JOOMLA! Town AUSTIN, TEXAS Country UNITED STATES ... What else, let’s see ... Did we thank beer? Thanks beer! Joomla!Day Austin 2011 That’s a wrap.